Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Eli Be Angry at Lani?

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Eli was angry with Lani, a bone marrow match was found for baby Mickey and Kayla learned that Steve is really Stefano!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Eli’s anger, who is the match for Mickey, the future of Ari and more!

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Does Eli have the right to be upset with Lani? Should she have done something differently or would Julie have paid the price?

Jack: Don't get me started on this. Lani had so many opportunities to get out of this and she didn't.

She was a cop who was dating a cop! But she gave in and whined about being a victim for months. She tried to stop JJ from doing anything too and only found her backbone when she had no choice.

Eli is 100% right to be angry when this could have been solved years ago.

Andy: I can't believe this story dragged on for more than a year in their world.

Lani could have very easily told Eli or anyone on the police force sooner. Confide in Abe, get Kayla to swap out the pacemaker, do something! I know we have to suspend reality in Salem, but I'd still be upset if I was Eli.

Christine: This has been the most frustrating story. Lani has done nothing but whine and let herself continue to be the victim. As everyone else has said, she had lots of options to stop this and chose to run and hide instead.

Eli has every reason to be angry for both breaking his heart and for leaving his grandmother in such danger for so long and doing nothing to stop it.

Lani Arrives - Days of Our Lives

Who do you think is the bone marrow match for baby Mickey?

Jack: I know the answer to this from spoilers. Without saying if it is or isn't, Tate makes the most logical sense. How else will this baby switch story unravel?

Andy: Definitely think Gabi will be the match. They made a point of her saying she was going to get tested, which was random as is. And I can't see Gabi actually going to jail for the 3rd time (girl, get it together). This will end up being her get out of jail free card.

Christine: Tate makes the most sense as they are half-siblings and it helps unravel the baby switch story but they seem to be leading up to that which makes me wonder if it could be someone else. Unfortunately, I have no idea who that might be.

(TALL) Stevano's Shocking Reveal - Days of Our Lives

Now that Kayla knows that Steve’s behavior is due to Stefano, will she dump Justin and go back to him? Do you want her too?

Jack: First, Steve has to be restored to his real identity. Then I want to see Kayla back with the real Steve.

I never bought her and Justin as more than friends so I'm happy to see that end even though I feel bad for Justin.

Andy: I'm sure she'll do whatever she can to try to bring Steve back, which is going to naturally drive a wedge between her and Justin. He'll learn firsthand how Lucas felt!

I do feel bad for Justin, but I'm not super invested in his relationship with Kayla, even though they seem to make a good couple.

Christine: I know I’m in the minority but I like Kayla and Justin together. They are adults in a mature relationship who sincerely love and care for one another.

I like Steve, and I know this time it wasn’t his fault, but he’s left Kayla before and put her and their family second to his ISA work.

All of that said, I have no doubt that Steve and Kayla will eventually end up back together whether I like it or not.

(TALL) Sharing a New Theory - Days of Our Lives

Should Ben have run or was he right to turn himself in?

Jack: I'm glad Ben did the right thing, but regardless, I want to see Ciara face some consequences for her idiotic behavior. 

Andy: He would have gotten caught eventually, and it's better to turn himself in to keep Ciara out of hot water.

I'm curious to see how this plays out since I doubt they'll kill Ben off. Hopefully, we find out Jordan's real killer just in time and wrap that story up too!

Christine: Ben did the right thing, although I wouldn’t have blamed him if he kept running as he’s sentenced to death next week!

I’d love to see Ciara suffer some sort of consequences for harboring a fugitive, assaulting a police officer, and generally being dumb enough to have Ben stick around Salem when he could have been in Mexico by now.

 (TALL) A Bleak Future - Days of Our Lives

Ari’s mother and father have done prison time and Gabi may be going away once again. How will all of this affect Arianna going forward?

Jack: Ari has already been acting out since Will was arrested. Losing Gabi too is going to make things even worse.

Andy: Of all the children on this show, Ari has probably had it the roughest. Her mom in jail twice, maybe thrice. Her dad dying, coming back, and then going to jail. Her two dads being off and on and with other people (sometimes the same person...)

She’s bound to be a troubled child as she grows up! Maybe a true Sami 2.0.

Christine: Oh, Ari will definitely be Sami 2.0! Sami walking in on her Mom cheating on her father with John by having sex on a table doesn’t even compare to the trauma this poor child has endured.

Arianna Horton will eventually steal Sami’s crown and reign as the Queen of Havoc in Salem.

Lately, which couple makes you want to change the channel?

(TALL) Reconciled Again - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I am so sick of hearing Ciara whine that she has no life outside of Ben. That's not romantic. It's pathetic. I also am not a fan of Brady/Kristen.

Andy: I thought I would say Brady and Kristen because I still think it's kind of icky that they're together. But their scenes together lately have actually been pretty compelling.

The Sonny/Evan relationship is probably my least favorite right now. Evan is just so dull and is written as a temporary distraction while Will is imprisoned.

Christine: If I could cut and paste everything Jack says up above about Ciara I would.

But since he’s already said it, I’m going to go with Nicole and Eric. Once upon a time I rooted for these two but now they bore me to tears to the point that I wish they’d ride off into the sunset together just to make way for more interesting pairings. 

(TALL) Protecting Julie - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Jack: As sad as I am to see Casey Moss go, I loved JJ's final scenes. It was awesome to see his story come full circle.

Andy: I loved Sonny going off on Gabi at the police station for her total disregard of her daughter. As a Gabi fan who does feel bad for everything she's been through, I also want to shake her for making such terrible life choices.

I'm also glad that Maggie is starting to remember the night of the accident, and I thought it was well done how they had her hearing both past and present Xander asking if she was okay. Looking forward to this story unfolding more.

Christine: Sonny’s reaction was so real and one of the best scenes he’s had in years.

He’s the one who gets stuck telling Ari her mom has to go back to prison after trying to kill someone and he has every reason to be furious about it. I also loved that his rage and hurt was mixed with a bit of sarcasm in this Days of Our Lives quote

Sonny: You know, this morning I found myself wishing the prisons were co-ed so I could cut down on my drive time when I bring Ari to see her Mommy and her Daddy.
Gabi: Stop being so horrible!
Sonny: I GET TO!!! I get to because I want to reach across this table to smack you across the face because you have this beautiful daughter that you care nothing about.

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