Days of Our Lives Round Table: Craig is Cheating With a Man!

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Craig's big secret was revealed, Paulina's past caught up with her, EJ and Belle bonded, and fans saw the real Sarah for the first time in months!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Soaps4Ever from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Craig cheating on Nancy with a man, Ava's plan to ruin Rafe, Paulina's handling of Ray, and the possibilities for EJ and Belle after this week's Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Craig cheated on Nancy with a man! Rate this development from 1 (Hate it!) to 10 (Love it!).

Soaps4ever: I would rate Craig cheating on Nancy a 2. It's terribly deceptive that Craig assured Nancy that he didn't cheat with a woman, making her think all is ok, and then they get nice and cozy, so she then thinks that he is sincere.

It's not that he's cheating with a man that bothers me most. It's that he is cheating with the realization he doesn't want to stay with Nancy but trying to make her think everything is ok. He is just setting her up for major hurt later, which is just wrong.

Jack: I'm giving it a 7. I'm always for more LGBT representation, and I'm pleased that Days of Our Lives has grown past Will and Sonny being the only non-heterosexuals in town.

Craig Reassures Nancy / Tall - Days of Our Lives

However, Chanel and Allie's relationship was done more for shock value than because it was a story in its own right, and I'm afraid Craig/mystery guy will be written the same way.

That said, Craig and Nancy are two of my favorite characters from Days' past, so I'm thrilled they're back!

Christine: I've never been a fan of Craig and Nancy, especially Nancy, who seems to swing between manipulative and just plain whiny. So as much as I don't condone cheating, I don't really care if they stay together as a couple.

As for Craig cheating on her with a man, I kind of love it for its shock value, if nothing else. I really never saw that coming, and anytime a soap can still surprise me makes me love a storyline that much more.

An Odd Conversation - Days of Our Lives

Ava is trying to ruin Rafe's career because he cheated on her with her best friend. Do you want Ava to get caught, or would you prefer she get away with it?

Soaps4ever: For me, it's a little of both. I wouldn't be rooting at all for how Ava is handling the situation, but Rafe has been such a lout, making her think all is good with them then pining for Nicole behind her back.

He should've been honest with her a long time ago, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings. But her finding out the way she did was way more hurtful than if Rafe just told her the truth and ended things.

Rafe and Nicole should not have slept together until Rafe had broken up with Ava. They have badly handled the situation, so I understand Ava's scorn.

On the other hand, I don't like that Ava is throwing away her chance to take the high road by framing Rafe. She shouldn't have gone the revenge route, and it's not going to be good when there is fallout for her bad behavior.

Rafe and Nicole's Night of Passion / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: The sooner she gets caught, the better. I don't enjoy these woman-gone-crazy-with-jealousy-and-rage stories. I didn't like it when Claire lost her mind, hated the ten million Kristen vs. the world stories, and don't like this either.

Christine: I'm Team Ava. Rafe has been a complete jerk and a fool. Months ago, she confronted him about his feelings for Nicole and offered to end things amicably between them, but he assured Ava he really cared for her and wanted this relationship to work.

Turns out he just wanted her in his bed and making his meals because he never stopped sniffing around Nicole. And he's a fool if he believed he could cheat on a former mob boss and not suffer the consequences.

I don't see Ava as being crazed with jealousy. She's plotting an act of calculated revenge, and I hope she makes Rafe miserable and gets away with it.

Paulina Has an Uncomfortable Encounter / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Paulina have told Lani the truth about T.R. Coates?

Soaps4ever: Yes, absolutely Paulina should have told Lani the truth! I was hoping she would because she should have learned from before secrets always come out, and people are usually hurt a lot more by the deception than the secret itself.

Lani will be super mad when she finally does find out the truth. She was already suspicious when Paulina told T.R. Lani was her niece instead of her daughter. He may not be a good guy, but Lani will find out anyway, and Paulina should realize that.

Jack: There was no reason not to. Lani already knows Abe is not her biological father and that her bio dad was an abusive SOB with whom she wants nothing to do with.

So why keep it secret that TR is that bad guy? If anything, Lani could protect herself and Paulina better if she knew the truth.

Christine: Yeah, hiding this from Lani made no sense. Lani isn't a child. She's an adult and a police detective. If Paulina would only tell her the truth about TR/Ray, Lani would be more than capable of protecting herself.

Now, it's just one more lie Paulina has told, which is proof that Lani and Abe can't trust her.

Allie Tells Chanel About Johnny / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Allie continues to feel guilty about cheating on Tripp. Do you think this couple will survive? Do you want them to?

Soaps4ever: I had been rooting for Allie and Tripp, but I think until Allie decides for sure who she truly wants to be with, she should take some time and be on her own to sort out her feelings.

If she and Tripp do break up, she probably shouldn't have a romantic interest for a while. Although it will be hard with her working alongside Chanel. I do think that there is hope for Allie and Tripp, but Allie has to be sure it's really what she wants.

Ringing in the New Year / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I enjoy Allie and Tripp as a couple, so I'm disappointed by this development. It's not like Chanel and Allie have a love story, either. They have a male fantasy about what lesbian relationships are like. Ugh.

So yes, I'd like Allie and Tripp to survive, but given the way Days does these cheating stories, I fully expect the truth to come out on their wedding day, putting a permanent end to them as a couple.

Christine: I love Allie and Tripp together, so I'm rooting for them to get through this. But Allie needs to figure out what and who she really wants. Until she can, there's no hope for this couple.

EJ Takes the Stand - Days of Our Lives

What do you think of EJ and Belle's friendship? Do you think it will ever turn romantic? Should it?

Soaps4ever: I think EJ's and Belle's relationship will turn romantic from what I've seen lately with the way they look at each other and the awkwardness and brief touches. I think the scene is being set up for that scenario.

But I don't see anything good that could come out of this potential romance. It would be hurtful to a lot of people and certainly isn't appropriate considering Belle is EJ's lawyer.

Jack: I think it's headed toward romance. Belle's straightening EJ's tie and EJ thanking her for being the only person to believe in him seem like obvious clues to where this is going.

EJ Hires Belle / Tall - Days of Our Lives

I like Belle and Shawn together. We've had enough stories about Belle cheating on Shawn with Philip, so let's not go here, please. Plus, it just sets us up for more fights between Belle and Sami, and I'm not a fan of that either.

Christine: I'm begging the writers not to turn this into a romance. I love EJ and Belle as colleagues and friends. There's a growing respect and affection between them.

But if EJ truly loves Sami, then it needs to end there. Sami would never forgive EJ for having an affair with her sister, and Shawn shouldn't forgive Belle yet another indiscretion.

Letting Belle and EJ have an interesting friendship as colleagues and in-laws would be far more entertaining in the long run.

A New Lead / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you this week in Salem?

Soaps4ever: I'm disappointed that Xander proposed to Gwen, although I figured it was coming. Also, I was peeved Paulina didn't just tell Lani the truth about TR.

Jack: Yet more masks and people being knocked out and put on a deserted island. I'm not sure which is worse. This or the constant Devil nonsense.

Also, why hasn't Xander seen through Gwen's obvious lies and manipulations already?

Finally, if we're going to do stories where people are falsely arrested, is it too much to ask for actual evidence? Three random perps saying that a cop who didn't even interact with them during the arrest planted evidence is not a smoking gun. It's the opposite.

Nancy Explains Herself / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Rafe already suspecting that Ava is behind his troubles at work. It would have been more fun to watch Ava toy with him a little longer.

And Rafe complaining that he doesn't like feeling as though he's constantly being tested. Maybe he doesn't like it because he continuously fails!

Also, what's with Nancy pushing Chloe and Brady together. Nancy doesn't seem to care that Chloe cares for Philip, and he might be dead. And I don't get why she's so gung ho for her daughter to get back together with an addict, especially when their first marriage didn't work.

Craig Confesses to Chloe / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Soaps4ever: I liked seeing the real Sarah finally. Yay!!!!

Jack: I liked Nicole and Ava feeling each other out. Nicole kept it classy but was totally investigating Ava, and Ava's manic chopping of vegetables was creepy.

I also enjoyed Chloe's scenes with Craig. They were well done, even if Craig should have been more conflicted about his feelings than he seemed.

Abigail in Danger / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I'm kind of loving Abigail doing real investigative work on her own. No Jack. No Chad. Just Abigail.

And it was great to finally see Sarah on the island. I'm intrigued to discover what's happened with her over the past year. I also can't wait to see her and Abigail team up to get off the island.

Your turn, Days fans. Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us how you feel about this week's Days of Our Lives. Then check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review.

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