Grey's Anatomy: Scott Speedman Returns as Series Regular

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ABC should rename Grey's Anatomy to "Blast from the Past."


The hit medical drama returned to the air Thursday night with Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 1 and, damn. It was a lot.

Scott Speedman Attends TCA

To the surprise of everyone, the episode featured the return of Scott Speedman as Dr. Nick Marsh.

Yes, Nick only appeared in a single episode of the series, but he had a significant impact on fans.

Many have been clamoring for his return since, and the surprise return did not disappoint.

Scott Speedman Attends Tribeca Tune In

Meredith and Nick still share a lot of chemistry, and it looks like Speedman will be around for a while, too.

Deadline is reporting that Speedman is locked in as a series regular, which is pretty great.

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you know Nick bumped into Meredith in Minnesota, where she was visiting a doctor from her mother's past.

Speedman revealed to Deadline that his 2018 guest stint was always supposed to be a guest stint and that fans kept asking when he would be returning.

Scott Speedman Attends Premiere

Showrunner Krista Vernoff said that she had planned on bringing Speedman back, but he was busy on other projects.

"He’s here for this season, and that’s what we know right now and what we’re saying," Vernoff shared with Deadline.

Speedman said that it all came down to timing after coming off some previous roles.

Speedman, of course, appeared as a series regular in the first two seasons of Animal Kingdom.

Nick Returns  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 1

He will next be seen on YOU Season 3 (I've already watched it, and he's outstanding!), which premieres later this month.

Still, Grey's Anatomy must have a compelling storyline planned for the actor's character if he's the sole new series regular this season.

The premiere teased that Meredith could be splitting her time between Minnesota and Seattle or picking one or the other.

It will be fun to see where we go from here.

New Romance for Mer  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 1

Kate Walsh is also locked in to return to the series as Addison Montgomery in a recurring role.

The return was announced earlier this year.

What are your thoughts on Speedman's return?

Hit the comments below.

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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