Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 12-30-19: A Dramatic New Year

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Happy [dramatic] New Year!

Since Days of Our Lives jumped a year ahead in November, our friends in Salem are welcoming 2021 instead of 2020.

But either way, the spoilers for the week of 12-30-19 promise a ton of drama, especially for romantic rivals and people suffering from broken hearts.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - 12-30-19

Crashing the annual New Years' Eve party has become a Salem tradition in recent years, and this is no exception.

According to the spoiler video, Stevano uses the occasion to make a grand entrance, wearing Steve's trademark eyepatch and announcing that he is back.

It would be wonderful if this was the real Steve and the guy claiming to be Stefano was a fake, but alas, spoilers suggest that Stefano is simply wearing the eye patch so he can masquerade as Steve.

In any case, his re-emergence into Salem society isn't the only surprise as the clock strikes 12.

Although Kristen is supposedly focused on revenge against Gabi, she's already getting distracted by her desire for Brady, and she can't stand Nicole swooping in and taking the man she believes to be hers.

The spoiler video shows a memorable exchange between Kristen and Brady in which she removes her nun's habit and shows him she is wearing that little red dress she is so fond of.

Brady: Why would you care? You are married to God.
Kristen: We broke up.

Now that Nicole's given her heart to Brady rather than his brother, she isn't going to let him go without a fight either. Who's ready for this epic confrontation?

NBC has also released nine official spoiler photos for Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-30-19. Check them out and let us know what excites you the most.

Marlena Confronts "Hope" - Days of Our Lives

Marlena confronts "Hope" about her feelings for John.

Gina has moved out and Hattie has moved in, but that doesn't mean this silly rivalry is over.

Marlena feels a need to confront Gina about her feelings for John, so has Gina made another attempt to win him for herself?

Or is Marlena just being petty?

Either way, this ridiculous Gina storyline needs to come to an end sooner rather than later. Hopefully, this rivalry is one that is not dragged too deep into the new year.

Unpleasant News - Days of Our Lives

Gabi discovers someone has vandalized Gabi Chic.

Yawn. We all know it's Lani, so there's no mystery here.

Hopefully, though, nobody will blame JJ. He broke a store window during his first breakdown in 2013 and has not been in good shape lately.

Predictably, Gabi will turn to Eli to investigate this crime even though he's no longer on the police force. The only question here is whether this will somehow lead to the truth coming out about what Gabi did to Lani and Eli.

Crashing New Years' Eve - Days of Our Lives

Julie and Doug's New Years Eve party is crashed by an unexpected couple.

We know from the spoiler video that one of the people who crashes the New Years' party is Stevano, but who is the other half of the couple?

Kate is caught in a weird semi-triangle between him and Roman, but she's washed her hands of him several times. Would she really walk in on his arm?

On the other hand, people would ask too many questions if he arrived with Gina, since she's supposed to be Hope, so Kate is the only logical choice.

The only other possibility is Hattie, which makes no sense whatsoever. But that's never stopped DAYS before, so we'll have to see.

Surprising News - Days of Our Lives

Eli receives surprising news about the person who broke the Gabi Chic window.

It probably won't be long before Eli catches up with Lani, though the real surprise would be if anyone does anything about her act of criminal mischief.

In Salem, it appears to be legal to break windows unless your name is JJ Deveraux.

Let's hope that's not the case this time.

Eli will probably decide this means he hates Lani even more than he did before. But will the truth comes out if and when he confronts her?

Kristen Reveals Herself - Days of Our Lives

Kristen tells Brady she wants him back.

As mentioned above, Kristen is overcome with jealousy when she spies Brady with Nicole.

So much for her plan to stay under the radar so she can exact revenge on Gabi.

Kristen reveals herself in typically overdramatic Kristen fashion and she and Nicole immediately get into a catfight.

Who is your bet to win this fight? And who do you want to be the winner?

Crossing Paths With Her Enemy - Days of Our Lives

Gabi is stunned to discover Lani is back in town.

If Eli doesn't figure out who broke that window, Gabi surely will.

Kristen told Lani to stay put until the time is right, not that Kristen is following her own advice either.

Lani has made a mess of this revenge plan already, and her confrontation with Gabi won't help matters any.

Will Gabi figure out that Lani and Kristen are working together and that she's being played?

His Final Appeal - Days of Our Lives

Ciara supports Ben on the eve of his final appeal.

Hopefully, Ciara remembered to cover her tracks so Victor doesn't find out.

Either way, the big day is finally coming. 

Hopefully, this kicks this story into higher gear so that we don't have to keep hearing Ben beg Ciara to stay out of this while Ciara argues that she can't let Ben be executed for someone else's crime.

Gina Lashes Out - Days of Our Lives

Gina lashes out at Rafe.

Spoilers say that GIna is going to fire Rafe from the police department.

She is panicking because Rafe is getting too close to the truth now that he has found that tiara she left behind at the loft.

If Gina's latest trick doesn't make Rafe realize something is wrong, he is the most incompetent cop in Salem, and that's saying something.

Seriously, though, the guy is a former FBI agent who was once married to Hope. He has to realize something isn't right here.

Face-to-Face With Stevano - Days of Our Lives

Kayla confronts "Steve" one-on-one.

As if one doppelganger that looks like an ex isn't enough, Kayla is also going to try to talk to Stevano.

She'll get nowhere, of course, as "Stefano" only has eyes for his Queen of the Night, Marlena.

But will she realize something is wrong or will she assume that Steve just doesn't love her anymore and run straight into Justin's arms?

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of this Steve as Stefano silliness, but I'm not holding my breath.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. 

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