Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Nicole Have Backed Off?

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Allie went into labor, Jack and Gwen moved into the Dimera mansion, Ciara and Claire decided to work together, and Ben's captor was revealed this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Nicole being in the delivery room, if Allie will change her mind about the baby, the new Dimera quadrangle, and if Eve's actions are entertaining or ridiculous?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Nicole have been so quick to run and tell Allie that Sami had talked to Rafe about the adoption?

Andy: Nicole should learn to mind her own business. Rafe is a grown man, if he really wanted to adopt Allie's baby, Sami wouldn't have been able to talk him out of it.

Telling Allie does nothing but continue to drive a wedge between her and Sami, and Nicole should have thought about that before she said anything.

Jack: I don't think she ran and did anything. She came home and found out Allie was about to sign adoption papers and thought she should have all the facts before she did, so she made a spur-of-the-moment decision. And I agree with her.

Everyone else is too scared of Sami to tell the truth -- even Lucas, who is again caught in the middle because he keeps secrets for both Allie and Sami -- and Allie deserves to know the whole story before making her final decision.

However, where I think Nicole was wrong is that she didn't know the whole story either. It would have been better for her to say that she knew Sami talked to Rafe, and she didn't know whether or not that impacted his decision instead of assuming that Rafe just gave in to Sami's manipulations.

Christine: Saint Nicole has become really annoying lately. She had no idea what the conversation had been between Rafe and Sam, yet she couldn't wait to tell Allie that her Mom had changed Rafe's mind.

If Rafe wanted to adopt this baby with all his heart, Sami wouldn't have dissuaded him. Whether Nicole is conscious of it or not, I believe she enjoys getting to be the person Allie relies on all the more because it irks Sami.

Exposing Sami/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Was Nicole right to say yes to being Allie's birth coach, or should she have stepped aside and let Sami help her daughter?

Andy: If Nicole wants to keep acting like she's the bigger person, she should have stepped aside or persuaded Allie to let Sami stay.

It's fine that Nicole wants to be there for Allie, but she doesn't think about how her actions affect others and just make the situation worse.

Jack: The idea that Allie would have let Sami help is pure fantasy. If Nicole had said no, Allie would have been on the phone to everyone she knew, begging them to do it so Sami couldn't. Her attitude was "anyone but Sami."

Nicole stepping aside would have done nothing but upset Allie further and make her feel rejected by the person she trusts most.

Also, it's Allie's decision. If she doesn't want Sami there, that's her right. Being her mother doesn't automatically give Sami birth room privileges.

Christine: Nicole should have encouraged Allie to let her mother be there. Allie's default setting is to push Sami away, and with reason, but this could have ended up being a real bonding moment for mother and daughter.

That Nicole didn't even attempt to step aside and let them have that bugged me.

Your turn TV Fanatics! Should Nicole have stepped aside and encouraged Allie to let Sami be there for the birth of the baby?

A Mysterious Captor/Tall - Days of Our Lives

How do you feel about Eve's plan to get her revenge on Ben?

Andy: I definitely sympathize with Eve and her desire for revenge against Ben. But I do think her plan, from the bombed wedding to the torture to get him to kill Ciara, is so over the top.

It doesn't make sense that she would let another innocent young woman die to somehow avenge Paige's death. It would be better if she was just trying to kill Ben or send him back to Bayview.

Jack: I love Kassie de Paiva, and I hate that her talent is being wasted on this awful story. It's unnecessarily violent, totally out of character for Eve (did Rolf inject her with Vivian's essence?) and has been done a million times before.

Plus, how does Ben killing Ciara get revenge on Ben? If this plan works, it puts Hope -- who has been nothing but empathetic with Eve about Paige's death -- in the same type of painful circumstances that Eve has been in since Paige died.

Also, Paige is only ever mentioned when it's convenient for Eve's storyline. She would NOT have wanted this, and this story is disrespectful to her memory as usual.

Christine: Ugh. I like the character of Eve when she's played as a wounded soul, but this is over-the-top nonsense.

I completely understand why Eve is enraged that Ben gets to live a happy life after killing her daughter. In many ways, that is infuriating, but to break down his mental state and get him to kill Ciara makes no sense. How does killing another person avenge Paige?

I get that the show is going for high-drama, but this just doesn't work.

A Fantasy Reunion - Days of Our Lives

Was Bonnie slipping into Lucas' bedroom playful and funny, or inappropriate and uncomfortable? Are you glad Bonnie's back in Salem?

Andy: It was inappropriate, but par for the course for Bonnie. I don't really get what the endgame is for bringing her back, it all seems pointless.

Lucas has better storylines to be included in right now, we don't need time wasted on this nonsense.

Jack: Totally inappropriate. There is nothing funny or cute about sneaking into someone's bed when they have explicitly said they don't want you there, and if a male character had done it to a woman, people would not accept it at all.

And Bonnie is a pointless character. I agree with Steve -- I want her gone.

Christine: I enjoy having Judi Evans back on Days, but Bonnie is a pointless character. She's not funny or likable in any way. She's not even a good villain. And slipping into bed with Lucas made me cringe.

That Lucas talks to Bonnie and hasn't gotten a restraining order against her just pulls his character down in my eyes too. The entire storyline is a waste of two good actors.

Moving Forward With the Adoption/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Do you think there's any possibility that Allie will change her mind and decide to keep her baby?

Andy: I think Will and Sonny will adopt the baby, but having him continue to be a part of Allie's life will be hard on her. She may feel some regret or may just struggle with it being uncomfortable.

I can't imagine she'll want to stick around Salem if that's the case.

Jack: I wish she wouldn't, because she's made the best decision for herself. But since Days seems determined to push this "adoption is inferior to raising your child" angle, I would be surprised if she doesn't.

Plus, she was very hesitant about signing the papers even before learning about Sami's manipulations. That alone suggests she's having more mixed feelings than she lets on.

Christine: Choosing someone to adopt your child is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly, but it is frequently the right decision that pays dividends for a lifetime, especially for the child.

I think Allie will struggle, but then she'll agree to let Will and Sonny adopt this child. And I hope, in some way, it brings Sami and Allie closer together.

Moving Up in the World/Tall - Days of Our LIves

Jake and Gwen have moved into the Dimera mansion, forming an odd quadrangle of Gabi/Jake/Gwen/Chad. Do you want to see any of these characters paired together romantically?

Andy: I don't particularly like Gwen as a character, and Chad has become insufferable. I will be annoyed (and disappointed in Chad even more) if those two start any kind of romance.

But I am interested in the continued development of Jake and Gabi's relationship, though, since the actors continue to have good chemistry.

Jack: No, no, no, and no. Gabi and Gwen are both obnoxious, and Chad and Jake can both do better.

Besides, Chad is still married to Abby, and there's been enough nonsensical drama without him cheating on her so that Gabi can gloat about that and use it to try to break Chad and Abby up.

Christine: Years back, I liked Chad, but now I find him unwatchable. I am not a fan of Gwen in the least, and I'm borderline about Jake. Gabi has her entertaining moments, both funny and touching.

The only pairing that could work out are Gabi and Jake. It would be weird falling for your late husband's twin, but far more bizarre things have happened in Salem! Plus, the actors still have fantastic chemistry, and it would be a shame to waste it.

Allie Goes Into Labor/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What were your favorite or least favorite moments of the week?

Andy: My least favorite is the sheer amount of flashbacks we keep getting to things that happened the day before. Maybe they're trying to stretch material they've filmed, but it's annoying anyway.

I enjoy having Eve back on screen, but I wish they would have found a better revenge plot for her.

I also liked all the callbacks to past stories and characters this week.

Jack: Favorite - Allie's delivery. Nicole was a great coach, and I loved her using her own past to encourage Allie.

I actually felt sorry for Sami because once the baby was born, she made a real effort to change her behavior, but Allie still wanted nothing to do with her.

Least favorite - I already mentioned how awful the Eve story is, so I'll say Jake/Gabi/Gwen/Chad. I don't care who the CEO of Dimera is, nor do I care one bit who lives or doesn't live in the Dimera mansion.

And how dare Jake and Gwen steal Lucas' room, even if it does mean Bonnie will not know where to go next time she wants to bother him???

Christine: My favorite storyline was Allie's baby, even if I hated that Nicole was the person in the delivery room.

There were several stories vying for least favorite, including every scene with Bonnie and Lucas, anything having to do with Dimera Enterprises, and Eve torturing Ben because I really hate watching characters be tortured.

Bonnie Surprises Lucas/Tall - Days of Our Lives

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