Ellen's Game of Games Sneak Peek: I Will Always Love Goo, Even Stinky, Gross Goo

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The title of this week's Ellen's Game of Games is, "I Will Always Love Goo" with special guests Matt & Akbar!

Contestants will play “Great Taj Mah Wall,” “Say Whaaat?” “Oh Ship,” and special guests Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila from NBC’s American Ninja Warrior join host Ellen DeGeneres for “Stink Tank.”

I Will Always Love Goo Scene

The winner of each of the first four rounds advances to “Know or Go” and the person who wins that game advances to “Hot Hands” for a chance to win a cash prize. Stephen “tWitch” Boss serves as announcer.

So what's the sitch with our exclusive clip?

American Ninja Warrior hosts Matt and Akbar go head-to-head for a game of Stink Tank with a couple of unassuming ladies poised for trouble should they not pass muster.

Matt & Akbar Join Ellen DeGeneres

I don't know about you, but any game called Stink Tank isn't one I'd be eager to play.

I'd be even less eager to play if I wasn't sure my teammates knew the subject matter.

Of course, that's part of what makes Ellen's Game of Games so much fun.

If you recall one of our last exclusive clips, two hovering women over a tank of goo were at the mercy of their husbands during a game of You Bet Your Wife.

Tammy Sanchez and Sha’Terria Dixon

For that game the husbands bet on their wife's knowledge of any given topic.

For this game of Stink Tank, it's the ladies in control, and they're betting their physical well-being on the knowledge of those at the podium.

So, what do these two charming and talented gentleman have to know about to win the round you're going to see?

You won't believe it.

Greeting cards!! How many men in YOUR life know a lot about the greeting cards aisle in 2020?

Sha’Terria Dixon from near San Antonio, TX

One lucky lady finds out that maybe she won't challenge so easily the next time she's got the chance.

Let's find out who it is after we hear from Matt and Akbar.

Matt said, “I loved playing this game. And all those countless hours spent browsing through the card section, looking for the perfect Missing-You-on-St-Patty’s-Day-with-a-Unicorn-and-a-Llama-dancing-on-a-rainbow Card were well spent.”

Uh oh, that might leave Akbar's partner in a wee bit of trouble!

Tammy Sanchez from Missouri City, TX

Maybe that makes his thoughts on Stink Tank more relevant.

"I don’t think I could put myself through that, Akbar said. "It looked really stinky and gross. I’m sure I have a lot of skin allergies that wouldn’t agree with me getting in a chair. Also I’m 250 pounds, so I’m sure I’m too heavy as well. These are all great excuses not to get in the chair."

So what happened to the two lucky (or unlucky contestants)? You're about to find out.

Get ready to cheer on Tammy Sanchez from Missouri City, TX, and Sha’Terria Dixon from near San Antonio, TX, and they learn a thing or two about playing Stink Tank:

Ellen's Game of Games airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

You can catch Matt and Akbar on "I Will Always Love Goo" on Tuesday, April 7 at 8/7c.

Don't miss it!

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