Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 2-15-21: All's Fair in Love and War

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Life goes on.

As Salem reels from the news about Laura's death, the Hortons prepare for her funeral.

And judging from the spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 2-15-21, the drama over this is just beginning.

Spoilers Week of 2-15-21 - Days of Our Lives

Sadly, it doesn't appear that much of Laura's huge extended family is coming home for the funeral.

I'm annoyed, but not surprised, that JJ will not be there. Days of Our Lives views him as expendable and never includes him in Horton family events.

Also missing, of course, are people like Jennifer's older brother Mike and his family, and if there were ever a time for Hope to return, it would be to support her favorite cousin and mourn her late aunt.

But thanks to budget cuts, COVID restrictions, and a simple lack of awareness of how many people Laura was actually related to, Days of Our Lives is planning a small funeral.

According to spoilers, the biggest drama will come from Abigail getting into a fight with Gwen at the cemetery. I miss the days when funerals were about mourning the dead instead of side dramas!

The spoiler video also includes clips of a few romantic scenes.

It's probably not a surprise to anyone that Chloe asks Brady if he wants her to be his Valentine. Also, Xander proposes to Sarah, who responds by asking if he wants cake.

That has to be the silliest response to a marriage proposal in Days of Our Lives' 54-year history. But it's par for the course for goofball Sarah.

And if none of this is your cup of tea, there's some more movement on the Ben/Ciara front and a confrontation between Lucas and Charlie.

Check out the 11 Days of Our Lives spoiler photos below for all the scoop!

Ben Gets a Message - Days of Our Lives

Ciara gets a message to Ben!

Ciara's captor leaving his cell phone behind after tormenting Ciara makes as much sense as anything else in this story, I guess.

At least there will finally be confirmation that Ciara is alive so Ben can stop thinking he's crazy and the rest of Salem can stop mourning.

It would be nice if someone called Hope since she's off looking for Ciara elsewhere, though.

But instead, Ben will likely take off in search of his lady love, possibly with Claire at his side to keep him calm.

Lucas And Allie's Run-In - Days of Our Lives

Lucas and Allie have a run-in with Charlie.

Considering that Lucas and Allie both made serious threats against Tripp's ability to father any more children when they thought he was Allie's rapist, Charlie better turn and run the other way.

His claim that Allie wanted to have sex with him won't score him any points. (It would be nice if anyone pointed out that Allie was unable to consent in her drunken state, but I won't hold my breath.)

The only question here is how Claire will feel if she witnesses any part of this confrontation.

Chloe Feels a Pull - Days of Our Lives

Chloe feels a pull towards Brady.

Of course, she does.

Everyone but Chloe has picked up on her attraction toward him, so it was only a matter of time.

Kristen will go nuts when she finds out about this Valentine's Day card that Brady will insist was innocent and platonic, and Philip may hatch a plan of his own to win back his ex.

But there are no real surprises here whatsoever.

Vivian and Kristen Reunite - Days of Our Lives

Vivian and Kristen reunite in prison.

Just what we need. Two crazy divas plotting together... or against each other.

Of course, Kristen's plans include switching places with lookalike Susan, and Vivian has no doppelganger to do that for her.

I hope someone tells Vivian about Laura's death while she's locked up, though. Laura and Vivian once joined forces to escape a mental institution together, so Vivian should have some sort of reaction.

Xander Proposes to Sarah - Days of Our Lives

Xander proposes to Sarah!

Remember when proposals came at the end of a carefully built-up relationship and were super romantic payoff for viewers' patience?

Yeah, that's not this.

Sarah already broke an engagement to Xander once.

And lately, their relationship has consisted of Sarah whining that Xander is paying attention to something other than her. This is not exactly the romance of the century.

Gabi's New Pitch - Days of Our LIves

Gabi makes a pitch to Philip.

After getting rejected by Jake, Gabi has been running all over town trying to make him jealous get someone to help her with Gabi Chic.

Now that Philip is the sole CEO and has Victor's blessing to run the company into the ground if he so chooses, I'm interested in his reaction to this.

I doubt Philip will go for Gabi romantically, but business-wise he might give her a try.

Will Victor's head finally explode, or will he be glad that Gabi at least keeps Philip away from Chloe?

Jake Questions Gwen's Honesty - Days of Our Lives

Jake questions whether Gwen is telling the truth.

Jake knows Gwen better than anyone. Trying to cover up her role in Laura's death isn't going to fly with him.

I'm not sure where this is going, though. Jake is with Kate, yet he keeps running into a totally-not-interested Abigail and doing things that help her.

And with Gabi in town, that won't go over well at all.

What's the end game here, other than a ton of drama involving four women?

Fight at the Cemetery - Days of Our Lives

Abigail and Gwen get into a fight at the cemetery.

I'm sure that's what Laura would have wanted at her funeral.

Abigail already got out of trouble for allegedly hitting Gwen once. Do we really need to do it again?

As for Gwen, there is no real reason for her to be at the funeral. Her only connection to Laura is that Laura interfered with her getting to know Jack when she was a child.

Ben's New Lead - Days of Our Lives

Clyde gives Ben a lead regarding Ciara.

I'm not sure what Clyde has to do with any of this.

He knows people in prison, but has he run into Vincent?

I always enjoy James Read, though. He's one of DAYS' best actors, and he's made Clyde into a compelling villain.

A Surprising Reunion - Days of Our Lives

Ciara has a surprising reunion.

Ciara's surprising reunion comes on the heels of Clyde and Ben's meeting, so the two are probably related somehow.

Spoilers say that Orpheus' son, Christian, is returning for some reason.

Ciara was the one who put Christian in prison for his role in Adrienne's death, so he'd have an ax to grind with her.

And Orpheus is a supervillain who would do anything for his kids. It's logical that he would have a role to play in this.

Claire Takes Action - Days of Our Lives

Claire takes action after learning from Belle that Charlie could get away with his crimes.

It sounds like we're in for more vigilante justice.

That's par for the course in Salem, but since a murder mystery is in our near future, I'm wondering if Charlie will be killed and Claire will be one of the many suspects.

Claire has worked hard to turn her life around, and I'd hate for her to be accused of another murder. But I have a feeling that's where this is going.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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