If we live through this, I can't even tell if you get a reprimand or another commendation.

Casey [to Severide]

Herrmann [weirdly indicating with his head]: Hey, Trudy!
Trudy: What?
Herrmann keeps indicating with his eyes
Trudy: Christopher, use your words.
Herrmann: Would you mind maybe ix-naying the homicide-nay aorund the kid-nay?

Kelly, I understand not wanting to be defined by somebody else's ambition, but you have to learn to take credit where credit is due.


Stella: All I'm saying is your little girl is her own person, and one day she might throw you a curve ball.
Herrmann: She's eight; I've got a few years before she comes home with a nose ring! Right?

To hell with this. I got into this to save lives, not play leap frog. Find somebody else for whatever you're trying to do here.

Severide [to Grizz]

Casey: I got an entire sermon on command humility.
Severide: Well, maybe it worth hearing. [incredulous] I didn't sell you out, Casey. It's not who I am. You should know that.

Matt: When that whole thing with Louie went down, your first move was to pull away from me. Decided to do it on your own. So when you started getting in deep with Bria, I got this sinking feeling. Maybe we were going down the same road.
Gabby: I'm sorry.
Matt: Don't be. I just want you to know that wherever you're going, I'm right here with you.
Gabby: I know.

Grizz [about Stella]: Is it serious?
Kelly: Nah. We just live together.

Herrmann: The 'bathing bouquet.' Mouch, really, hmm?
Mouch: It's a charity auction. I'm driving up the price.
Otis: You bid $50 more than the next highest bidder.
Herrmann: You know, if you really want the thing, just say you're buying it for Trudy.

Otis: She lives with us. Works with us. You can't do this.
Cruz: Do what?
Otis: You cannot be in love with Brett.

Stella: Do you take drugs?
Zach: No.
Stella: Any mental illness?
Zach: Only when I'm hungry.

Stella: So, here's the thing, Zach.
Zach: Uh-oh.
Stella: I just have to ask you a few things before we order and become fully committed to this date.
Zach: So right now you're just flirting with it?
Stella: Well, yeah.

Chicago Fire Quotes

I perjured myself for you Kelly.


Cruz: I knew you wouldn't.
Otis: Bros for life.