Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Killed Charlie Dale?

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Charlie Dale was murdered, and there's a long list of suspects!

Our TV Fanatics Jack and Christine are joined by DoolFan4Life and Stephanie from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to hash out who is the guilty party, which couples and potential couples are their favorites, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Out of the LONG list of suspects, who do you think killed Charlie?

DoolFan4Life: I don't know, I feel like Ava or someone in the mob on her behalf, the thing is that it could literally be anyone, and I want whoever it is to get away with it...unless it's Ava (she can go to prison offscreen).

I think Sami went there intending to do it, and someone beat her to it, it just seems too easy for it to be her.

Stephanie: Even though she probably didn't do it since it would be too obvious, Sami is still my number one choice. For what other reason would she randomly be in Charlie's bathroom washing her hands when Rafe showed up to investigate?

And then there was that flashback at the end of Friday's show. In any case, I would like for her to be the guilty party since doing it for Allie will most likely bring them closer as mother and daughter.

Sami Acts Fast - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I'm hoping Days of Our Lives surprises me for once. But from the way Sami is acting, my guess is she's covering for someone. They are trying too hard to make it look like Allie has no reaction to the news of Charlie's death, so I'm leaning toward Sami covering for Lucas.

We haven't seen him since he ranted at Charlie in the Square, he's been volatile lately, and this would be a perfect vehicle for a Lucas/Sami reunion.

But if they really want to go for a twist, it could turn out that Lucas was there covering for Kate when Sami decided to cover for Lucas. LOL.

Christine: I don't think Sami did it. I believe she likely went there to murder Charlie but saw Allie leaving (I don't think Allie did it either) and decided to clean up the crime scene to cover for her daughter.

My guess is that it's Ava's cousin, Angelo. I don't think Ava would actually pull the trigger on her own son, but Angelo could be upset that Charlie tried to kill Ava. You don't go after your own mother and not pay the consequences.

One Last Argument - Days of Our Lives

Sami's back! Are you happy she's returned to Salem?

DoolFan4Life: Yes, I love Sami, and I think she brings a lot more spunk to the show. The current writers are killing me with some of the storylines and how stupid they are, so I welcome Sami. Alison Sweeney can make any story great.

Stephanie: This time, I am glad that Sami is back. She and Allie had a really emotional heart-to-heart conversation on Christmas, and I've been waiting for her to come back and be there for her daughter in person.

Sami fully understands what Allie has been going through all these months, and I think that understanding has created a turning point in Allie and Sami's relationship.

Jack: Yes and no. I like Sami when she's written properly, with equal parts controlling/crazy and empathetic family member. But her last few returns have been all about the crazy, and I don't enjoy that.

Also, I hope she and Lucas get back together. They've always been one of my favorite couples, and if they rekindle that old flame, her return will be worth it.

Christine: Yes! For as crazy and sometimes annoying as she can be, there's just something about Sami I've always loved. I just wish she could have come face-to-face with Charlie because that could have been fun.

But Sami and Allie need some serious mother/daughter time with Allie, and I hope we get that with this visit.

Susan Panics/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Kristen tell Brady she's switched places with Susan in order to be there as he recovers or keep it a secret even from him?

DoolFan4Life: I think she should, and the fact that she won't will probably backfire. It's a disaster waiting to happen. I don't want to see Chloe caught in the crossfire, and I definitely don't want to see it push Brady and Chloe together.

Stephanie: I think Kristen should tell Brady sooner rather than later. Since she is obviously being driven crazy by Chloe caring for him, she will slip up sooner or later and do something that will blow her cover because she always does in situations like this one.

Doing that will be worse than just telling Brady the truth from the start so that she can care for him in secret, and he can tell Chloe to back off a little.

Vivian Makes a Deal/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Ugh. My only opinion on this is that Kristen should unswitch ASAP. I don't like these doppelganger stories, we have too many of them, and this has to be the fifth time at least that Kristen and Susan have switched places.

But I guess if we're stuck with this stupidity, Kristen should tell Brady. That at least would be something different, and his reaction would be interesting.

Christine: Yes! Why go through all of this if she can't actually be with Brady as herself. Yes, she'd have to hide from everyone else, but I can't see Brady turning her in.

That way, Brady can tell Chloe to back off, and he and Kristen can have some time together; otherwise, this is all a waste.

A Surprising Reunion - Days of Our Lives

Is Ciara being smart about the way she's handling Evan?

DoolFan4Life: Ciara, the same girl who is madly in love with a serial killer? Smart? I don't think Ciara and smart belong in the same sentence.

I'll kind of give her a pass as she's been in a glass box for god knows how long, so I suppose logic is long gone, but I also feel I'd be giving her more credit than she deserves assuming she ever had half a brain.

It's sad how she's been written because I expected a better character for Bo and Hope's daughter.

Stephanie: I think Ciara is being an idiot in the way she is handling Evan. He has complete power over her, and she is not acknowledging that. Instead, she is taunting him and throwing her food at him.

Apparently, she hasn't realized that he could starve her or kill her if he gets sick of her being bratty and whiny.

Evan's Deadly Plans/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: No, but nothing is smart about Ciara or this storyline right now. What Ciara SHOULD do is pretend she empathizes with Evan and that she's remorseful for having sent him to jail so that he lets his guard down and she has a chance of escaping.

But instead, we have this ridiculous excuse for a kidnapping story, complete with banter between Ciara and her captor of the week.

Christine: Ugh. I hate this story. At least when she was insulting Rhodes, she knew he was being paid to put up with it. Evan has no reason not to torture or kill her, and he'd enjoy doing it, so why is she being such a brat and taunting him to do it?

And when she threw the food at the glass wall, how did that hurt Evan? She's not going to eat, and Evan's not about to help her clean it up so eventually it's going to smell. Eww. 

An Awkward Encounter/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Who is your favorite couple on the show right now?

DoolFan4Life: I'm a long-time Stayla fan. I can't get enough of Patch and Kayla and will take any romance scenes from them I can get.

I also enjoy Xander and Sarah. They really have great chemistry, and I loved their dual proposal. It was so sweet.

Stephanie: My favorite couple is Sarah and Xander. Unlike a lot of the newer couples on the show, their relationship developed over time instead of just instantly happening. They are also fun to watch together.

I really liked when they were working together to find out who Philip's accomplice was, and their double proposal on Valentine's Day was funny and endearing to watch.

Xander Proposes to Sarah/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Do Doug and Julie count? I always have a soft spot for them. I also love Steve/Kayla and Jack/Jennifer.

Sadly, there are no newer couples that pique my interest at all.

Christine: Sarah and Xander have become my favorite couple. I love their banter and playfulness. It's great that the show took the time to develop the relationship instead of throwing them together right away.

I'm hoping they have staying power because they are a lot of fun to watch.

Tripp Wants to Help - Days of Our Lives

Who is your favorite potential couple (they aren't officially together you but you hope they will be soon)?

DoolFan4Life: I'm still hoping for a Philip and Chloe pairing. I think the actors have great chemistry, and I'd love to see them try now that Victor got the mob off his back.

Stephanie: My favorite potential couple is Allie and Tripp. They seem to have chemistry, and Tripp has continued to be just as respectful and kind to Allie as he was on the night they first met.

Allie apologized to him for ruining his life the minute she realized that she wrongly accused him, and she continues to have remorse about it.

Now that they have worked through the ugliness surrounding Allie's rape and Tripp is interested in helping out with Henry, I think it won't be too long before they start developing feelings for each other. And I hope they do because they both deserve to have a relationship with someone good and decent.

Jack: I would love to see them ditch this Ben/Ciara story and let Ben give Claire a try. I think they have way more chemistry. S

imilarly, I wish Lani would admit she has feelings for Kristen. I'd LOVE to see them together romantically (and Abe's head explode as a result, LOL)

Rafe Comforts Nicole/Tall - Days of Our Lives

But the one couple that is drifting together that excites me is Rafe/Nicole. I've shipped this couple for years, write about them in fanfiction, and am thrilled they seem to be headed toward romance. Just please, let's not have any triangles involving Ava or a newly-returned Eric!

Christine: I think Tripp and Allie will make a really cute couple, but I hope the show takes its time building that relationship; I don't want to see it rushed.

Ever since Philip came back, I've been hoping they'd pair him with Chloe. These two have so much history, and I'd love to see a romance finally work out for them.

Rafe and Nicole have always been on my radar, but the show has never gone there. Finally, it feels like they may be heading in that direction, and I'm almost afraid to get my hopes up for it because they've got to ditch Eric for it to happen.

Surprising News/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite and least favorite scene or storyline from Days of Our Lives this week?

DoolFan4Life: Least favorite would be anything to do with Gwen/ Gabi/ Jake or anyone in that messed up storyline. I even hated the setup for Gabi and Philip to scheme her way to make Jake jealous because it made a story I didn't care about into one that just irked me.

I'm also tired of Ben and Ciara because that story is just so lame.

As for the best story, I guess I'm enjoying The Who Done It set up so far. I'm disappointed Charlie is dead because the actor had a lot of potential, but I also remember it's Salem, so he might only be "river dead," so who knows.

I thought the way Charlie taunted everyone in town and their reactions were so well played out, and I actually don't mind who the killer ends up being as they did the world a favor.

I'm mostly enjoying that Sami will be back to raise a little hell along the way.

Charlie Flips Out/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Stephanie: My favorite scene this week was Claire trying to get a confession out of Charlie so that she could help Allie get justice. Even though it didn't work out, I was glad to see her being so loyal to Allie instead of falling for Charlie's lies.

It is refreshing to see such a strong friendship between two female characters after years of watching characters like Gabi and Abigail, and Ciara and Claire compete and continually try to tear each other down.

My least favorite scenes this week were the ones involving Kristen, Susan, Brady, and Chloe. Kristen and Susan switching places is ridiculous since it is so obvious that they did, and no one has fully picked up on it.

And Brady and Chloe are just playing with fire. They know Kristen doesn't like them being so close, and they are continuing to do it anyway. It is annoying and predictable.

Chloe Feels a Pull/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I'm surprised that the murder mystery is catching so much of my attention. Usually, these types of stories are predictable and annoying, but this one leaves me wanting more, even though the setup was silly.

Charlie just wandered around town collecting death threats before he was killed!

Least favorite: This Ben/Ciara nonsense needs to go. It's a ridiculous story that makes me tempted to hit the fast-forward button every time.

Christine: I'm so tired of Gabi running around town in skin-tight dresses trying to make Jake jealous. I like it even less now that she's dragged Philip into her scheme.

And why is Ciara still locked in the glass box? They're dragging this out way too long, and it's boring. Set Ciara free already!

And watching Chloe fawn all over Brady makes me cringe.

John Threatens Charlie/Tall - Days of Our Lives

But I love everything surrounding Charlie's murder. Steve and Tripp, John losing his cool, Belle jumping to Claire's defense, Allie, Ava, there isn't one thing about this plot that has disappointed me so far.

Add Sami to the mix, and it can only get more entertaining.

Your turn, TV Fanatics!

  • Who is your favorite couple?
  • Which potential couple has you rooting for them?
  • Are you thrilled Sami's back or can't wait until she's gone?

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