Emily in Paris Review: Lily Collins Shines in Darren Star's Surefire Hit

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Making a TV show funny is no easy feat, but if Darren Star has taught us anything, it's that he can deliver humor in almost any scenario. 

His latest series, Emily in Paris, has had a long road to the screen. It started its life as a Paramount Network original but was left on the back burner for some time. 

It was recently announced that Netflix would be its home around the globe, and it's likely to be a standout on their lineup. 


Emily in Paris is way off brand for the cabler, and it would have struggled to find much of an audience on a network filled with older-skewing shows. 

On Emily in Paris, Lily Collins plays Emily Cooper, a young woman who is given a gift that she'll never forget: A high-stakes job in the wonderful city of Paris.

Emily in Paris Poster

It's an unexpected job opportunity, for sure, but Emily is a young woman who is not only career-driven but also charming as hell. 

Her role in Paris is with a French marketing firm, and although she's tasked with bringing an American point of view to the company, she faces an uphill battle from the get-go. 

Admittedly, the issues stem from her inability to speak French. You may be wondering what Emily is thinking by moving head-first into a coveted job when she doesn't speak the native tongue. 

Although it puts her at an immediate disadvantage, it lights a fire under her to prove her worth, and Lily Collins delivers an electric performance as Emily. 

Emily Gets Close to Her Neighbor - Emily in Paris

As I mentioned earlier, Darren Star knows a lot about injecting a fine dose of humor into his works of fiction, and Emily in Paris may be his best work to date. 

There are meaningful storylines to be found, and coupled with the laughs, it makes the series well worth a watch and when you're done, a rewatch

Tonally, the series feels like it could be set in the same universe as Younger. I could imagine Emily having to work with the likes of Liza and Kelsey on the launch of a book, for instance. 

Maybe that's wishful thinking, but if you like Younger, Emily in Paris will fill that Younger-shaped hole in your heart while the latter series adjusts to filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Emily and a Chef - Emily in Paris

Collins turns in a convincing role as Emily, who is navigating a life she didn't think she would ever live, and, boy, there's a lot of conflict. 

As you can probably expect, her coworkers are not too fond of her addition, especially given that she's been hired to inject an American perspective on the French marketing world. 

Emily in Paris might sound like an average show, but the series manages to get everything right from the launch. 

You would think the workplace rivalry with those who do not want her there would feel stale because, let's face it, it's been done to death on other shows and even in movies. 

Emily Meets a Friend - Emily in Paris

But the writing is so fresh here that people will come away feeling like they've followed the characters on a journey they could not have predicted. 

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is on board as Emily's boss, and she reminded me of Blair's mother from Gossip Girl. That's a hefty compliment, especially since I had to check they were not the same actress. 

Speaking of Gossip Girl, there's a lot about Emily In Paris for fans of that series to enjoy. A later episode even touches on some of the plots of the former CW drama. 

Emily in Paris also tackles some sensitive topics, but it does so in a way that feels natural and not as if they are just nestled into the narrative to tick a box. 

Emily's Boss - Emily in Paris

The ten-episode first season of Emily in Paris whizzes by very fast. It's a delight from start to finish, and it is the perfect TV series for our uncertain times. 

From the beautiful Parisian skyline to Emily's infectious laughter as she comes to terms with her new life, there's a lot to love about the series. 

Take some time out of your day and binge because it's going to be a TV show you'll want to watch straight through after watching the first few scenes. 

I've barely scratched the surface because I do not want to spoil any of the fun for you. 

A Disaster at Work - Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris launches on Netflix globally on Friday, October 2. 

TV Fanatic will have episodic reviews the weekend the series debuts, so return if you want to be a part of the conversation. 

Have a look at the full trailer for Emily in Paris Season 1. 


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