Chicago Fire Sets Up Jesse Spencer's Exit as Casey in Emotional 200th Episode Trailer

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Is Casey's time in the Windy City up?

If Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 4 is any indication, it sure looks like it!

The exciting episode kicked off with Casey heading to Oregon to check in on Griffin and Ben.

Preparing to Say Goodbye - Chicago Fire

Unfortunately, their aunt had left them several weeks before.

Ben mainly was staying away from the house and partying, while Griffin was alone for the most part.

The house was in a state of disarray, and Casey knew this was a disaster waiting to happen.

Casey learns - Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 3

When Casey met with the boys' social worker and Ben's guidance counselor, it was clear Griffin had strong feelings about going into a foster home.

The plot thickened when the social worker and guidance counselor said they were already aware the aunt was out of the picture.

This meant the boys were headed to separate foster homes, leading to Casey offering to take them back to Chicago with him.

However, he was advised uprooting the boys from their hometown was not a good idea, and more importantly, their mother would have to give the green light for such a move.

Casey visits - Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 3

Upon returning to Chicago, Casey was understandably in a different headspace than when he left and revealed to Herrmann that his time in Chicago could be up.

“We’ve always said any firefighter’s child is every firefighter’s child,” Casey said told his longtime friend.

“Herrmann, I think I have to move to Oregon, take care of those boys.”

“I gotta be honest, it breaks my heart to hear you say that, because it means you leaving 51, but… it’s what Andy would have wanted,” said Herrmann.

Herrmann protocol - Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 2

While the story looks to continue for the next few episodes, we could very well be losing another original star.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5 is the show's 200th episode, and saying goodbye to an original star seems like a plot saved for such a big episode.

"In the show’s milestone 200th episode, Casey makes a life-altering decision," reads the logline.

"Gallo, Ritter and Violet agree to an interview and photo shoot. Brett and Mouch launch the paramedicine program. Cruz comes closer to fatherhood."

Brett idea - Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 2

The official trailer for the episode finds everyone preparing to say goodbye to Casey, but he's adamant about Brett following him to Oregon.

Check it out below and hit the comments with your thoughts!

It's going to be a tearjerker!

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