Days of Our Lives Round Table: Lumi or Ejami?

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Lucas wants another chance with Sami, Paulina has a secret plan for the Horton Square, Xander tried to help Gwen, and EJ returned!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Phloeforever from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Sami’s romantic future, Lani got mad at Chanel, what Paulina’s hiding, Nicole’s confession, and more!

Lucas wants to rekindle his romance with Sami but EJ is back. Are you rooting for EJ and Sami, Sami and Lucas, Sami and Rafe, Sami with someone else, or on her own?

Phloeforever: I've always found Lucas and Sami's personalities more in sync with each other, which makes them more enjoyable to watch.

They seem like an old married couple years later with the bickering and the comfortable familiarity, and ability to get into schemes together. I’m rooting for them.

Jack: Lumi all the way! I've always thought Sami and Lucas were each other's true loves and that it was a shame DAYS tore them apart and kept putting them each with other people who they didn't belong with at all.

In addition, EJ is abusive. Every time Sami is with someone else, he forces her to be with him instead. He raped her, warning her that he would let Lucas die if she didn't sleep with him, and that should have been a dealbreaker, period.

Lucas Wants Another Chance - Days of Our Lives

DAYS keeps glorifying rape and claiming that her "true love" is the man who raped her, especially after what just happened to Allie, is disgusting. Not to mention that even now, she is more scared of EJ than she is in love with him. She has not said EJ is the love of her life.

Sami has said that she doesn't want EJ to hurt her or Lucas. She feels guilty about cheating on him because they're married, not because she's in love with him.

And Lucas' proposal to Sami was so romantic and hearkened back to the days when DAYS was actually about romance and relationships instead of sex and violence. EJ should be the villain in this story who is eventually kicked to the curb altogether.

Christine: I've enjoyed Sami with both Lucas and EJ. She's had great chemistry with EJ when James Scott played him, and Lucas is her best friend. They both understand that Sami is Sami.

Where as Rafe tended to fight against Sami's sometimes outlandish behavior, Lucas and EJ accept it and even seem to enjoy it at least some of the time.

EJ Returns / Tall - Days of Our Lives

I feel like I need to give the new EJ a chance, but I don't like how scared Sami seems of EJ. Granted, she cheated on him so part of that is guilt. But I suppose if I had to choose right now, I'd go with Lumi. They are the healthier and more adorable couple.

Your turn, Days fans! Who do you think Sami should choose?

Chanel's New Business Idea - Days of Our Lives

Chanel was sitting on the sofa talking with Eli while he was only wearing a towel. Lani seemed most upset with Chanel. Should she have been?

Phloeforever: Lani should not have been upset with Chanel because it was Eli's choice to sit on the sofa like that with Chanel. It doesn't take too long to get dressed!

Jack: I agreed with Chanel when she asked why Eli keeps wandering around naked. Yes, it is his home, but he knows Chanel is staying there. Put on a bathrobe! It's not on Chanel to predict when he will be naked and only be there when he's clothed.

However, Chanel SHOULD have said that now that Eli knows she is there, she wants him to get dressed before this conversation continues. So I guess Lani could be upset about that, but she should be way more upset about Eli.

Christine: This was on Eli. They have a guest in the house and he's parading around in a towel! Lani should have been glaring at her husband, not Chanel.

Paulina Hides Her Motives  / Tall- Days of Our Lives

What do you think Paulina’s real plans are for the Horton Square?

Phloeforever: Paulina seems like she wants to demolish the town square. She seems guilty about it when she interacts with Chanel. Maybe she’s being forced to do it, by someone because of something that may have happened in the past.

Jack: I have no idea. It sounds like she plans to demolish everything and create some sort of indoor mall, but that doesn't sound like something that needs to be kept secret.

The whole thing doesn't make any sense. She pitched to Abe the idea of helping marginalized community members start businesses and he's putting things in place to do that. How on Earth can she get out of what she pitched now?

Christine: Yeah, considering how Paulina has been acting and what Chanel says she saw in those plans, it sounds like it's for a mall. I'm guessing she can make more money on that than just redoing the square, but it's all a little murky just now.

A Tense Exchange / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Will Xander be able to help Gwen with Dr. Snyder or will he only make things worse?

Phloeforever: I think Xander will make things worse because it should be up to Gwen to tell the truth about her miscarriage, but she's not doing so because she wants to spite Abigail. If she would tell the truth and move on, Dr. Snyder has no reason to blackmail her.

Jack: The only way to get rid of Snyder, is for Gwen to stop being so afraid of him and open her mouth already. She's had multiple opportunities to get help and she keeps refusing them all, preferring to let Snyder bully her just in case he can't be stopped.

And has she forgotten that was Snyder is having her do is illegal and could lead to prison time for her? She's acting like she opposes drug dealing on moral grounds because of her mom, but it's no big deal to deliver illegal drugs even though that's a major felony.

Julie Unloads on Xander / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Xander doesn't need to be involved in this, but it's a better use of him than wandering around drunk and sleeping with random women.

He will probably make things worse only in the sense that Snyder will keep issuing empty threats that make Gwen yell at Xander to stay out of it instead of doing anything to help herself.

Christine: Gwen isn't willing to tell Jack the whole truth, which I kind of get. It's one more lie on top of a lot of lies and she's afraid she'll lose Jack and that relationship means something to her now.

I wish she'd let Xander help. He might make a mess of things but Gwen needs an ally she can be honest with and Xander could fit that bill. Plus, they could be kind of fun together. We'll see.

Rafe Presses Nicole / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Nicole wrote an email confessing to sleeping with Xander and then left it in her Draft file. Who do you think will find that email?

Phloeforever: I think it will be Eric who will find the email. Nicole left in her draft file and with all the talk of him not coming home, he’ll likely abruptly appear.

It’s going to be used to create drama and tension in her marriage with Eric, and with Xander.

Jack: Most likely Eric, sometime after he comes back to Salem, and he and Nicole pick up where they left off. Then we can have the fun of him berating her for another year while she cries that he's a saint and her true love.

Nicole Struggles to Keep A Secret / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Second choice is Rafe. Nicole refuses to tell him about what she did, for no reason whatsoever. So most likely she'll be staring at the draft and wondering if she should send it one day, get called away, and Rafe will wander by and see it on her computer.

That will make him realize what Xander has been doing to her and probably he'll be mad at Ava for not telling him Nicole's secret.

Christine: Maybe Allie, since the two live together and it's plausible she could see Nicole's computer. That would put Allie in a very awkward position.

But it will likely be Eric when he finally returns, which I'll hate! Eric once again will get to play the saint even though he chose to leave his wife and step-daughter for months on end as though the decision only affected him.

Lani Learns Kristen Is On the Loose - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, do you find disappointing this week in Salem?

Phloeforever: I found the scene with Eli dropping his towel, to end up naked, knowing Chanel was in the house and she could come out any minute and see him like this disappointing. He could have used a paper towel to wipe what was on the floor.

This scene to show Chanel's interest in guys could have been written better and less forced.

Jack: That Gwen is being so weak with this blackmail plot. She has the upper hand and a million people who want to stop Snyder, but she won't do a thing to help herself. Ugh.

Belle is Jailed / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Also, I know a lot of people love EJ, but I wish he hadn't come to the door at all. I want Sami with Lucas. And are they going to explain how "permanently disabled" EJ seems perfectly able-bodied now?

I wish Nicole had sent that email. That would dispose of this stupid plot, show character growth on her part, and leave her free to move on. Plus then Abe wouldn't have wasted his breath with everything he told her.

Christine: That Belle was released from prison off-screen. What was the point of having her confess and go to jail only to resolve it all off-screen.

Trying to Make a Deal - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Phloeforever: My favorite storyline was Lumi's on days this week. The way Lucas tried to convince her that they belonged together was so romantic.

Jack: I loved Nicole and Abe's conversation, but that was only my second favorite moment. I was thrilled with Lucas' declaration of love to Sami, especially suggesting they go for crazily ever after.

Christine: I loved Ava and Sami's conversation and how it turned from confrontational to understanding. Henry's a lucky kid to have such two fierce grandmothers in his corner.

Sami Confronts Ava - Days of Our Lives

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