Days of Our Lives Round Table: Can Philip Be Redeemed?

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Ciara learned the Devil wants her baby, Philip revealed his twisted plan, and Xander discovered Sarah wasn't with Rex this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Horizon from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate if Philip can be redeemed, Rafe playing both sides, Sami's plan to win EJ back, the Devil's plan for Jan Spears, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

When it came to declaring Philip dead, did Victor give in too quickly?

Horizon: I was quite shocked and disappointed when Victor signed Philip's death papers. Of course, I feel Victor caved in too fast.

It almost seemed out of character, but then again, Days too often goes for the dramatic effect and disposes of character consistency when it suits them.

Jack: He absolutely should not have given in. Philip was missing for what? Two or three days? Since when is that enough time to declare someone dead?

Fearing the Worst / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Plus, Victor had serious misgivings about the whole thing, and it's not like him to give in to Kate.

Christine: This was ridiculous. You generally have to wait years to declare someone dead. And I know Victor wasn't at his best because he felt guilty about how he treated Philip, but I'm surprised he didn't put up more of a fight.

It's another example of the show sacrificing character to move a story forward.

Philip Spirals Downward / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Philip set up Brady for murder. Can Philip be redeemed? Is this the end of any hope for Phloe?

Horizon: The way Philip is acting leads me to think he has had a mental breakdown. It seems that the (much of it imagined) Chloe/Brady drama has overwhelmed him to the point where he has become a helpless sick human being.

Because Philip is acting so strangely, I think with a competent shrink's help, Philip can resume a normal life. He probably needs a combination of psychiatric drugs and talk therapy, so I don't think he is a lost cause.

Jack: The only way Philip can be redeemed is if the story goes in the direction of Kate realizing that he has had a mental breakdown and working to get him help. Unfortunately, the writers' track record with mental health storylines recently is abysmal, so I don't see it going this way.

Kate's Stunning Discovery / Tall - Days of Our Lives

If they surprise me and this ends with Philip checking himself into Bayview, there's a chance Chloe could forgive him. After all, she did the same thing after her schemes to break up Daniel and Jennifer came to an end. Otherwise, I think this is it for this couple.

Christine: This is why I hate this storyline; it feels like it's been set up to destroy Philip and have Chloe get back together with Brady.

Either Philip is having some sort of mental breakdown, or the Devil has possessed him as well. Philip has his flaws but never anything like this, so I'm hoping Kate gets him the help he needs.

As for he and Chloe, their "love" story has been such a mess that I almost don't care what happens to them as a couple. I just hope Philip gets a decent storyline when all of this is over.

Back to the Grave - Days of Our Lives

As Rafe continues to chase Nicole while going back to Ava, do you consider him a nice guy whose feelings are torn between two women, or is he just being a jerk?

Horizon: I actually like Rafe. Especially as the head of police. I think the case of Rafe two-timing is a classic example of Days miscasting an actor. He just doesn't fit the bill of a classic suave two-timing Romeo, yet that is how Days has been trying to portray him.

Personally, I would like to see him settle down with Ava and have a typical push-and-pull husband and wife arrangement. The added bonus is it would continue to annoy the hell out of loudmouth Gabi.

Rafe and Ava are both down-to-earth types, and a more domesticated Ava is a sight better than her ill-spirited mafia personality. Besides, Tripp is a wonderful son, so why walk on the dark side anymore?

But it seems Rafe's deeper love, or is it lusting, is reserved for Nicole.

EJ vs Rafe / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: He's being a jerk and a coward to boot. Ava gives him chance after chance to admit he would rather be with Nicole, and he lies to her every time.

I wanted Rafe and Nicole to get together, but not like this! If Rafe is truly torn, he should end things with Ava for now and not be with either woman until he makes up his mind.

Christine: Rafe is just a jerk. Ava has been direct with him and given him the opportunity to end this relationship amicably, but he'd rather have her feeding and sleeping with him.

Everyone thinks of Rafe as a nice guy, but didn't he cheat on Jordan with Kate? He also slept with Carrie while she was still married to Austin. And then he slept with Sami the moment he and Hope hit a rough patch.

He comes across as though he'd be this great guy to have a relationship with, but in reality, he's kind of a jerk.

Belle Puts Jan to the Test - Days of Our Lives

What does the Devil want with Jan Spears? And are you happy to have Jan back in Salem?

Horizon: I would think the main reason for bringing back this sordid soul is to torture the living daylights out of Shawn and Belle. Jan literally gives me the creeps, so I can't say I'm happy to see her back. She does not appear to have any redeemable value.

Not exactly sure why Shawn and Belle are being targeted by the Devil apart from wanting to disrupt the life of Belle, Marlena's daughter.

Jack: Jan Spears has become a one-note character who does nothing but mess with Shawn and Belle, so I expect the Devil to influence her to do more of the same. She's a great villain, but anything that has to do with the Devil descends quickly into cartoonish silliness, so I can do without this.

Maybe Philip can redeem himself by stopping Jan's manipulations again, though.

Christine: The Devil knows that Jan is the best way to mess with Shawn and Belle. I don't love Jan, but I don't hate her either. I wish she wasn't so cartoon-like crazy because that would be more interesting, but if she's back for a limited time, I'm okay with that.

Gwen's Latest Scheme / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Xander realized that Sarah hasn't been with Rex. Are you hoping for a Sarah and Xander reunion? Do you think Gwen will get in the way?

Horizon: The Xander/Gwen/Sarah mash-up is my favorite storyline. I was jumping for joy when Xander decided not to go to London with the fiendish twit Gwen and ultimately,

I would love to see Xander reunite with his true love Sarah and watch Gwen slide into a dark hole. She deserves a comeuppance for all of her slithering dirty deeds.

Jack: I wasn't a fan of Sarah and Xander as a couple, mostly because Sarah used this annoying baby voice around him and was even more clingy and in need of attention than Ciara is with Ben, which is saying a lot.

Xander Receives Surprising Info / Tall - Days of Our Lives

But I prefer that to Xander with scheming, lying Gwen. I'm sure Gwen will pull out all the stops to try to interfere with Xander finding and reuniting with Sarah, and I hope it blows up in her face like it always does. This woman never learns.

Christine: I love Xander and Sarah together, so I'm counting the days to see him rescue her from the mysterious Dimera island.

As for Gwen, she's such a mess, but I don't hate her. She's never had a role model to show her how to trust someone or have an honest relationship.

Xander is the one person who understands her, and she's probably going to destroy any chance they had of even remaining friends by trying to stop him from finding Sarah.

A Scratchy Encounter / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Sami is determined to win back EJ. Do you think these two will end up together once again? If so, is there anyone in Salem you'd like to see Lucas paired with romantically?

Horizon: The whole Sami is back storyline has fallen flat with me for various reasons. The chemistry between Sami and EJ seems forced, and I don't like where this appears to be heading.

As far as Lucas, off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone at the moment. For Allie's sake, it would be best if Sami and Lucas reunited for good. But I don't get a sense that is where Days is heading.

Lucas is a bit of a quirky character, and I suspect he is the one behind Sami's kidnapping. Too many signs pointing in that direction the past two weeks leads me to that conclusion. And if that is true and Allie finds out, I expect a terrible fallout between Allie and her dad.

Allie Encourages Lucas / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I hope that if Sami and EJ reunite, it's just a temporary roadblock to a Lucas/Sami reunion. There is no one else in Salem that Lucas should be paired with romantically. He's already had a string of failed relationships because Sami is his soulmate and no one else works out.

That said, I wouldn't mind if Lucas and Nicole entered a pseudo-relationship to get Sami and Rafe both to realize what they're throwing away. If anything can get Sami to realize she needs and wants Lucas, it's the possibility of Nicole taking him. After all, that's 90% of why she wants EJ back.

Christine: I'm torn. I feel more chemistry between EJ and Sami now than when the recast first happened, but I don't know if they'll work out long term. At the same time, Lucas shouldn't have to feel like Sami's second choice.

But, for Lucas, Sami is his soulmate. It's complicated. I'm not even sure who I'm rooting for, but I will say I love the interaction between Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole, so I'll probably be happy no matter how it all turns out.

Caught In a Web of Lies - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Ben and Ciara can stop the Devil's plan for their unborn child?

Horizon: Ben has been a dimwit, but personally, I think Ciara is the only person in Salem who can stop the Devil. She is now a determined young lady who will fight to her last breath to protect her baby.

I think one of the unexpected delights from this Devil storyline is the emergence of a wiser, stronger, and more sympathetic Ciara. Devil beware. Ciara is in no mood for the Devil to interfere with her baby.

Jack: I'm sure eventually they will. The Devil winning would not be a good end to this story.

Christine: Of course they will. The Devil possessing their baby would be a horrible storyline and terribly difficult to pull off without alienating fans.

I think Ciara has the potential to be a fiercely protective Mom, and I'm the storyline goes in that direction.

John Confronts MarDevil Again / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What were your favorite and least favorite moments from this week in Salem?

Horizon: My favorite moment was when Xander and Gwen ran into Rex and the revelation that Rex has not been with Sarah. It opened up Xander's eyes to a certain degree, at least.I was so relieved he pushed back on Gwen's devilish plans to hide out with him in London.

My least favorite moments? The Devil tomfoolery at the cabin. These Marlena "physical" confrontations ring hollow to me. And they bore me to death to boot.

Let me just add the strangest moment of the week was when the Devil kissed Kayla. They sure made it seem like "Marlena" enjoyed doing that.

Kate's Difficult Decision / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I was thrilled that Xander found out Sarah was not with Rex despite Gwen's lies and manipulations.

I also liked Lani and Eli standing up to Trask. It's probably the first time anyone has dared tell her No, and it's about time someone did!

Least favorite: All this Devil nonsense, especially MarDevil disguising herself as Steve and gloating about kissing Kayla. More non-consensual kisses, great. Plus, having the Devil do that could reinforce some people's idea that homosexuality is a sin. Not a good message to send.

Philip's insane boasting about faking his death and framing Brady wasn't much better, either. Talk about character assassination. Ugh.

Christine: Xander realizing that he needs to track down Sarah! It's about time. And the only upside of the Philip storyline was watching Roman be there for Kate during her distress.

I actually enjoyed the scenes at the cabin, with Shawn coming to John's rescue and then Belle saving them all!

My least favorite was seeing Chloe and Brady bond and realizing that Philip has really gone off the rails and needs serious help.

Kate Blames Chloe and Brady / Tall - Days of Our Lives

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