Days of Our Lives Round Table: Which Couple Has the Best Chemistry?

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Evan turned Orpheus into the police, Ciara asked Ben to move into Victor’s, Maggie prepared to go to prison, and Hattie left Salem!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Doolfan4life from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Evan turning on his father, if Maggie should do prison time, which couple has the most chemistry and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Evan have to give up his father, Orpheus, in order to save his son?

Jack: Honestly, I'm struggling to figure out what the point of this story was. We learned Orpheus was Evan's father and two seconds later Evan turned him in. Now what?

The whole thing seems rushed and no, I don't think it was necessary for him to do that. Surely Orpheus could pay off a doctor to secretly treat David's fever.

(As a side note: I know this was filmed six to eight months ago, but in the age of coronavirus hearing that David "just has a fever" bothered me.)

Doolfan4life: Honestly, he didn’t have to kidnap David, kill Jordan or frame Ben either so I’m not sure that’s a fair question..... I’m not too bothered that he did it though, Orpheus is a bad person and doing his son a solid shouldn’t cancel out all the bad that he still is.... just saying

Christine: I’m a little lost on Orpheus’ entire return. I’m not seeing the point.

He’s Evan/Christian’s father and David’s grandfather but now that he’s been arrested, is that it? Will he interact with Marlena at all?

And no, I don’t think Evan had to turn him in. Like Orpheus or not, he was trying to help his son. Evan could have handed David back over to Rafe without sacrificing his father in doing so. Turning Orpheus into an enemy wasn’t a smart move.

Ben is Released - Days of Our Lives

Did Ciara have the right to invite Ben to live in the Kiriakis mansion? Do you think it’s a good Idea?

Jack: Well, everyone who lives there invites other people to live there. Victor should turn it into a bed and breakfast since he's in competition with the Salem Inn!

And no, it's a terrible idea. Victor and Ben hate each other. Victor tried to have Ben killed to keep him away from Ciara and Ciara tried to prove that Victor was guilty of a murder Ben was facing the death penalty for. Neither she nor Ben should be living with Victor.

Doolfan4life: Definitely not and I’m shocked we haven’t seen an outburst from Victor yet. I hope it will still happen and that he throws them both out. Ciara and Ben should find someplace of their own to have their creepy, Homolka/Bernardo relationship

Christine: What ever happened to that loft where Ciara, Clair, Trip, Hayley, and pretty much every other under-25 character once lived? Ciara is a trust fund baby. Why doesn’t she just go rent her own apartment already?

No, she doesn’t have the right to invite her ex-serial killer/felon boyfriend to live in her grandfather’s home, especially since said grandfather just had a stroke and this will only stress him out further. But Ciara thinks of no one but herself and Ben so this make perfect sense.

(TALL) A Romantic Evening - Days of Our Lives

Which current couple in Salem has the best onscreen chemistry?

Jack: Classic couples Doug and Julie and Jack and Jennifer still have great chemistry.

Of the newer couples, Xander and Sarah have the best chemistry. Ben and Ciara are decent too, but they aren't interesting because of their constant sexathon and/or arguing about whether Ciara should help save Ben so that ruins it for me.

Doolfan4life: I’m enjoying Sarah and Xander at the moment more than anyone else and sad that the truth will ruin their happiness. Their relationship has all the soapy goodness about it and I love that Maggie approves as well as their endearing bond, it’s as if she has already adopted him

Christine: Definitely Sarah and Xander. I’m just hoping this baby switching nonsense doesn’t destroy Salem’s best new couple.

But I also love Maggie and Victor and Jack and Jennifer. I’ll agree that the actors who play Ciara and Ben have great onscreen chemistry but Ciara is so unenjoyable that it almost doesn’t matter. 

Your turn, TV Fanatics! Which couple do you think has the best chemistry right now in Salem?

Should Maggie do prison time for her DUI accident? Do you think Will, Sonny, or Justin should speak to the judge about leniency in her sentencing?

Jack: While I believe actions have consequences, this doesn't seem at all like justice. Both Will (when he thought he did it) and Maggie were super remorseful and the family has already forgiven Maggie. So locking her up seems ridiculous.

Community service and mandatory AA meetings make a lot more sense given this situation. And since the family has forgiven her, they should definitely ask the judge for leniency.

Doolfan4life: If she did the crime she should do the time but I still think Summer was the one driving though and I hope it will be addressed if this is the case

Christine: I’m completely torn over this one. We had a drunk driver kill a one-year-old in my neighborhood so I take this very seriously.

If Maggie did it—and I too am hoping that perhaps Summer was really driving—Maggie deserves to pay the price but I would like to see Will, Sonny, and/or Justin say something on her behalf. With Maggie’s age and medical issues, she could get a more lenient sentence.

An Annoying Ally - Days of Our Lives

Hattie is leaving Salem? Should she have stuck around and will you miss her?

Jack: I'm surprised by how sad I was to see her go. I don't generally like doppelgängers and in the past she's been a silly character who caused trouble for Marlena.

But I was enjoying her this time around and I would have liked to have seen her build her new life in Salem and maybe eventually get together with Roman when she was more secure in who she was.

I mean, it would have been comedy gold for her and Roman to double date with John and Marlena.

Doolfan4life: Sometimes I had hoped that there would be a cute little romance with her and Mr. Roman but overall, no I can’t say I will miss her because Salem has enough doppelgängers and I can do with one less Deirdre Hall.

Marlena goes around in circles between getting kidnapped or shot and needing Hattie to bail her out and her annual wedding to John, it’s old and tiresome

Christine: I was never a fan of Hattie so I was shocked when I felt sad that she was leaving. This time around she was more her own person with real vulnerabilities. I wouldn’t have minded seeing her have her own storylines in Salem that were separate from Marlena.

Justin Rescues Kayla - Days of Our Lives

If Steve ever returns and Kayla and he reunite, with whom would you like to see Justin paired with romantically?

Jack: I can't say there's anyone who I think would be good with Justin. They tried him with Hope once and that was almost as weird as this. Barring Adrienne miraculously returning from the dead, it would be great to see Justin on his own with lots of friends.

Doolfan4life: Honestly, no one. I always found Justin to be a bit of a creepy sleaze when it came to women. If I had to pick someone, maybe Kate cuz they likely have the same STD

Christine: Surprisingly, I’ve really enjoyed Justin and Kayla together. They’ve made a great mature, loving couple but it seems inevitable that Kayla will go back to Steve.

I wouldn’t mind if they gave Justin and Hope another shot. I can’t imagine it could be any worse than Hope and Rafe!

Warning Victor - Days of Our Lives

What was you favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week in Salem?

Jack: I loved Hattie and Roman's goodbye. I'm a sucker for empowerment scenes, and I loved Roman encouraging her to find her niche.

I also liked Nicole confiding in Abe. I want more of these two together! And I was thrilled that Nicole realized that DNA tests are almost always doctored in Salem. It's about time someone caught on to that.

Doolfan4life: I thought Maggie’s goodbye scenes were very emotional and well done, I also liked Nicole’s comment about DNA tests in Salem not being trustworthy

Christine: I loved Sarah this week, both when she told off Eric and then was kind to a grieving Kristen. I used to loathe Sarah and now I find her one of Salem’s most entertaining characters.

And I was so thankful to Kristen during those inane scenes with Chad and Stevano. Her quips and facial expressions made it seem as though she realized how ridiculous it all was. And this Days of Our Lives quote cracked me up…

Stevano: A toast to my Queen of the Night, named for a flower that is as intoxicating as you are and as rare as our love.
Tony: He does realize that the flower dies with the light of day, right?
Kristen: You might not want to bring that up now.

Stevano Proposes/Tall - Days of Our Lives

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