Days of Our Lives Round Table: Help Name Allie's Baby!

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The revolving door for who plays Abigail continued to spin as Kate Mansi left and Marci Miller returned. Much to Belle's horror, Jan Spears found a friend in Claire, Xander and Philip battled over office space and Ben fantasized about his future with Ciara.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Sportsgirl from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate their favorite Abigail, if Claire should run from Jan, what should Allie name her son, and if Ben and Ciara's fantasies are perfect or unwatchable!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Marci Miller is back as Abigail. Do you prefer her or Kate Mansi in the role?

Sportsgirl: I prefer Marci as Abigail. Her portrayal is more mature & shows more depth. I can see her as a professional so much more than Kate's style.

Jack: Marci, all the way! I am thrilled she is back. I prefer her more subdued, nuanced version of Abigail.

No offense to Kate Mansi, but Abigail is a lot more tolerable with Marci in the role.

Christine: I like Marci, but her Abigail seems like a completely different character to me. I can't imagine Marci as the Abigail who tried to bed Austin, seduced EJ, or taunted Sami.

I have a love/hate relationship with Kate Mansi's version of Abigail, but she had more edge and better chemistry with Chad, and for that, I'll miss seeing her onscreen.

Your turn, TV Fanatics! Who is your favorite Abigail?

Anxiously Waiting - Days of Our Lives

If Eric leaves for Africa, do you think Allie will still give her baby boy to Nicole? Should she?

Sportsgirl: Yes, Allie had stated in her note she wanted Nicole to take care of her baby. As I remember, she didn't really mention Eric at all. If I am wrong, I still think her intention was for Nicole, and Eric just happened to be a bonus.

I don't agree about giving Nicole the bab as she will never change. She will eventually disappoint Allie in the end.

Jack: I first need to say that I'm tired of these out-of-the-blue job offers sweeping characters out of Salem. That said, I think Allie feels Nicole is the mother she wishes she had, so I don't see any reason why she would change her mind just because Eric is out of the picture.

Nicole was the one who took the time to actually listen to and try to guide Allie, while Eric tended to be more judgmental and advice-y, so it wouldn't make sense for Allie to decide that Nicole is no good without Eric in the picture.

Christine: I think Allie has an idealized version of Nicole in her head. Nicole has done just as many crazy, selfish things as Sami, and it is anyone's guess how she'll treat Holly when she hits her teenage years.

Plus, I think choosing Nicole is as much as about sticking it to Sami as who will be the best parent to that baby. Personally, I hope Allie comes up with another, better option.

Lashing Out at Sami/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Allie's baby boy still doesn't have a name. If you could name him, which name would you choose?

Sportsgirl: I think she should name him Eric Rafael. She loves them both.

Jack: I would like to see her name her baby after Caroline since we already have Shawn's namesake, and Allie is half Brady. I just Googled what the closest male name to Caroline is, and it's Charles. So that's what I'm going with.

Christine: I LOVE finding just the right name! Allie's full name is Alice Caroline Horton, after Alice Horton and Caroline Brady.

Perhaps Allie can honor both of her grandmothers' legacies by using their last names as inspiration. How about Robert Evans, after Kate Roberts and Marlena Evans?

Eli Is Upset/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Who was in the wrong? Lani for covering for Kristen and watching Rachel or Eli for arresting Kristen?

Sportsgirl: Lani was so wrong covering for Kristen. Kristen tried to murder Victor.

It doesn't matter what Victor did; people shouldn't just go around murdering people for revenge. She stabbed him with a very sick & vile look on her face, never once thinking of what would happen if she got caught.

Jack: They both were, to varying degrees. Eli should not be surprised that Lani made the choices she did. She's covered for Kristen before, and she can never say no to watching a baby.

But Lani should have discussed it with Eli ahead of time, not just sprung it on him. Her insistence that Kristen was right to stab Victor is ridiculous, especially since she talked JJ out of doing a similar thing to Kristen for similar reasons.

And Eli was wrong to tell Lani he would go along with it and then arrest Kristen anyway. He should have had the courage to say that he didn't agree and wasn't going to go along, no matter what Lani said about it.

Christine: They were both wrong. I understand Lani wanted to help her only friend, but she put Eli in a position to lose his career or even face charges. If she wants to take that risk, that's her choice, but she had no right to drag her husband into this mess.

As for Eli, he should have stood up to Lani and told her that he was going to have Kristen arrested, and maybe give her a few hours to give the baby back. Instead, he went behind Lani's back, and she has reason to be angry about that.

This couple has some serious trust and communication issues, and I hope they work on them before the twins are born.

Jan Spears Returns - Days of Our Lives

Do you believe Jan has recovered? Would you like to see Jan and Claire bond, or do you hope Claire stays far away from Jan?

Sportsgirl: No way has Jan recovered. She had a "gotcha" look on her face when she hugged Claire. Claire needs to stay away, or else she will be used in a bad way.

Jack: I have my doubts Jan has recovered. She seems as scheme-y and manipulative as ever. But I wouldn't mind Claire being a good influence on her and Jan changing into a decent person, while no one but Claire believes it's possible. That would be an interesting twist.

And I think Claire should be cautious but not stay away altogether if she really thinks Jan has changed. She should keep her eyes wide open and not allow herself to be manipulated but also give Jan a chance. She's right that it's hypocritical to give her a second chance after her similar crimes and not give Jan one.

Christine: I really hope that Jan has recovered, but is still the scheming bad girl. It would be fun to see Jan mess with everyone in Salem in some nonviolent way, yet still be a friend to Claire.

Ben, Claire, and plenty of other people in Salem have been given their second chance to be redeemed, why not Jan?

Solving the Philip Problem/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Who should get the big CEO office at Titan, Xander or Philip? And so far, are you enjoying their rivalry?

Sportsgirl: Victor should have another CEO office created since they are equal partners. I do not enjoy their rivalry. Xander had already been shafted in favor of Brady & now doing this with Philip just isn't fair.

Also, Philip has been downright crude and nasty. Instead, he should at least give him a chance, especially as Victor shows he has total faith in Xander. Philip needs to respect his father's opinion.

Jack: I think neither one should get that office. They both need to be fired for their immature behavior. I imagine they've let deals slip through their fingers while fighting with each other now.

And no, I am not enjoying their rivalry one bit. It's childish and obnoxious, and there's enough of that in real life without having it on my screen.

Christine: I want to see two desks in that office. Make them share it and work side by side.

This rivalry could be fun for a while if Philip would stop putting Xander down for things like being a gardener. That type of mean condescension doesn't look good on Philip.

Also, I really hope that something comes up where these two have to work together because I do believe they'd make a great team if they could just get out of their own way.

John Wakes Up/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What were your favorite and least favorite moments of the week?

Sportsgirl: This week was a very boring week to me. Nothing really stood out. I did like that the forensic reports showed that Ciara wasn't even in the car, making everyone eat crow. Nothing like jumping to conclusions before they know for sure.

The worse was the part I actually fast-forwarded & I just about never do. It was Ben's hallucinations with Ciara as they seemed the same as the ones Ciara just had dreaming about Ben.

Jack: I'm enjoying John's brain-damage induced personality change. It's still somewhat of a doppelganger story, but at least it's realistic (for the moment), and he and Marlena had some good moments.

I was glad Allie walked through the door in time to stop Sami, too.

Least favorite: Philip vs. Xander was stupid and annoying, and Ben's fantasies were a big waste of time.

Christine: It wasn't a great week. I like seeing Xander and Philip get screen time, but I wish they had a better story.

The complications from John's aneurysm has potential, and I did somewhat enjoy Claire meeting Jan.

But enough with the Ben and Ciara fantasies. They are repetitive time wasters.

Also, how could Hope believe her daughter was dead without a big of evidence? You'd think that as a detective and a mother, and someone who has grown up in Salem, she'd demand to see some sort of proof before believing anything.

Dreaming of the Future/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Hey, TV Fanatics! What did you think of the Cin dream/fantasy scenes?

Don't forget to hit that Big, Blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to answer our round table questions. And then check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic. 

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