These TV Characters Need a Decent Love Interest

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Like it or not, shipping has become a huge part of television. Almost everyone on every show has one or more relationships you can't help but root for.

However, there are some characters whose romances always fall flat. And, if they don't, they never seem to be for the long run. 

We put together a list of TV characters who need to find themselves a decent love interest.

Evan Buckley - 9-1-1


Buck's relationship with Abby was an odd one, and, while they weren't the worst couple out there, they definitely weren't the best. After Abby left the show, Buck's love life was put on the backburner, and no matter who he was paired with, Buck didn't have chemistry with any of them. 

It's come to the point where we hope that the 9-1-1 will stop giving Buck love interests. Period. 

The internet has taken a liking to the Buck/Eddie pairing, even though the show hasn't explicitly gone down that road. But, it is interesting that Buck and Eddie only ever seem to have romantic chemistry with each other. It makes it hard to root for them with anyone else. 

Isobel Evans - Roswell, New Mexico


When we were first introduced to Isobel, she was happily married to Noah Bracken. But when Noah turned out to be an evil alien in disguise, Max killed him to protect his family. Not only did Isobel have to mourn the death of her husband, but she had to come to terms with her husband never actually loving her.

During a few occasions on Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 the show hinted at some romantic possibilities for Isobel, and there was even a fleeting moment where it seemed as if Kyle could be a match for her.

On top of that, Isobel realized that she's bisexual, which opens up more opportunities for potential love interests. At this point, we just hope that Isobel can find someone who treats her right. 

Ace - Nancy Drew


Does anyone else see incredible potential between Ace and Nancy? Or is it just me?

Ace started the show with a crush on Bess, but that relationship quickly evolved into a strong platonic friendship. Now that it's been established the two are best friends and nothing more, it begs the question of what Ace's romantic future could look like. 

Ace did temporarily rekindle a flame with Laura, Tiffany Hudson's sister, but it was another fleeting romance that didn't go anywhere in the long run. No matter who ends up with who, Ace and Nancy would definitely be a fun pairing to play with. 

Lauren Bloom - New Amsterdam


It's easy to forget that Bloom was once head over heels for Reynolds, but we're happy that was a relationship the show chose not to pursue any further.

Since then, Bloom's love interests have been anything other than exciting. It's hard to root for Bloom to be with anyone because the series doesn't seem to care about her romantic life. 

Of course, Bloom doesn't need to be in a relationship to be a solid character, but if New Amsterdam is going to continue to give her love interests, we hope that they'll finally stumble upon a good one.  

Ella Lopez - Lucifer

ella lopez

Ella might go down as the character with the worst love interests in history. She had a short fling with Dan after Charlotte died, and later had a few love interests that never amounted to anything serious. 

The worst part was that Ella finally seemed to find someone who was perfect for her, but he turned out to be a serial killer. It just doesn't get any worse than that. 

Please let Ella Lopez find someone who treats her like the queen she is. We're begging at this point!

Dean Winchester - Supernatural


The Winchesters never had much luck in the romance department. A lot of it was due to the fact that all of their potential love interests were killed off. Thankfully, Sam found Eileen, and while they're not together at the moment, we have our fingers crossed that they'll find their way back to each other. 

Dean, however, seems to be out of luck. Merely seconds after Castiel's groundbreaking declaration of love to him on Supernatural Season 5 Episode 18, Castiel was taken by the Empty.

Will Dean and Castiel reunite in the series finale? And does Dean feel the same way? We can't help but hold out hope. No matter what happens, Dean Winchester deserves to be happy and in love. 

Josh - Younger


Josh may be the other point in the show's love triangle, but it's time to come right out and say it. Josh deserves better than Liza. 

He put his all into their relationship, and no matter how many times she lied to him, he always forgave her. Not to mention that Josh went over to Liza's to propose and found her kissing her boss. 

At the end of the day, we want Josh to be happy above all else. But we can't help but hold out hope that Josh will find someone who makes him happy and treats him well.

Kara Danvers - Supergirl


Back in the early seasons of Supergirl, it was easy to pair Kara off with someone. Whether you liked her with James, Mon-El, or even Lena, there was no shortage of characters to ship her with. 

But now that her relationship with James has fizzled out, Mon-El left the planet, and Lena and Kara have been through quite a few rough patches, it seems like there's no one left for Kara, at all. 

Rather than giving her pointless love interests that aren't going to go anywhere, we're hoping that Supergirl will bring Mon-El back for the series finale. The actors are married in real life, so anything's possible. 

Jo Wilson - Grey's Anatomy 


Jo wouldn't be on this list if it weren't for the events of Grey's Anatomy Season 16. But, sadly, Alex Karev left his wife to go be with his former flame, Izzy, and their kids. 

Now the show doesn't seem to care about giving her a decent love interest, as they were quick to start something between her and Jackson. Does anyone else think that's a little weird?

No matter who Jo ends up with, or, if she doesn't end up with anyone, she deserves to be happy. This is an official petition for Grey's to do right by her rather than throwing her into a random relationship for the hell of it. 

Allison Hargreeves - The Umbrella Academy

allison hargreeves

The incest storyline doesn't sit right with most fans of The Umbrella Academy. Even though Allison and Luther aren't technically related, they all grew up together, share the same last name, and refer to each other as brother and sister. 

Allison hasn't had any impactful love interests besides Luther, which makes us believe that's a story they're eventually going to go back to. 

We've got our fingers crossed that the series will realize just how weird this romance is, and pair Allison with someone she doesn't call her brother. 

It's your turn, TV Fanatics!

What characters do you think need better love interests? Do you agree with our picks?

Hit the comments section down below and let us know! 

Rachel Foertsch is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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