Days of Our Lives: Who Do You Want to See Raise Baby Rachel?

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Abigail was poisoned, Sarah was on the run, and Brady took the fall for Kristin this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Trey and Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate who poisoned Abigail, if there are any good guys left in the baby switch story, do Hope and Steve have a romantic future, and if Orpheus and his clan should stay or get the heck out of Salem!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who do you think poisoned Abigail? Give it your best guess.

Trey: I don’t know! I wonder if it was Chad possibly still under mind control. It’s too soon to tell but I’m interested.

Sportsgirl: Best guess is Mr. Chin's son. I think he feels that Abigail would get in the way of Chad's work at DiMera. They probably want it more like how it was run when Stefano had it and they can control Chad to do this.

Jack: I'm guessing Orpheus was behind Abby being poisoned. Zoey is trying to wrest custody of baby David from Rafe and Justin already pointed out that Rafe has as many skeletons in the family closet as Orpheus' kids do.

Orpheus said he would stop at nothing to get David away from Rafe. So that could include poisoning Abby and framing Gabi for it so that Zoey can argue that Gabi being around David would be far worse for him than Zoey's family would be.

Christine: I was wondering if this was Orpheus and Christian’s big secret but I couldn’t figure out why they’d poison Abigail, but maybe Jack has a point and it’s all about making Rafe look bad.

That seems like a really round-about way of doing it, but on this show anything is possible.

However, that doesn’t explain Orpheus’ conversation with John and Marlena. I’m still lost as to what that was all about.

Pleading With Sarah/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Are there any good guys left in the baby switch story? How are you hoping it gets resolved?

Trey: My heart still goes out to Sarah! Kristen stabbing Victor shows she’s not fit to be a mother. I don’t know how anyone can recover from this! I’m still rooting for Xander and Sarah.

Sportsgirl: Not exactly sure how far out of character you want, but my resolution to this is that Kristen goes to an insane asylum for life, Brady gets custody of Rachel, but Eric & Sarah have plenty of visitation & input into her life.

Almost like Adrianna has three parents (Gabi, Will & Sonny). In the meanwhile, Sarah forgives Xander and they live happily ever after..

Jack: Ugh. I was enjoying this story but now pretty much everyone involved belongs in jail. The only "heroes" here are Nicole and Eric.

Eric was willing to do the right thing and give Mickey/Rachel back to Kristen and Brady, and I especially enjoyed Nicole pointing out to Kristen that if she is to be a decent mother to this child, she can't fly off the handle with rage anymore. 

This is far better than the Eric berating Nicole story I was expecting! Maybe Eric and Nicole should raise the baby while Sarah and Kristen have it out with each other while sharing a jail cell and Brady does time for obstructing justice with his false confession.

Christine: Ugh. I thought Sarah having to hand the baby over to Kristen and Brady could have been compelling drama, so of course the show does the standard kidnapping story instead and now I’m bored.

I know everyone hates Kristen but in her defense, if someone stole my baby and made me think she was dead for almost a year, I’d probably be looking for a place to bury their body.

I feel horrible for Sarah but that sympathy is evaporating the more she lashes out and whines. Why is she only tolerable when she’s paired with Xander?

I know I’m in the minority but I want to see Brady and Kristen raising Rachel. She’s their daughter and they’ve had a year of her life stolen from them.

Unfortunately, a story that had the possibility of keeping me glued to the screen now has me wanting to fast forward until it’s over.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics! Who do you want to see end up with baby Rachel?

A Surprising Decision - Days of Our Lives

With Kayla choosing Justin, do you think there’s the possibility of romance between Steve and Hope?

Trey: There’s no way Steve and Hope are long term. Patch and Kayla all the way! They still have the most chemistry even after all these years!

Sportsgirl: No, Steve and Hope are friends. Steve and Bo were long time friends, almost as close as brothers. So Hope feels this is what Bo would want. In the long run though, I feel Steve & Kayla will still get back together.

Jack: God, I hope not! Hope and Rafe were a terrible enough couple. Hope and Steve don't belong being more than friends, and it's bad enough that Gina tried to break up John and Marlena without Hope interfering with Steve and Kayla's eventual reunion.

Christine: Oddly enough, the idea doesn’t completely repel me, probably because I never thought I’d like Kayla and Justin together but I do.

Steve and Hope were close friends in the ’80s and ‘90s. Although I don’t quite see romantic chemistry, it could be interesting to see where that goes.

Of course, I said the same thing about Hope and Rafe and they turned out to be one of the worst couples in the history of Salem!

Orpheus Pays a Visit/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Orpheus, Christian, and Zoey have embedded themselves in Salem? Are you intrigued by their story and secrets or do you wish they’d just leave and why?

Trey: I wish they’d leave! I’m tired of people like Orpheus and Christian getting away with murder and torture only to keep harassing the same people.

I feel bad for Rafe, who was honoring Jordan’s last request to raise her child and keep David away from his father.

Sportsgirl: The "Orpheus" family I wish would just leave. All they seem to want to do is break the heart of this little boy, David, and Rafe who would make such a great Dad.

Chris and his Dad have done something awful and it scares me to give this little boy to them.

Zoey Learns a Secret - Days of Our Lives

Jack: This is one of the most disappointing and boring storylines in a long while.

I always wondered what became of the twins (yes, they were originally twins!) that Orpheus forced Marlena to raise for a bit instead of raising Sami and Eric. Given the history, there was SO much potential for interesting storylines.

But instead, that history has been mainly forgotten and Orpheus' kids have been turned into a redux of Jordan and Ben before Jordan went nuts. Blech. I am mildly interested in what Orpheus and Chris' secret is but not enough to overcome my disappointment at this total misuse of legacy characters.

Christine: Can they just leave now?

They remind me way too much of Clyde, Ben, and Jordan. Jack is right, the show had the opportunity to dive into an interesting plot concerning Marlena once being the pseudo-mother to Christian and Zoey, but instead we’ve got another cookie-cutter Salem villain and his family.

They’re squandering some great history for another boring storyline.

Taking Opposite Sides/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Is the conflict between Abigail, Gabi, and Chad entertaining? Do you prefer them as friends or enemies?

Trey: Sometimes it’s nice to see rivalry, but sometimes the characters go too far. I don’t mind a little corporate backstabbing (it’s fun!) but trying to kill or harm someone is too far. I do enjoy Gabi as both a hero and villain! She’s entertaining.

Sportsgirl: This conflicts bores me. It just seems to be on repeat mode. At this time, a friendship could at least be different.

Jack: I prefer them off my screen, honestly. I find Gabi obnoxious and I can't stand the way she makes fun of people with mental illness on a regular basis.

I also don't care who is the CEO of Dimera, and Gabi has ranted about the same things so much that I can quote her angry speech by heart. Enough already!

Christine: These three are like listening to the same argument over and over again and none of them will let it go. They snipe, they insult, and they try to make one another’s lives miserable.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them as friends but at this point I wish they’d either never see one another again or just all go away.

Taking the Blame - Days of Our LIves

What was the most unbelievable thing to take place this week on Days?

Trey: Brady taking the fall for a deranged Kristen. They both deserve to be locked up!

Sportsgirl: There are a few to choose from, but the most unbelievable would be Jake, an exact duplicate of Stefan looks-wise. There may be a double in the world of people, but never as an EXACT duplicate. Even identical twins have slight differences.

Jack: I won't even go into all the non-reality surrounding Abby's hallucinations. Two things that annoyed me most there: Kayla is not a psychiatrist and should not be giving psychiatric care, and a doctor should have told Abby what her test results were, not Chad.

Ciara and Ben Celebrate - Days of Our Lives

This is a minor point, but it also irritated me that Ciara said she never believed that everyone had a double until she met Jake when Salem has had a doppelganger problem for the last couple of years.

Finally, Jake gets hired as a mechanic and the very next day has the authority to hire an assistant sight unseen? And Ciara can just wander into Ben's workplace on his first day to have a personal conversation and his new boss is okay with it? Come on.

Christine: How about Ben calling Ciara a mechanical genius! I know she’s tinkered with her father’s motorcycle but since when has she worked on anything else that would give her this vast knowledge of fixing any type of vehicle?

I feel like this was thrown in to make us think Ciara is a more rounded and likable person than she actually is.

Kristen Attacks Victor/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Trey: I am glad Victor woke up and nailed Kristen! I liked the fast resolution and that Days didn’t make it another amnesia story!

Sportsgirl: Well for anyone that knows me, seeing Rex back in town (Okay, Paris) was a treat for me. I ove Kyle Lowder but I am not sure how long he is back.

Jack: I was cheering when Rafe told Gabi that she can't keep doing crazy things and expecting him to fix it for her.

I also liked Jack and Abigail's conversation (except for Jack justifying Gabi's bad behavior with the same excuses Gabi always uses.)

Kate's takes on the crazy goings-on in Salem cracked me up. I especially liked this Days of Our Lives quote:

If I filled you in on everything you missed since the last time you called me, you'd have to take a loan out to pay the roaming charges.


Christine: Seeing Jack and Abigail have a real conversation! That was long overdue and we need more of it.

I also appreciated Rex calling his Mom to get the latest Salem scoop and then calling Sarah out on her crazy behavior. The fact that she thought he wouldn’t talk to anyone in Salem shows how poor her judgment is right now.

Stefan's Double - Days of Our Lives

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