Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Craig Breakup With Leo?

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Chloe and Brady went to great lengths to break up Craig and Leo. Paulina considered forgiving TR, Bonnie and Nancy bonded, while Marlena worried the Devil would cause her to lose her job.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Horizon from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Leo and Craig are the real deal, does TR deserve a second chance, should Marlena lose her job, and their best and worst picks for this week in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Leo's feelings for Craig are real? Are Chloe, Brady, Sonny, and Will right to continue trying to break them up?

Horizon: I can't tell if Leo has real feelings for Craig, but they are sleeping together, so that can't be ignored.

While I understand their concerns, especially Chloe's, regarding the slippery Leo, the "Quad Squad's" attempt to break them up by whatever means possible strikes me as intrusive, lead-footed, and rude.

I feel Chloe is still wrestling with her father's gayness, and she has been treating Craig like a child ever since he came out.

Jack: I don't think Leo's feelings for Craig are real. They played the "trouble" music when they were kissing, which suggests Leo is up to no good, and he seems to be doing some sort of Eddie Haskell thing where he acts all sweet and understanding around Craig and is nasty when he's not around.

Nancy Confronts Leo / Tall - Days of Our Lives

However, I think Chloe and company need to butt out. Chloe and Brady said their piece, and now it's up to Craig to make his own decisions. He's not mentally incompetent, nor is he fourteen, and while I understand Chloe's concerns, this is crossing the line into being controlling.

And Craig doesn't know Will and Sonny! Why would he listen to two complete strangers' opinions about his relationship? Chloe should have known that wasn't going to work and not tried it.

Christine: I think Leo may actually care about Craig. As much as Leo is a conman, we've seen that he has a vulnerable side. This could go either way with Leo, but I hope the feelings are real.

As for Chloe and her crew, they're awful. First off, Craig is a grown man who has a history of being a schemer. He isn't some innocent who needs protecting.

And no one here is an angel. They have all cheated, lied, committed crimes and/or blackmailed people. Yet they all feel entitled to say Leo can never be redeemed. I find their hypocrisy annoying and frustrating to watch.

Paulina Wants Lani to Leave Town / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Paulina compare her trying to turn Horton Square into Pricetown to TR abusing her for years?

Horizon: No. I think physical abuse is much worse than Paulina's scam attempt.

Jack: They are not comparable at all. Yes, Paulina lied, and her lie hurt a lot of people, but that doesn't compare to years of living in fear.

Also, she seems to have forgotten the part of the Price Town fiasco where everyone did NOT forgive her immediately. In fact, Lani refused to talk to her and warned Abe to stay away too, and it took time for everyone to forgive Paulina and give her a second chance.

TR Tries Again / Tall - Days of Our Lives

She's also on her third chance right now, with Abe not willing to restart the relationship after the lie about Lani's parentage, so if anything, it proves that people don't change as much as she thinks.

Christine: Although Paulina's lies were terrible, they don't compare to years of physical and emotional abuse.

Paulina needs to stay far away from TR. It makes me ill that she doesn't see that, but often people who have been abused go back to their abuser believing they've changed. Unfortunately, they're usually wrong, sometimes with dire results.

Paulina Teams Up With EJ / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Was Lani right to meet TR?

Horizon: Sure, why not. Lani now knows her biological dad, so I can see her curiosity to get to know him here. And at least at the moment, the interesting TR seems like a changed man from his bad old days.

Jack: I understand Lani being curious about her bio dad, but she should seek him out on her own terms. She already told him no to this meeting, and not sticking to her boundaries suggests that she can be manipulated or that she doesn't really mean it.

Christine: It's normal to be curious about who her biological father is, but I hate that Lani told him no and then backtracked. That's a bad precedent to set. TR now knows that if he doesn't like Lani's answer, he can possibly cajole, manipulate, or bully her into changing it.

Nancy's Decision / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What did you think of Bonnie giving Nancy a makeover? Are you excited about this story?

Horizon: I am not enthralled with Bonnie, to begin with, so I didn't much care for her makeup party for Nancy.

Jack: I was surprised that Bonnie was a decent friend to Nancy, especially considering the bad blood between their daughters. And her pep talk about how Nancy shouldn't forget the good parts of the marriage just because it didn't work out was great.

However, Bonnie was in a rush to get Nancy back to the dating world, and Nancy kept going along with her even though she wasn't interested. I didn't like that. And I wasn't thrilled with the clothing or the hair color that Bonnie chose for Nancy either.

I am curious as to how Chloe will respond to learning about this friendship and how others will react to Nancy now that she's had this makeover, though.

Christine: Ugh. Bonnie and Nancy are my two least favorite characters on the show. The only upside to having them share screentime is that it consolidates the scenes I dislike from possibly two down to one.

Bonnie was trying to be a friend, so I'll give her points for that. I wasn't fond of the makeover, but then I'm not fond of Bonnie or Nancy, so I can't imagine a makeover that I would like for either of them.

Will Reunites With Marlena / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Marlena may lose her job for giving patients horrible advice while she was possessed. Should she be fired?

Horizon: Marlena kicked to the curb is vaguely amusing to me. There may be more to this story than meets the eye, which I won't get into now.

But Marlena always has the option of opening up a private practice where she can continue her work with Ben, etc.

She created a lot of havoc while possessed, so I can't say she is getting a raw deal. Especially since I am probably one of the few people out there that thinks people like Marlena and Johnny have a "little devil" in them already, making them more susceptible to his evil charms.

Jack: This is a tough one because there's no real-world equivalent to this. Marlena wasn't herself, and the closest thing to firing her would be if someone were fired because they had a mental illness that is now under better control.

Her behavior did affect people's lives negatively and opened the hospital to lawsuits, though. But can she really be blamed when she had no control over said behavior? T

oo bad there's no Devil test in Salem. It would be reasonable for Marlena to take one and not be allowed to work if she tests positive for possession.

Christine: It's not like she can prove she was possessed by the Devil and therefore not in control. This isn't a mental illness with a medical diagnosis.

I like that there are finally some consequences to being possessed. And Horizon is right. She can always open a private practice outside of the hospital, although I don't know how many patients would want a former Devil as their therapist. Then again, that could be a real untapped niche market!

Johnny Seduces Gabi  / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was the least interesting storyline this week in Salem?

Horizon: Susan and her involvement with the Devil story, including a long-winded boring chat with Johnny.

Jack: Anything Gwen and Xander related puts me to sleep. I'm already over this Renee nonsense, and "Renee" thinking that Xander was Alex Marshall was especially stupid. He doesn't look like him, and Alex Marshall didn't have a Scottish accent. Come on!

I'm also not terribly interested in EJ's escapades in jail, and that's sad because Clyde and Orpheus are two of my favorite villains.

Christine: I'm over Chanel and Allie's flirtations. Allie needs to choose because she's begging Tripp for forgiveness, and then almost kissing Chanel again isn't fair to anyone.

And I don't think I could care less about Gabi arguing with Chad over Dimera Enterprises. It seems like everyone's got a CEO nameplate in their bag in Salem.

Belle Updates EJ / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week on Days of Our Lives?

Horizon: My favorite storyline was Jake being thrown under the bus by a clueless Gabi. Although I admit, the big board meeting was clumsily handled. I look forward to seeing how this plays out, especially if both learn the truth behind Johnny's sinister games.

I also like the budding and simmering eroticism between Belle and EJ. The fact they haven't consummated their passion makes it even more heated, and I am glad Days is taking their sweet time with it.

My favorite scene was Gwen praying in the mist. It was beautifully photographed, and with her "disguise" hat on, she looked like an old-time movie starlet right out of the TCM channel.

My favorite moment of all was Gabi hilariously having her CEO nameplate up and running "seconds" after the Dimera vote.

EJ's New Cellmate / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Leo gets my vote for two favorite quotes. Gleefully calling Brady a "cocaine cowboy" and telling Will and Sonny "nice try bitches" were spot-on funny.

Jack: I liked Craig standing up to Will and Sonny. His reaction to learning that they once wrapped a presumed-dead Leo in a rug and disposed of the body was hilarious, and I loved it when he told the guys that he loves and admires Leo and they can't change that. I don't like the idea of Leo as his boyfriend, but I loved his stance.

Christine: Leo made me laugh, and I loved that he was one step ahead of Chloe, Brady, Will, and Sonny. The foursome feels they can say anything they want about Leo but then get insulted when he gives it right back to them.

And Leo and Craig might just be my new favorite least until Sarah gets her memory back.

Xander Is Reunited With Sarah / Tall - Days of Our Lives

It's your turn, Days fans! Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us your thoughts on this week in Salem. Then check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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