Good Omens: Why Crowley And Aziraphale Are Friendship Goals

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Good Omens dropped on Amazon Prime earlier this year. Crowley and Aziraphale's relationship instantly stole the fan's hearts. 

Are they friends? Perhaps something more than friends? Just what is it that helps their friendship last over thousands of years? 

Stay tuned until the end of the article for Neil Gaiman's thoughts on the matter. 

Whatever the case, it pays to have a friendship with an angel or a demon from the beginning of the world to the end of Armageddon. 

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The Actors Think They're In Love

Many, many interviewers have suggested that there is something more to Crowley and Aziraphale's friendship. In a Bustle interview, Tennant replied cheekily to the possibility of something more with, "What are you implying?"

Sheen quipped that he saw a piece of fan art with Aziraphale braiding Crowley's long hair. He said, "I found myself, as Aziraphale, falling in love with Crowley. Then it became interesting to explore that beast."

Tennant followed with, "They are love stories. This one is too. What direction that love ends up going in is perhaps for the audience to behold." 

Good Omens: Tennant and Sheen

A Demon in a Burning Bookshop

Crowley frantically tries to call Aziraphale after escaping his superior's wrath. When he gets to Aziraphale's bookshop, he finds it already in flames. He ignores the warnings from firefighters and runs in.

He screams for Aziraphale and has a breakdown when he doesn't answer because somebody killed his best friend. "BASTARDS, ALL OF YOU," he screams to the universe.

It's an incredible performance from Tennant and shows just how much the demon cared for the angel.

He's never been truly alone on Earth through the centuries with Aziraphale by his side, but he's forced to sit and watch the angel's bookshop go down in flames, thinking he's dead.

Queen's Somebody to Love plays mockingly on the car radio after the tragedy.

Crowley in Burning Shop

The Angel Comes Back to Earth After Burning

After Aziraphale was burned alive in his bookshop, he was sent back up to heaven. He points to where he wants to go on a 3D model of the Earth, London, England.

Where Crowley is, of course. He's teleported there against the orders of his superiors and manages to evade their awkward questions about losing a flaming sword.

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Aziraphale isn't upset about missing Armageddon when he gets back to Heaven, he's upset that he left Earth without Crowley. He launches out of the afterlife to go after his best friend in the ultimate dedication. 

When he gets to Earth, he inhabits the brain/body of Madame Tracy, Witchfinder General's neighbor. Crowley finds this quite amusing, but best friend's love can surpass any gender.

Aziraphale as Madame Tracey

Aziraphale Demands Crowley To Stop Armageddon

When it seems like all hope is lost and Adam is about to start Armageddon, Aziraphale comes to the rescue. He demands that Crowley stop the end of the world, or he'll never talk to him again. 

It doesn't seem to be enough with just the world threatening to end from Armageddon, as it's been established that Crowley doesn't care about the humans nearly as much as Aziraphale does.

But the fact that he could never have a conversation with his best friend over dinner again launches him into action.

That seems worse than Satan destroying everything, so Crowley comes up with a way to defeat the End of Days.

Adam decides he's not godlike or human, just normal, and demands that Satan accept he's not his birth father.

Armageddon is avoided by an inch.

Aziraphale Demands Crowley Stop Armegeddon

Body Swaps in the Face of Death!

When the superiors of Heaven and Hell find out about Crowley and Aziraphale consorting on Earth, they aren't happy about it. They order for the two to be executed in the most painful way possible. 

For Crowley, a bath of Holy Water, which will burn him to ash. For Aziraphale, it's a classic witch burning. The two switch places and Aziraphale pretends to be Crowley in the bath. He even orders the demons to bring him a rubber duck.

Crowley avoids the burning and teases the angels that they aren't trying hard enough.

The two had this planned for a while, or at least, Crowley did. He asks Aziraphale early on to procure him some Holy Water. Aziraphale refuses, knowing this will kill him.

The two make the ultimate sacrifice and go in for each other's executions in the spirit of true friendship. 

And after, they nip out for a fancy dinner at the Ritz with a toast to the World.

Good Omens Crowley In Bathtub

Crowley Enters A Deadly Church To Save Aziraphale

When German spies fool Azirpahale in World War Two in an attempt to steal the Book of Prophecy, Crowley saves him. 

He enters a church poisonous to his demon-kind to do so and creates a miracle. He diverts bombs from the war to fall on the church, killing the people threatening Aziraphale instead of the East End like they're supposed to. 

Crowley is willing to risk his own life to save Aziraphale from a group of deadly Nazi's in an even more deadly church, which shows their friendship can cross any boundaries. Even World War 2 isn't enough to keep them apart. 

He even saves Aziraphale's books and gives him a lift home.

Crowley Enters Church

They Find Each Other Through the Centuries

Through the years of Earth's long history, they've been disguising themselves as knights in the Middle Ages, enjoying plays at The Globe Theater, going for a spot of lunch in Rome or watching Noahs' Arch.

The two always seem to find each other, no matter how the other tries to hide. That shows that at least one or both of them is tracking the other as they progress through the years.

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Crowley and Aziraphale are always there to get the other out of tight scrapes just in the nick of time, whether it be planned or a happy accident. Usually, in Crowley's case, it's planned. He can't let harm come to the angel. 

They can always sense when something is off about the other. They help the human race along or push it back, be it giving Shakespeare lines or saving humans from flooding. Crowley even invents selfies.

Crowley and Aziraphale Do Shakespeare

"I Don't Even Like You! You Dooo."

In Episode One, Crowley and Aziraphale realize that if they don't work together, it will be the war to end everything. They resign the fact in St James' park, a favorite stop of the two. 

Aziraphale is very reluctant to agree, saying that they shouldn't be able to get along as an angel and a demon. They are hereditary enemies.

The two have a falling out after Crowley suggests they travel together and let the Earth burn.

"I don't even LIKE you!" Aziraphale says. "You dooo," Crowley quips back.

He does. The fact that Crowley offers Aziraphale travel anywhere in the universe is huge. Especially because he may have a TARDIS locked away somewhere!

It means he cares for Aziraphale more than any other being on Earth and wants to keep him safe from impending doom.

"I Don't Even Like You! You doo"

Looking After the Wrong Kid

Aziraphale makes a plan to raise the antichrist child, Adam, as neutral instead of evil. By doing this, they reason that he won't want to cause Armageddon. 

They both spend twelve years looking after the child they believe to be Adam but are unaware of the complicated baby swap.

They learn far too late that it's the wrong boy. They both went against their superiors in Heaven and Hell to arrange the plan, which suggests a deep level of respect for each other and faith in the mission that only best friends could show.

They were willing to risk getting in trouble at head office to be with their favorite angel/demon in the universe while the clock ticks towards Armageddon.

Aziraphale As Gardener

Azirapahle's Lame Magic Tricks Annoy Crowley

But Crowley lets Aziraphale do them anyway. When Warlock needs a magician at his 12th birthday party, Aziraphale eagerly volunteers with his lame human magic tricks even though he hasn't exactly nailed them yet.

Crowley is humiliated by this because Aziraphale can do actual magic. He lets Aziraphale go through with it anyway and lets the kids judge for themselves. It doesn't go down well.

But Crowley letting Azirpahale do this without any demon incidents getting involved shows he truly does care for his friend's odd human quirks. He could easily explode the rabbit into flames for the children's amusement, but he lets Aziraphale continue the magic show.

Aziraphale Magic

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Aziraphale Is Crowley's Backseat Driver

Crowley loves his Bently car more than any living being, besides Aziraphale. At one point in the show, he drives it through a wall of fire while blasting Queen from the radio. 

It terrifies Aziraphale when he plays his favorite band for all of London to hear and drives with no hands.

He shouts for Crowley to keep his eyes on the road in central London and gives directions. Good friends look out for each other, and Aziraphale truly cares about Crowley's safety, even though he's a demon and extremely reckless.

As an angel, he tries the best he can to steer his friend on the right path.

Crowley and Aziraphale Driving

They Perform Miracles For Each Other

The two perform miracles for each other throughout the show. During the office war of Episode 2, Crowley makes the paint stain on Aziraphale's jacket vanish. The angel hates material objects on his clothes. 

Crowley also saves Aziraphale from execution by Jean Claude in Episode 3 by freezing everyone to make a getaway.

He then swaps Aziraphale and Jean Claude's outfits. He has Jean Claude executed instead.

Miracles are something very rarely performed by the demon and angel unless ordered by their head offices or if they see the human race needs a bit of helping along.

Aziraphale and Crowley are willing to go out of their way to perform random acts of kindness, be it saving a life or removing a splotch of paint. 

Crowley and Aziraphale Ice Cream

Are they In Love? Neil Gaimen: Absolutley 

Many people have asked Gaiman since the series came out if the angel and the demon were gay.

Neil's simple answer, they are an angel and a demon, not male humans. People then asked the author on Twitter if the two loved each other. 

Gaiman's Response? "Absolutely."

Whether that be friendship or something more, we wouldn't expect anything less from Crowley and Aziraphale.

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