Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 1-06-20: A Fateful Confrontation

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Ciara's confrontation with Victor looks like it may take a deadly turn on Days of Our Lives during the week of 1-06-20.

According to the spoiler video, Victor collapses during their argument and is taken to the hospital, where Xander warns Ciara that it's on her head if Victor dies.

This is not the first time that Victor has had a stroke. He successfully recovered from two prior ones, one in the 1990s and one in 2008. But could this one be the end of the long-running Kiriakis patriarch?

Days of Our Lives - Spoilers Week of 1-06-20

Either way, Ciara will likely blame herself, while Xander is all too happy to hold her responsible for his uncle's latest brush with death.

If he dies, it'll be on your head.


Xander has been eager to get rid of Ciara ever since he found out she'd broken into his lockbox, and the only reason she's escaped his wrath so far is because Victor ordered him to leave her alone.

With Victor seriously incapacitated, Ciara could be in big trouble.

Plus, Ben gets news about his final appeal, and from the way his shoulders slump, it doesn't look good.

Of course, it would help if he refrained from attacking anyone while waiting for news, and the spoiler video shows him grabbing someone by the collar.

The video also contains scenes of a confrontation between Jack and Stevano.

Stevano: Kayla has moved on!
Jack: You hurt her!

Jack has recently bounced back from his own amnesia and rejection of Jennifer, so will he be the one to realize what's going on with the man claiming to be his brother?

NBC has also released official spoiler photos for the week of 1-06-20. Check them out below and let us know what you think.

A Stunning Turn - Days of Our Lives

Ciara's confrontation with Victor takes a stunning turn.

As mentioned above, Victor suffers a third and possibly fatal stroke while arguing with Ciara.

When we left off, Victor had just confronted Ciara about her continued association with Ben, and she likely is going to respond by accusing Victor of having Jordan killed.

The stroke was probably coming for a while -- at Christmas, Maggie said that Victor skipped the party because he had a headache -- but Ciara will likely blame herself for stressing her grandfather out.

The bigger question is whether Victor will survive the stroke, and how incapacitated he might be if he does. In the 1990s, he was catatonic for a while following his first stroke; could that happen again?

Kayla Wants Answers - Days of Our Lives

Kayla presses Stevano to tell her about the woman he loves.

"Steve" claimed to have moved on with another woman as well as needled Kayla about having moved on with Justin.

None of this is in character for the real Steve Johnson, and Salem has recently gone down this road with a fake Nicole and before that, a fake Marlena.

So will Kayla realize that she is dealing with a doppelganger, or will she assume that her beloved Steve has simply turned cruel?

And what lies will Stevano come up with to try to get Kayla to leave him alone?

Kristen Uses Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Kristen uses Gabi to get what she wants.

Kristen came back to town to reclaim Dimera Enterprises and help Lani get revenge on Gabi, but she's gotten distracted by Brady's relationship with Nicole.

So now she's likely using Gabi somehow to try to get to Brady.

The question is, how?

And will this plan work, or will it be yet another unrealistic attempt on Kristen's part to get Brady's attention through a not-clearly-thought-out plan?

Xander Blames Ciara - Days of Our Lives

Xander blames Ciara for Victor's medical crisis.

Xander has become unhinged again ever since Sarah left town.

If he has Ciara in his sights, that could spell yet more danger for Salem's latest eternal damsel in distress.

Hopefully, Victor will wake up and be fully functional in time to stop Xander from hurting Ciara, but there are no guarantees.

Helping His Ex - Days of Our Lives

Lani confides in JJ, who offers his help.

It would have been nice if JJ had been allowed to go through therapy to help with his drug addiction and relapse into suicidal thoughts.

Instead, he's going to be thrown back into Lani's orbit so that he can help her get revenge on the woman who saved his life during his suicide attempt.

JJ is good at subterfuge and at defusing blackmailers, though -- just ask Theresa.

So this could be an interesting story for him if only it weren't a distraction from his own pain.

Kate Warns Will - Days of Our Lives

Kate warns Will about Evan.

Nope, Will isn't out of jail yet. This is an old photo.

In any case, Kate is as determined to ensure Will and Sonny stay together as Will is to let Sonny go.

Last time she put her nose into this, Will asked Sonny for a divorce, so this isn't likely to end well.

Jack Confronts Stevano - Days of Our Lives

Jack rips into "Steve" and is perplexed by his brother's behavior.

Jack and the real Steve have had a long, complicated relationship, so it's natural that Jack would try to straighten the man he thinks is his brother out.

And since Jack just recently got his memories and his life with Jennifer back, he's in the best position to figure out that something's wrong with Stevano.

But will he? As great as that would be, it's too early in this storyline for anyone to catch on to the truth.

Going Along With a Ruse  - Days of Our Lives

Brady decides to go along with Nicole's ruse.

Uh-oh. What is Nicole up to?

Either she's pretending to be dating Brady to get Kristen's goat or she's pretending to hate him so they can beat Kristen at her own game.

The latter would be more interesting, though it didn't work out too well for Nicole when she and Daniel did that to try to catch Xander. She ended up with a dangerous stalker who has never quite let her go.

Hopefully, we're not in for another round of Brady's fake love turning to real love, though. Enough already.

His Final Appeal - Days of Our Lives

Ciara delivers bad news to Ben.

If this is about the appeal, Justin should be the one to deliver the news.

And the spoiler video shows Justin coming in with news about the appeal, so that's likely not what Ciara's news is.

She probably is telling Ben about Victor's stroke. Hopefully, she focuses on her concern for her grandfather and not on how this news makes it harder for her to prove that Ben is innocent.

Stevano Tests Kristen - Days of Our Lives

Stevano tests Kristen's loyalty.

How and why is Stevano going to test Kristen's loyalty?

He knows she has a ton of stock in the company, and he's probably aware that she's using the promise of a sale to lure Gabi into a trap.

But what is he going to do to make sure Kristen is on his side and not Gabi's?

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

What are your theories about what will happen during the week of 1-6-20, and what do you most hope for?

Hit the blue SHOW COMMENTS button and share your thoughts.

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