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The Duttons and all their crazy business is back onĀ Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1.

John is getting his affairs in order with the impression he's not going to be around much longer.

That means putting Kayce into a much more significant position at the Yellowstone.

It also means his headstrong daughter, Beth, will start going out of her way to protect everything her father has worked for his entire life.

That puts two children in positions of power on the Yellowstone.

But what does it mean for the remaining and now eldest son, Jamie?

Rebel with the Coffee - Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1

Jamie will soon discover his path isn't anything like he expected.

Meanwhile, Rip, as much a son as anyone could be to John if not for the fact he wasn't a blood relative, finds himself needing to answer to someone new.

You can bet your butt that things are going to get very stressful before Yellowstone Season 2 ends.

Don't waste another moment wondering about what's going to happen.

Watch Yellowstone online and see the craziness unfold before your very eyes!

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Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Jimmy: They're fuckin' angry!
Rip: No shit they're angry, Jimmy. Their job's to fuck, and they ain't fucked in six months.

Lloyd: God damn, boss. That was awfully restless.
John: It's only restless if you can't see it through.