Brett: We belong together.
Casey: We do.
Brett: We’re right for each other.
Casey: We are.
Brett: When you know, you know.
Casey: You do.
Brett: I’m in love with you.

Kidd: I love this house. When I get my lieutenant’s placement how am I ever going to find a house as good as this one?
Severide: I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna be a tough search finding you the right house, but wherever you go, you’ll take a piece of 51 with you. You’ll plant it, and it’ll grow.
Kidd: You’re wonderful, you know that?
Severide: I love you, Stella Kidd.

Boden: I’m proud of you.
Kidd: That’s what I came in here to say. Thank you. You signed me up for the leadership conference when I wasn’t even considering myself a leader. You had that confidence in me. You think you know what that means to someone in my shoes, but you don’t. It meant everything.
Boden: I just saw what was right in front of me: a remarkable firefighter and an even more remarkable person.

Gallo: The other night when you kissed me…
Violet: Oh yeah.
Gallo: Well, I was thinking maybe we should go on a date again soon. See where it goes.
Violet: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too until I found out you dated the last paramedic who was here. So that’s your type, whatever paramedic you are working with.
Gallo: We weren’t dating. It was super casual.
Violet: Well, I want to be even more super casual with you, like the most casual, like so casual we aren’t even hanging out.

Casey: I’m getting the message loud and clear. I made things awkward or more awkward if that’s possible. Anyway I’m done. I’m backing off completely.
Severide: OK, well mood changer. It goes without saying, but I’m gonna say it anyway: I want you to be my best man.
Casey: Buddy, I would be honored.
Severide: Good, and you’ll be planning a hell of a bachelor party. I want to end up on a rooftop with Mike Tyson’s tiger.

Violet: You have been gathering supplies for 30 minutes. Kinda figured you were stalling, but I can only stall for so long before I start to get restless.
Brett: I’m just being thorough.
Violet: And you missed briefing and you locked up next to Casey. I kinda figured out why you don’t want to go back to the house.
Brett: I’m afraid I’ve been spinning out about Casey for so long I don’t know how to stop.
Violet: I’ll tell you what I think, but only if you want to hear it. I don’t want to overstep since we’re fairly new partners.
Brett: No please.
Violet: My mom, the aforementioned birthday, she uses the word ‘good’ to describe people, and it’s an underrated word if you ask me because it gets used so often, but to my mom, good is the highest compliment. He’s a good man, she’d say about my father. And in that one word, she meant he had honor. She meant he was loyal. She meant he was brave. Now I haven’t spent a ton of time at 51 yet, but I can tell you this: You and Casey, you are both good.

Boden: She has asked if I want to be considered for a deputy district chief role.
Herrmann: That’s great.
Mouch: Doesn’t seem like you’re excited.
Boden: No, it’s more chief work, less firefighter work.
Herrmann: Don’t lift your leg on this opportunity so quick, chief. I would hate to personally not see you as much on shift, but let’s be honest, we need as high ranking as possible.
Boden: I had my fill of bureaucracy when I lobbied for commissioner.
Mouch: Herrmann’s right, you know. You look at a lot of these white shirts and you think, ‘Not a firefighter. Not a firefighter.’ Why you’re so good as a battalion chief is because you stood where we stand. When do you need to get back to her?
Boden: She says she needs an answer by the end of the week. She has to present the mayor with an org chart in July.
Herrmann: Well either way you lean, you got our support.
Mouch: Definitely.

OK, I have spring cleaning assignments. Apparatus floor, Capp, Tony. Gallo, Ritter, you guys clean the kitchen, and I want it spotless. And cleaning out the storage closet is my fiancée.


Casey: I think Uncle Jake was sending me a message: Don’t wait around like I did. Get out there and live. I told Brett how I feel, just laid it all out there
Severide: Yeah, and…
Casey: And nothing yet. I think I gave her a lot to think about.
Severide: So you wait.
Casey: Yeah, all I can do. Anyway, speaking of get out there and live, I saw the way you and Kidd were looking at each other.
Severide: I might have done something.
Casey: I knew it. I’m proud of you, brother.

Director: Guys, your friend sounds terrific, he really does. And of course we support our first responders, but we’re hosting a big Pee Wee football fundraiser. It’s been on the books for months. Wish I could help.
Violet: Couldn’t we just borrow a little piece of the field for like 20 minutes?
Ritter: If you met Randall, you’d understand how much he deserves this. He’s devoted his life to helping others.
Gallo: His best years in fact, and he really doesn’t have that many left.
Violet: Yeah, he’s basically… he’s dying.
Gallo: And he’s blind in both eyes.
Director: A blind firefighter?

Severide: You didn’t have to come find me. You should have gotten out with your company.
Kidd: I am never gonna leave you. Don’t you get that by now?
Severide: I don’t ever want you to leave me. Stella Kidd, will you marry me?
Kidd: Hell yeah. I will, Kelly Severide. I will.

Severide: So how did it go talking to Dawson?
Casey: A little weird since it’s been a while. We were gonna talk again after the medal ceremony. It’ll give us more time to catch up. I have a feeling that conversation will tell me a lot.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Severide: Ever tell you the first time I met Capp? We get a fire call to this big apartment complex. The whole place is cooking, and there’s this woman stuck behind a door that I couldn’t open for the life of me. I tried wheel kicking it, prying the hinges, but couldn’t get the damn thing to budge. I feel this firefighter from another truck next to me, so I scream at him to get a sledgehammer. He heads away for about five steps, then turns back, runs, and flies through the air like the Karate Kid. And his foot goes right through the damn door, and now he’s stuck. But I can reach through the hole he made and finally unlock the door.
Casey: Only Capp.
Severide: Only Capp.

The hell I can't, it's a firefighters word versus a couple of bangers, who are they gonna believe?