Ellen's Game of Games Sneak Peek: Would You Bet on Your Sibling on National TV?

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Could you count on your friend or loved one to answer questions on your behalf?

If you want to win Ellen's Game of Games, it's entirely possible you'd have to lean on someone you love to get through it.

In this exclusive clip of Ellen's Game of Games Season 3 Episode 15, while two contestants are dangling from a thread high above the audience, their sisters more or less "bet" on their mental faculties.

You Bet Your Wife, Errr, Twin

This game is called You Bet Your Wife, but in this instance, twins are betting not on their better half, but their other half, as both sets of contestants are twins!

Marcia Coleman and her twin sister Marla Pruitte tangle with Brittany Margolies and her twin, Ashley Held.

When we arrive in this clip, Ashley has already taken a dunker, and when asked whether she believes Ashley can meet the bet Marla places on Margo -- that Ashley can name two South American countries to Marla's one, Brittany gets a little freaked out.

"NO," she squeals when Ellen asks her if Ashley can do better than Marla and Marcia.

Before The First Fall

You'd have to imagine that the sibling in the hot seat -- in this case the dangler -- doesn't want to spend the entire time on stage unceremoniously plunging into a tub of goo, right?

But not expecting an answer can get Marcia and Brittany in trouble down the road.

Marcia has no faith in Marla's geography skills and bets ridiculously low.

Ashley's "Oh my God. Is this geography??" should give Marcia some faith in her sister with the expectation that Ashley dreaded the question. 

But Marcia is laser focused on her own bets and misses that crucial outburst.

South American Geography at Hand

There is initially some confusion over who "won" the latest round in the segment after Ellen gives Marla an opportunity to out-answer her opponent.

She does fabulously, and Marla's frustration at not getting a better try is made even funnier when she takes Ashley to task for speaking over her moment to shine.

Keep in mind that the danglers are behind giant googly eyes, so they're unable to read the room, so to speak.

Would anyone other than me be too afraid to go on Ellen's Game of Games? 

Oh No, Not Geography!

Would you ever subject yourself to the physical "danger" these contests come with for the contestants?

I'd be way too freaked out to allow myself to get dropped from the sky or fall through a hole in the floor. It happens!

While I know there's no danger, my mind goes wild worrying about what could happen.

If you've never watched Ellen's Game of Games, part of the fun is, of course, watching the losing contestants get their punishment, but it's equally as fun watching Ellen's expressions to the contestants.

South American Geography at Hand

She's Ellen for goodness sakes!

Ellen can make us laugh with a look on her face and a stifled laugh of her own, and it happens a lot on Ellen's Game of Games.

It's almost impossible not to laugh while watching the show, and you should get a giggle out of the clip, too.

Check it out now:

Will you give Ellen's Game of Game's a try?

Maybe it's already on your radar. Do you have a favorite game?

Ellen's Game of Games airs on NBC Tuesday nights at 8/7c just before This Is Us.

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