Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Someone Call Sami?

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Lucas ignored Kate and tried to strong-arm Allie, Xander made a sincere gesture to Sarah who wanted to bed Brady, Gwen and Jake reunited, while Claire attempted to get closer to Ciara.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Sami should be told about Allie's pregnancy, if Sarah will forgive Xander, what's Claire's real plan, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who is right about how to handle Allie? Kate or Lucas?

Jack: Kate is absolutely right. Yes, Lucas is Allie's father, and yes, he's right that Allie needs to make decisions in her baby's best interest. But Allie is an adult.

It doesn't matter if she's 18, 22, or 50. She has the absolute right to make her own decisions, and she's made it clear that Lucas trying to make them for her will only result in her refusing to be in the same room with him.

It's a bit hypocritical of Kate considering that she won't stay out of her own kids' lives, but I think she is talking from experience. She knows how many times she's screwed things up with Lucas (and her other kids too). She doesn't want him to make the same mistakes with Allie.

Kathy: Lucas is in dad mode, but he is right, Allie has to grow up and plan for her baby.

Christine: Lucas needs to let Allie make her own decisions. Like it or not, this is her pregnancy and her baby. He can offer advice, but if he keeps yelling at her and trying to take over, he will only push her away.

Lucas needs to offer his help and then back off and let her come to him if she chooses.

As for Kate, like most grandmothers, their attitude with their grandchildren can be quite different from how they handled their own children.

Kate has made her share of mistakes and then some, but she only wants what's best for Allie and Lucas. Lucas might not like it, but her advice, in this case, is sound.

A Pregnancy Mystery - Days of Our Lives

Should Lucas tell Sami that Allie is pregnant and in Salem or keep quiet?

Jack: This is a tough one. It's really Allie's news to tell, but Sami should at least know Allie is safe and has been found. Plus, if Sami comes for the wedding, she is going to find out.

I think Lucas needs to back off and let Nicole work with Allie to get Allie to tell Sami herself.

Kathy: Someone should tell Sami sooner rather than later. Allie should be the one to woman up and talk to her mom, if she doesn't, Lucas needs to step in.

Christine: First, has anyone told Sami that her daughter is safe and in Salem? If not, Lucas or Eric need to do that asap.

As for the pregnancy, it's Allie's news to tell, but now that Lucas, Kate, Eric, and Will all know, she can't keep it from Sami forever, and someone needs to the point that out to her.

But I kind of understand Allie's point of view. Lucas knows, and he's trying to take over, and she can expect the same times ten with Sami.

Allie wants to work through this on her own, and let's face it, she can't do much worse than her parents have done. I think Allie needs someone calm whom she can talk to, and, unfortunately, Lucas and Sami aren't it.

Your turn Days Fans! Who should be the one to tell Sami that Allie is pregnant?

A Heartfelt Gesture - Days of Our Lives

Xander changed the gravestone marker from Rachel's name to MacKenzie's. What did you think of his gesture? Do you hope Sarah forgives him?

Jack: I had very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it was a sweet thing to do, and I prefer Xander/Sarah to this nonsensical childish revenge story Sarah has going on.

But it could have been traumatic for Sarah to visit the grave before she was ready, and Xander didn't tell her where he was taking her.

Kathy: I thought changing the gravestone was a kind and thoughtful gesture. I hope Sarah can forgive him someday.

Christine: I'm glad that Xander talked to Maggie about it first and got her okay. Xander meant it as a way of trying to make some small thing right after all the harm he caused, and I think Sarah realized that.

More than anything, Sarah needs to let herself grieve the loss of both her daughters, the one she gave birth to, and the one she raised. Maybe if she lets herself feel that she can begin to forgive Xander.

I hope she and Xander do become a couple once again because I find Sarah almost unwatchable without him.

Claire Tries to Make Amends/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Is Claire honestly trying to start over and make amends, or does she have a completely different plan?

Jack: I think Claire is trying to make amends but isn't realizing that her way of going about things isn't any different from what she did when setting fires. If she's serious about any of this, she has to stop sneaking around.

Kathy: I'd like to think that Claire is trying to start over, but her comment about making Ciara's wedding one that Salem would not forget is ominous.

Christine: Oye. Claire is such a mess. I have no idea if she's just misguided and trying to hard to make amends or plotting something devious. I will admit, there is some fun in not knowing what comes next.

Gabi Tries to Escape - Days of Our Lives

On a scale of 1 (please make it stop) to a 10 (my favorite storyline), how do you rate the Gabi/Jake/Gwen triangle?

Jack: How about -600? I don't care about Gwen/Jake one bit. I don't care if he slept with Denise Deviccio or not, and I don't need to see hate-turned-to-passion between these two because I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP.

Gabi's behavior is ridiculous too, and she has no business being jealous that a man who looks like her late husband had a relationship with someone else.

And if Jake turns out to be Stefan, I'm going to be beyond angry and disappointed. I like Jake, I'm tired of these doppelgangers with amnesia stories, and I don't want Gabi to be right.

Kathy: The story is about a 3 for me. I like the Jake character. I wish he would just stay Jake.

Christine: This has gone into negative numbers for me. Gabi and Jake were silly, but Gwen's introduction, a character I feel no connection to, makes this story a waste of my time.

I can't wait until it's resolved and we can move on to something else, preferably without any of them on screen.

Last Minute Rescue - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Jack: Allie didn't appear until Friday. Instead, we had a whole week of this Gabi/Jake/Gwen nonsense, which was so awful that it was at times hard to watch.

I also could have done without Sarah's childishness and trying to convince Brady to have sex with her to get revenge on Xander. She's supposed to be a doctor, not an eternal sixteen-year-old.

Kathy: I was disappointed that so much time was spent on the search for the mob's book and Gabi's kidnapping.

Christine: Let's start with Gabi saying she's not worried about going to prison because she's innocent. Wasn't she innocent when she was sent to jail for killing Andre? Did she somehow forget that?

And Sarah pushing Brady to have sex was just icky. She was begging him to have sex with her because it would upset her ex and her mom! How pathetic is that?

Distressing News/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week's Days of Our Lives?

Jack: All things Allie. I love this story so far! I especially like Nicole being a mentor toward Allie. She should go back to working at the Horton Center, not continue working for Basic Black. She's clearly a great counselor, and she understands totally where Allie's coming from because of her own troubled past.

I also like that Lucas is unable to see that he is treating Allie exactly the way Kate treats him. Kate was the only one who saw the irony in any of this, and Lucas screaming at her that he wants to do things his way without realizing that's exactly what Allie keeps screaming at him was a nice touch. Finally, a complex, realistic story!

Kathy: My favorite scene was everyone wrestling the book away from Xander. Silly but fun. I also liked Xander's apology to Brady.

Christine: Xander apologizing to Brady, and Brady actually listening to him was one of my favorite moments of the week.

Also, getting to watch Sarah grieve for MacKenzie has been long overdue. When she said how she'd always be Mickey's mom, it brought me to tears.

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