Cruz: I’m taking a parenting class, ‘Baby basics for beginners.’ Just the dads and partners. There’s this one woman named Bailey. Anyway…
Violet: That sounds awesome.
Cruz: Really?
Violet: Yeah, your wife is going to be half a zombie, and you’re going to be ready to rock as a father on day one. I think it’s great.
Cruz: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I’m getting my ass handed to me by this suck up named Huxley. Calls himself the king swaddler. Big showoff. I want to murder him.
Violet: How’s your swaddling?
Cruz: Needs work to be honest.

Severide: Looks like you climbed a few trees in your day.
Kidd: Yeah, I wasn’t much for Easy Bake Ovens growing up. I was out in the backyard getting my hands dirty. You think that guy’s gonna make it?
Severide: Ten percent chance, but it wouldn’t have been zero if you hadn’t taken the weight off him.
Casey: He’s right. You did good work.

Casey: I would think with all the help you gave me, you’d know you could come to me with whatever’s bothering you.
Brett: Um, when you were going through the testing, I told Greg I had a friend I was supporting, and I used that word ‘friend.’ I mean, I’m not gonna blurt out your medical information to anyone, right. Anyway, the last time you called, when the results were in from the MRI, my phone lit up, and I said that my friend was getting his results. I had to go.
Casey: He saw my name on your screen?
Brett: He took it that I was keeping it from him intentionally.
Casey: There wasn’t anything nefarious about it.
Brett: I know, but that’s not how he sees it. anyway, he pretty much called things off, and I didn’t want to tell you because you’ve been so happy.
Casey: Sylvie, I want you to know…

Boden: Did the school bell ring?
Donna: Yes, it did. Can I tell you, I have never had a more attentive class than the ones today. Thanks to my secret weapons over here.
Gallo: It was fun. We were really happy to do it.
Ritter: Yeah, I wish I had a teacher like you growing up, no doubt. You were awesome to watch.
Donna: Thank you, you guys.

Cruz: What are we doing in here?
Violet: Brett told me where to find them.
Cruz: Find what?
Violet: Not what. Who. Oh, what name did you pick out for your son?
Cruz: Why?
Violet: So we can… you know.
Cruz: No.
Violet: Fine, you pick out baby no name, and I’ll take what’s left.

Aaliyah: I should have stayed in your class.
Kidd: No.
Aaliyah: I didn’t think I was good enough.
Kidd: There isn't a girl in that class who isn't good enough, all right. That’s what I was trying to tell you when you first came.
Aaliyah: I should have listened. No one ever told me that before. Maybe, I couldn’t hear it from you.
Kidd: Well, that’s on me, OK. Not on you because I had never done that before, taught a bunch of girls. I didn’t have anyone in my life like that, not at that age. No one to tell me what my worth was, so, um, I didn’t know how to do it.
Aaliyah: No, no, you were strong. I think about how strong you were all the time.

Kidd: Who is this?
Aaliyah: I can’t tell you.
Kidd: OK.
Aaliyah: You do Girls on Fire, right?
Kidd: That’s right.
Aaliyah: I came once. You said you rescue people. I need that.
Kidd: OK, well, I need you to tell me what’s going on so I can help you.

Aaliyah: You saved my life.
Kidd: You saved your own life is what you did. Yours and your brother’s. Do you have any idea how strong that makes you?
Aaliyah: Do you think I can come back to Girls on Fire.
Kidd: You come back anytime, anytime.

Casey: I just wanted to talk to you, man to man. Brett and I were never really an item. She asked for space, and I backed off. Plain and simple. I know you’re a great guy, and I see the way you’re into her. And I want you to know, I’m not going to try to get in the way of that. I want her to be happy. That’s all I want.
Grainger: You don’t get it, do you? I’m not thinking about what you’re going to do or not do. Honestly, I don’t care. What I think about is Sylvie. From everything I’ve witnessed over the last few months, she’s in love you.

Hey, look at that. You’re getting really good, Cruz. Now, go and have five kids and come back and see me when you’re ready.

Herrmann [to Cruz]

Grainger: You warned me this could happen. I can't get upset about that. You left out that the friend you’re helping is Casey.
Brett: Oh, I… it’s really just a privacy thing. He hasn’t told a lot of people. I feel terrible about ruining another plan. Can we reschedule? Anytime.
Grainger: I don’t think that’s such a good idea.
Brett: Why not?
Grainger: Because I think you have some stuff you need to figure out, Sylvie.

Kidd: Commissioner, respectfully, you and I both had to fight to get our foot in the CFD’s door. And we continue to fight our way up the ladder to prove that we belong. This young man isn't perfect. He stole a car when he was 17. But he served his time, and he put his life on the line fighting wildfires for 80 cents an hour and some time knocked off his sentence. We met him on a call where he helped save the life of a woman when he could have run out the door. He has CFD material written all over him, and he can't even apply. We just want give him a fair shot.
Hill: I appreciate your passion, truly, I do, but the CFD is an elite group of men and women. We’re exclusionary on purpose. Some people can't be firefighters no matter how bad they want it.