I can tell. The way you focused on the baby, we're in different places right now... The last time Matt was here, you went MIA on me for a while. And even when we were together, you weren't all there. It's pretty obvious you are not over him.


Todd: This is too much to ask for a kid. And if it were up to me, you wouldn't be here. But MAber's got a big heart.
Stella: We can tell. But we're here to support her. Not pressure her.

Sylvie: Do you think I haven't noticed how you have been looking at him recently?
Violet: You are totally misreading that. I mean, does he look good in a towel? Who am I not to look?

Sylvie Brett, we were meant to be. Will you make me, three kids, the luckiest family in the world? Marry me?


Cruz: I wanted to talk to you about Severide. As the acting lieutenant of Squad, it would have been nice to know about the change of plans.
Stella: What change of plans?
Cruz: You know, the fact that he's wrapped up this thing in Alabama, and now he's on some ATF investigation, and I don't even know where.
Stella: What are you talking about?

I don't just want a baby. I want that little girl. I don't know if it's because our stories are the same... the way I felt when I held her, she fit perfectly in my arms.


I did it because it was the right thing to do ... My methods might get a little messy, but I'm only trying to do the right thing.


I figured I'd bring it by. I tried calling, but you've been a little tough to get a hold of.

Dylan [to Sylvie]

That young girl, the mother of that baby, she's 16. The same age my mother was when she had me. And gave me up for adoption.


If you don't get charged for this, I will quit.

Sylvie [to Andler]

Sylvie: And first shift screwed up. They didn't replace the OB kit, so it wasn't there when we needed it. Probably cost a newborn girl her life.
Boden: And why didn't you two do morning inventory?
Violet: The bells went off right at shift change. It said emergency; there was no time. We did a quick checkout and raced off.

Boden: You are going to ace these tests, Kylie.
Stella: You are, girl.
Boden: You are going to mop the floor with all the other applicants.
Stella: And leave them in your dust.
Boden: No one is more prepared than you are.
Stella: Nobody.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Rivas: First off, engaging with citizens like you is what makes local government so exciting, so I want to thank you for your passion on this issue.
Angry protester: Tell us what you’re gonna do about it.
Rivas: Please, please understand, I was told the closure of 87 would have no delay on emergency response times.
Lewis: But it has.
Rivas: And all those firefighters have transitioned to other houses, so there’s been no loss of jobs.
Lewis: You’re dodging the question.
Rivas: Rest assured, the decision to close the house was well-researched, and we did everything…
Angry protester: Just give them their firehouse back.
All: Yeah.

Hermann: Just be careful.
Boden: For what?
Hermann: Don't replace a kid you lost with a kid you can't save.