Days of Our Lives Round Table: Abigail's Really Lame Plan

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Abigail dragged Gabi into her plot for revenge, Anna stumbled upon Gwen tied up in the tunnels, Ciara continued to be locked in a box, and Xander got his kilt adjusted on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Meemz and Monica from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abigail giving Jack an ultimatum, Chloe's new obsession with Brady, double dating with Bonnie, and the lack of murder mystery this week in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What is more sad? That Abigail is so obsessed with revenge or that she can't do it on her own without Gabi's help?

Meemz: Neither are sad! Abby is probably the only one thinking straight in that family. I'm not sure why Jack and Jenn are so cool about all that Gwen has done.

Abby probably needed Gabi because first, Gabi has the skills, and second, Abby needs the company.

With everyone accepting Gwen, she can be feeling like the outsider in this story. Plus, Gabi is not a saint, so no judgment between them, and she has some motive to hate Gwen, too.

Jack: Definitely that she is so obsessed with revenge. What is with the current writing team turning former good girls into evil revenge-seekers who are totally obnoxious?

Abigail not only is obsessed with revenge, but she seems to be turning into Gabi 2.0. Please tell me we are not seeing the re-emergence of Gabby with a Y.

Fight at the Cemetery - Days of Our Lives

Monica: I don't understand why Abigail can't make and execute a plan by herself. Why involve your arch-rival in a plan and risk exposure?

Abby did just fine in breaking out of Shady Hills and faking her own death, and she should be able to exact revenge on Gwen without help.

And don't get me started on the hair-brained plan to put Gwen in the laundry cart and wheel it across the town square!

Christine: It's all sad! First, we've got yet another revenge plot. Can't this writing team come up with any different story ideas?

Then not only does Abigail feel she's too inept to do it herself, but she insults Gabi when she asks for her help…and Gabi still agrees to help her!

Finally, it's just a lame plan, what there is of it. No taped confession is going to be worth anything because they kidnapped and threatened Gwen to get it. Gwen can easily say she lied just to save herself.

I'm not sure why, but I expected better from Abigail, and I'm really disappointed in her.

Jack Conveys The Truth/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Abigail told Jack he had to choose between her and Gwen. React!

Meemz: Jack is crazy to think that Abby can easily accept Gwen into her life. I know it's Salem but come on ... they are not that desensitized yet.

I don't think Abby's emotions are misplaced, especially after everything. Gwen should not be anywhere near them for a long while. The woman is not even remorseful.

Laura's death is on Gwen's hands as she played a role in it. She ruined Abby's marriage and so much more. Abby paid for Jack's mistake, so yes, he should choose.

Jack: During this scene, all I could think of is how JJ said the exact same thing to Jennifer once about Daniel. Only JJ was a character that I could empathize with. Abigail was just ridiculous.

I don't like Jack minimizing Laura's death and ignoring Gwen's role in that BUT I think it is easy to understand that he wants to be there for both his daughters.

Old Wounds Are Reopened/Tall - Days of Our Lives

There is no reason that Abigail can't just say that she gets that but that she wants nothing to do with Gwen, so he'll have to have separate relationships with them.

Monica: Poor Jack -- that's just cruel. True, Gwen did really terrible things to the whole family, but Jack is just trying to be a good father. It puts him in an untenable situation.

Christine: I feel horrible for Jack. Laura took his daughter away from him, then Gwen tortures his family thinking he abandoned her, and now Abigail is acting like a spoiled brat and telling him he can only have one daughter.

Jack wasn't asking Abby to forgive Gwen. As a matter of fact, he was specifically asking her to steer clear of Gwen so as not to make herself crazy.

It bugs me that Abby forgives Laura for everything but has no empathy for her father, who was handed a mess he didn't make and is just trying to do the right thing.

Anna's Marital Advice/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Anna has found Gwen. Will she set her free or help Abigail in her plot for revenge?

Meemz: Anna will definitely help. She was the one that opened Abby's eyes to Gwen's plans, and she does not like Gwen. I certainly would want Anna to be involved as she is a joy to watch.

Jack: I'm not sure what Anna will do. She hates Gwen, so I'm leaning toward her helping, but I guess we'll see.

Monica: I think Anna will help Abigail. There's certainly no love lost between Gwen and Anna, and Anna always seems up for a sneaky challenge!

Christine: Anna will likely help Abigail, but another person being dragged into this mess doesn't bode well for anyone involved.

Bonnie Talks to Justin - Days of Our Lives

Should Bonnie, Justin, Kayla, and Steve go on a double date?

Meemz: Well, if they do, I would not watch because nothing about this makes sense. Not an interesting quad, maybe if they spice the story up.

Jack: Noooooo! That scene of Steve being forced to apologize for having boundaries was bad enough. Justin and Bonnie can take their romance off-screen, thank you.

Monica: Ugh, no, although Bonnie is beginning to grow on me, well, just a little bit. She seems sincere in wanting to be a better person.

Call me crazy, but I'm still holding out a very small hope that she's really Adrienne somehow. Maybe Rolf's box o' drugs will bring her back??

Christine: No! Steve was civil with Bonnie, and that's enough. He shouldn't have to like the woman who actively tried to ruin his sister's life.

Also, it feels too soon for Kayla to be double dating with her husband and the man who was almost her husband only a year ago.

A Surprising Reunion - Days of Our Lives

Ciara has been locked in a glass box for months. Do you consider her a spunky heroine, an annoying brat, or something in between?

Meemz: I don't enjoy Cin, and I don't like Ben or Ciara. I find her annoying and unrelatable. I can't wait for this silly story to end.

Let Ben find her, and they can leave Salem together. Both add nothing to Salem other than forced romance.

What do they feed her that she is sleeping most of the time and dreaming of Ben?! Awful story.

Jack: She's a brat trying to be a spunky heroine. Little Ciara was spunky. Big Ciara is just spoiled, and her arguments with her captor of the week are a waste of screen time.

Evan's Deadly Plans/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Monica: This storyline is getting pretty tired. While I thought the Romeo and Juliet dream was fun for a day, the continuing psychic connection between Ben and Ciara has been going on my nerves.

Let's hope that Orpheus's cell phone will help Ben and the police find Ciara.

Ever notice the lack of security at Statesville? Inmates can make calls on their smuggled cell phones, pass contraband to visitors, heck, they can exchange clothes with a doppelgänger to escape! I guess there wasn't any money in the budget for security cameras.

Christine: This story has dragged on far too long and it's a bad sign that Clyde has become my favorite character in it. 

Ciara was annoying with Rhodes, but she's just a brat with Evan, which is dumb because he'd prefer to make her suffer or actually kill her!

Her insistence that Ben will come and save her is eye-roll worthy. Bo and Hope's daughter should be a smart, spunky heroine, but that's not the character we have, and it's disappointing.

Kiss and Tell/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Chloe's life is in danger the more time she spends with Brady?

Meemz: Well, our sanity is in danger the longer we are subjected to this flat line of a triangle "Kristen/Brady/Chloe."

Chloe will hurt herself. She is selfish by intentionally seeking Brady, and Brady is being, well, Brady. He simply can't be faithful, it seems.

I really don't want to see them take Kristen so far off into crazy after all she's done to redeem herself and be accepted as Brady's love and mother of his child. Chloe deserves a warning from Kristen, but I don't believe Kristen will hurt Chloe.

Chloe Questions "Susan"/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Since Kristen is masquerading as Susan, probably. It would help if Chloe or Brady figured out that Kristen is in disguise again since she is very obvious about it.

Monica: Probably. Kristen's jealousy is really out of control. I can't imagine what Kristin's plan is -- get rid of Chloe and then go back to prison and change places with Susan again?

Christine: At first, I thought Kristen was overreacting to Chloe wanting to help Brady, but it's clear she was right. Chloe has feelings for Brady and won't back off.

I've enjoyed Kristen's redemption arc for what it's been, but she's still Kristen! You'd think Chloe would learn something after Kate poisoned her brownies, but it doesn't look like it, and Kristen is far more dangerous than Kate!

Chloe Feels a Pull/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your biggest disappointment this week in Salem?

Meemz: Chloe, I love Chloe, and I hate seeing her taken in such a direction. If they gave us a back story or time to believe that Chloe and Brady connected again and feelings grew, then one would rationalize Chloe's disregard of Brady's relationship.

This shift in her interest is sudden and very manufactured so that she is looking clingy and irrational. Chloe should focus on the man that has always been there for her, and that's Philip.

Jack: That instead of spending significant time on the murder mystery, which is the most compelling story right now, we got day after day of Ciara/Ben nonsense and Abigail and Gabi kidnapping Gwen -- the two most irritating current storylines.

Runner up: Belle's tantrum about Jan Spears because Sami demanded that her right to not incriminate herself be respected. Ugh. I get Belle is angry about that, but if she feels that way, she should have just referred Sami to another lawyer, not come there and ranted to a captive audience.

Sami Needs Belle's Help/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Also, where were Rafe and Nicole's interactions? They started moving toward something and then POOF... not one scene together after Rafe told Allie that Charlie was dead.

Monica: I would really have liked a double-crossing storyline in which Gabi joins forces with Gwen while telling Abigail she's working with her.

That could have some really fun and interesting twists and turns, especially since I think Abby's thirst for revenge is a little over the top.

Christine: What happened to our murder mystery! I was looking forward to that storyline, and we barely saw it all week; all we got was a lame argument between Sami and Belle.

I also wanted to see Gabi turn the tables on Abigail and team up with Gwen. Abigail's entitled, poor me attitude really bugs me.

Charlie Flips Out/Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite and least favorite scene or storyline from Days of Our Lives this week?

Meemz: Least favorite would have to be Chloe/Brady/Kristen story because it has no winner.

Most favorite, Philip and Kate's scene by the pub. Philip is gaining back his confidence, and we can see he's now more grounded and level-headed.

He did not sugar coat it to Kate and said it as it is. Kate is not thinking of her son, not thinking of business, and is lead by her insecurities. If she keeps this up, she might also lose her son.

Jack: My favorite storyline right now is the murder mystery.

My least favorite scenes/storylines were the idiotic ones being focused on right now. I'm not sure which is worse: this ridiculous Ciara hostage story or the equally vapid Abigail/Gabi Gwen kidnapping story.

Aunt Paulina Comes To Town/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Monica: Favorite: Jackée Harry as Aunt Paulina was fun. She seems funny and bold and larger-than-life. I'm interested to see where her story will go.

Least favorite: Susan. Everything Susan. I can barely watch the scenes she's in. The outrageous clothes, the weird accent ("That main main main Kristen Dimera"), the visions -- make it stop!

Christine: I agree about Susan as a least favorite. I like Susan in limited doses, but we passed that limit, and now I want her gone.

Also, everything having to do with Chloe and Brady makes me cringe. And Chloe blowing off Philip's dinner invitation, even if it was just them going out as friends, just seemed mean.

Favorite was Xander getting his kilt adjusted. That was funny and cute, and there's nothing wrong with Paul Tefler in just a kilt!

Surprising News/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Your turn, TV Fanatics!

  • Is Abigail's plan brilliant or lame?
  • Should Gabi teamed up with Abby, told her off, or turned the tables and partnered with Gwen?
  • Do you love Ciara or not?
  • Is Chloe going to feel Kristen's wrath?
  • And were you disappointed by the lack of murder mystery this week?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below and tell us what you think.

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