These TV Couples Were Set Up to Succeed, But Failed Miserably

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Do you ever find yourself wondering why you don't ship a couple?

You love both the characters, the story is well-written, but for some reason, you're still not feeling it. 

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Sometimes it's due to a lack of chemistry between the actors. In other instances, it's due to an unnecessary turn of events. And once in a while, you simply can't put your finger on it. 

Check out our list of 13 relationships who were given all the tools needed for success, yet ended up as failures.

1. Hughie and Annie - The Boys

Hughie losing his girlfriend to a Supe made him blind with rage, but Annie helped him see clearly again. He started off by playing her for information, but Annie changed the way he saw the world. We were rooting for them since their first meeting, but when they were together, even if it was only for one episode, it wasn't as satisfying as we'd imagined.

2. Charles and Liza - Younger

If you weren't on Team Josh, you were spending each season rooting for Liza and Charles to get together. Unfortunately, many people who liked the pairing ended up disliking their relationship. They were built up to be magnificent, yet as a couple, they faded into the background.

3. Dex and Grey - Stumptown

Love triangles have a tendency to ruin even the most beautiful ships. Dex and Grey could've followed the best friends to lovers trope and quietly pined for each other for seasons. But things got messy fast, as they often do with more than one love interest, and it made the whole show go downhill.

4. Beth and Rio - Good Girls

Beth and Rio's relationship immediately stole the hearts of fans. There's something about enemies to lovers that always hits different. However, in a turn of events, Good Girls took the enemies aspect too far. While the series was originally telling the story of two very different people slowly falling for each other, it became about two people who loved to watch the other suffer. Talk about wasted potential.

5. Nancy and Nick - Nancy Drew

Nancy and Nick appeared as if they were going to be the ship of the show. Even after breaking up, we were always confident that they would find their way back to each other. The chemistry is there, the story is there, but their personalities are simply too different. It clearly wasn't a curveball the writers expected, but Nick and Nancy don't fit together as they should.

6. Stefan and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan's broodiness and Caroline's bubbliness made them opposites, yet they were the same at heart. They gradually went from strangers to best friends to lovers. So what was the problem? The honest answer is that Klaus and Caroline's phone call had more chemistry than Steroline's wedding. You can have the perfect build-up, but sometimes, love can't be forced.

7. Brooke and Lucas - One Tree Hill

There's many theories as to why Brooke and Lucas didn't end up together, most of them revolving around behind the scenes drama. As said in interviews and as seen clearly on the show, Brooke and Lucas were supposed to be the show's endgame. However, after the show's third season, they were destroyed out of the blue. We'll always wonder why such an incredible couple turned into such a horrendous failure.

8. Murphy and Emori - The 100

The moment Emori was introduced, fans jumped on board this ship. Murphy hadn't had a love interest up until now, and there was something about them that seemed to fit. They were great for the first few seasons, and unlike most couples, they didn't get boring. But the six-year time jump didn't only affect the ships that were kept apart. The audience lost 95% of their time together, and they, in turn, lost their magic.

9. Devon and Priya - The Resident

It's rare for a character to stick with the same person for the entirety of their show. However, when done correctly, it can be a beautiful thing. Devon and Priya were headed down that road, and Priya never offered Devon anything other than her complete support. The cheating that occurred felt out of character, and it ruined a love story that could have been groundbreaking.

10. Michael and Maria - Roswell, New Mexico

When it comes to love triangles, usually viewers can get a good idea of who has the upper hand. Surprisingly enough, it appeared to be Michael and Maria. Their relationship was strong and healthy, and Michael continued to choose Maria over and over again. However, a breakup out of nowhere changed the game completely. It's a bit confusing why they were written so well, and ended so abruptly.

11. Ryn, Maddie, and Ben - Siren

Polyamorous relationships aren't something that's shown very often on TV. However, Siren managed to do it and do it well. This beautiful trio made the show worth watching, but now that Maddie's been sidelined and Ben and Ryn are hyper-focused on each other, the relationship has lost its appeal.

12. Nolan and Jessica - The Rookie

The Rookie destroyed Nolan and Jessica's relationship for no reason. Jessica was the only love interest we were actually rooting for Nolan to be with, so it makes little sense that they traded her out for Grace almost immediately. The potential was there, so why did the writers give them a crash landing?

13. Alex and Jo - Grey's Anatomy

Alex and Joe were an incredible couple with a long history. However, since Justin Chambers decided to leave the show, the writers had to find a way to get rid of his character. They decided to destroy one of the best relationships on the series, by having Alex leave Jo to be with Izzie and his kids. This couple went from perfect to tragic with one unforgettable letter.

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