Days of Our Lives Round Table: Today's Best Love Story in Salem

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Did Ciara do the right thing? Is Mickey really Eric and Sarah’s baby? And is there any chance that Eli and Gabi will actually get married?

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by UhSir and Tony from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate all of that as well as which couple currently has the best love story in Salem and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Ciara do the right thing by telling Will he didn’t kill Adrienne? Since she has, what do you think should happen next?

UhSir: Her meaning is well. Sonny and Will wouldn't be divorcing if Will wasn't in jail. And Ciara has always been smart and observant. She knows that Salem secrets like this eventually come out and sooner is always better.

Jack: I think it's wrong for Will to be in jail and beating himself up over something he didn't do, though I don't understand how he thinks he killed Adrienne when he didn't.

So I think Ciara did the right thing, though incurring Victor and Xander's wrath probably is a bad idea.

As for what should happen next, Will should pass this info onto his lawyer. But that's probably too logical for Days.

Tony: I think so. Clearly, Ciara knows what happened, so she should tell the truth so Will can be cleared.

Christine: I think Ciara did the right thing the wrong way. Will shouldn’t have to sit in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and lose his husband and child but I’m not sure what good simply telling Will does him without any sort of proof to back it up.

Maybe Ciara could push for Victor and Xander to come up with a way to exonerate Will that still hides what they obviously want to keep hidden.

If there was enough evidence to convict Will, then getting him out of prison probably won’t be easy but Victor and Xander are crafty. If Ciara uses what she knows as leverage, maybe they could come up with a new plan.

(TALL) Upsetting News - Days of Our Lives

Baby Mickey needs a bone marrow transplant. Will this reveal that Eric isn’t her father or that Sarah and Eric aren’t her parents? Do you believe Sarah and Eric are MacKenzie’s biological parents and if not, then who?

UhSir: I think the reveal will be that Xander is the father because of Friday's conversation between Victor and Xander with them talking about Eric being the baby's biological father. They wouldn't be saying that if they had switched the baby.

I'm hoping Xander is the bio-dad.

Jack: I know the answer to this from spoilers. But whether this is what is slated to happen or not, I would like it to turn out that Xander is Mackenzie's biological father after all and for Eric to have to slink away with his tail between his legs after the way he treated Xander.

Tony: It’s almost too obvious that Eric and Sarah aren’t Mickey’s parents. I’ve no idea how they’d do it, but I’m sure the show will say that Kristen and Brady are her parents.

Christine: I’d love it if Xander turned out to be MacKenzie’s biological father! But I hope Sarah is really her mother because if she isn’t, that would truly be heartbreaking and I don’t know how Sarah would survive it.

(TALL) Trying to Trap Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Eli and Gabi got engaged. Will this marriage ever take place? Do you want it to happen?

UhSir: No. It's only going to be about Gabi hating on Lani and vice versa and Eli wanting to be with Lani and vice versa.

Jack: The only point to this happening is if Gabi gets a dose of karma and Eli dumps her at the altar after the truth comes out about what she did to Lani and Julie.

Tony: I hope it doesn’t, as I’m not particularly fond of either character. I hope Eli finds out what Gabi did to Julie with the pacemaker and leaves her.

Christine: Eh. I can’t say I really care. I kind of like Gabi and Eli together, and I kind of like Eli and Lani together but I’m not crazy about either couple.

I can’t even say I’m looking forward to the truth coming out about Gabi blackmailing Lani and threatening Julie’s life because I like Gabi and Julie as friends and don’t want to listen to them screech at one another again.

A New Plan - Days of Our Lives

Gina and Stevano are actively trying to separate John and Marlena by any means necessary. Can you imagine John or Marlena romantically connected to anyone else in Salem?

UhSir: No. I really wish they would stop writing this story on repeat. There are about a billion other things they can do.

Jack: Ugh. We already did this with John/Diana and this story is annoying now. And the only other person I could ever imagine Marlena with is Roman, but that ship sailed a long time ago. I can't see John with anyone else and certainly not with Gina.

Tony: Not really. They’ve tried John with a few other people, including the real Gina and Hope, and same with Marlena, and it’s never worked. It won’t work this time, either.

Christine: This ridiculous story does have me curious about a John and real Hope pairing but that probably won’t happen.

I used to love John and Marlena but now I find Marlena barely tolerable. I wouldn’t mind seeming them paired without people but I doubt it will ever happen.

Trying to Trap Gabi - Days of Our Lives

JJ has a plan to deactivate Gabi’s app and save Julie? Will he pull it off or will it lead to disaster?

UhSir: I hope he's successful. I expect there will also be some kind of disaster too, but I hope it's minor. There is too much sadness on the show now, we don't need more.

Jack: If JJ were written properly I'd be excited about this. As originally written, JJ is great at undercover work.

But since the writers have gone down the path of making him blurt out his true feelings about Eli/Gabi after two seconds, I do not have high hopes for this.

Tony: Hopefully, he’ll pull it off. But, knowing the writers, it’ll probably be a disaster.

Christine: How can it not be a disaster? He has no idea how the app works or what the consequences might be in messing with it.

If he, and Lani, were smarter, they’d go someone with more contacts in tech and law enforcement. They could go to John or Abe, or even Jack and Jennifer could help figure this out, but doing this alone doesn’t bode well for Julie’s future.

Trying to Salvage Christmas - Days of Our Lives

Which duo currently has the best love story in Salem? 

UhSir: Xander and Sarah. Their relationship is getting some good old-fashioned development.

Jack: It's a toss-up between Doug/Julie and Jack/Jennifer. These two classic couples still have the love and romance that has made each of them worth watching for decades.

Sadly, the newer couples don't have it and are mostly just thrown together on the whim of the writers.

Tony: Jack and Jennifer, hands down.

Christine: Jack and Jennifer have been fantastic since the time jump and I can’t get enough of them.

Also, Sarah and Xander have the best chemistry and potential as a couple but they need more screen time together.

Your turn, TV Fanatics! Who do you think has Salem's best present day love story?

Sarah's Bad News - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

UhSir: Jack and Jennifer on Tuesday, the whole thing, and especially this quote...

Jack: I don't recall giving you an assignment.

Jennifer: No, I just decided to write it.

Jack: But I'm the editor of "The Spectator."

Jennifer: Yes, but usually I write what I want. Is that a problem?

Jack: Sarah and Xander's reunion made my week. I also liked Abe and Julie's conversation. These two are legacy characters that need more to do.

Tony: Every scene with Jack and Jennifer. These two are amazing together and it’s great to see them!

Christine: I loved Jack and Jennifer arguing over a story. Jack wasn’t wrong to edit it, and as a writer that’s never fun, so I get Jennifer’s reaction. It reminded me of how Jack and Jennifer started and it made me smile. 

Loving Each Other Forever - Days of Our Lives

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