Hermann: That’s terrifying.
Severide: The news wants you scared. That’s how they boost their ratings.
Hermann: Yeah, well OK, it’s working.
Boden: This kind of trouble stirs up the city.
Hermann: Yeah, well I’m going to call Cindy because she watches The Walking Dead like it’s a documentary. She sees this? She’s gonna lose her mind.

Foster: I don't know how you do it.
Brett: What?
Foster: Not freak out in these situations because I'm a little freaked out.
Brett: Well, we all deal with stress in different ways.
Foster: Do you have that medicated anti-bacterial soap that you guys use after chemical fires? I don't care that we didn't touch anybody. I'm going to scrub my arms up to my shoulders.
Brett: I'm going to raid the candy cabinet. See, different ways.

Brett: Even with two busted engagements, I can’t help it; I’m a romantic, you know when they’re just so good together.
Mouch: Trudy was afraid she’d always be a spinster too.

Severide: Hey, I'm not worried.
Kidd: I'm glad to see one of us isn't terrified by this thing.
Severide: It's not how I'm going to go.
Kidd: Yeah, you know that for certain? All right, how are you going to go?
Severide: An old man in bed with our kids and grandkids and you surrounding me.
Kidd: When did you get so good at knowing what to say?

Cruz: I just mean, it’s just like we’re always working during the good stuff, and maybe I should just put in for furlough. That’s what I’ll do; I’ll put in for furlough. ‘Cuz you deserve some things.
Chloe: Joe, why are you acting weird?
Cruz: Weird. What weird? Who’s weird? I’m not acting weird.
Chloe: OK. I got to get to work before Schneiderman arrives. He’s watching me like a hawk.
Cruz: I get it. Of course, he wants to watch you. I love to watch you. Who wouldn’t?

When I was in med school, we had a unit on bacterial infections. The only thing that stopped me from wearing those Hazmat suits all day was these things weren’t contagious. If this thing is spread on contact – or even worse airborne – this entire city is going to drop like flies.


Mouch: What’s going on Cruz?
Cruz: What? Nothing. OK look, but this does not leave the room. I’m going to ask Chloe to marry me.
Brett: Really? Oh, that’s so great.

If anything else happens to Isaac, we'll make sure you go to prison for the rest of your life. Try us if you don't think that'll happen.


What kind of person are you trying to railroad a 15-year-old child?


Severide: Chief still all up in your business about Gallo?
Casey: He just needs a little time to see what I see, that's all.

Boden: This is a dangerous job. He's not bulletproof.
Casey: Understood.

Isaac: I was so scared.
Brett; It's OK, Isaac, I'm right here.
Isaac: Tell him I'm sorry, alright?

Chicago Fire Quotes

Stella: How's the new partner?
Brett: Well, he's either called me you, girl or a general grunt. How did you work here?

Severide: There's one thing that's become crystal clear in all of this.
Casey: What's that?
Severide: It's either him or me. I'm not going anywhere.