Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Clyde Have Died?

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Abigail's killer was found, and EJ shot him! EJ and Chad bonded over attempted murder. Gwen was run down in front of the police station. And Chloe insisted Brady was the love of her life.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Trey from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to rate the murder storyline, decide if Clyde should have died, and debate what Jack will do if Jennifer hit Gwen this week in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Now that we know who the killer is, rate Abigail's murder story from 1 (I hated it) to 10( It was one of the best storylines of the year)

Trey: I would honestly rate this story as a five. It had moments when it was interesting and intriguing and kept you guessing throughout.

However, I did not like that the writers took the easy way out and made the killer Clyde. It seemed anticlimactic.

Jack: Blah. This was a 2, and that's generous. I was curious about who killed Abigail, and when Sonny was attacked, it was a real twist that made me wonder who it could be.

A Heartbreaking Goodbye - Days of Our Lives

But the writers didn't provide us with many clues throughout the story. We had months of the police arbitrarily arresting wrong suspects, only for clues to come out at the last minute.

Viewers didn't have a fair chance to solve the mystery, and the solution felt tacked on at the last minute. No wonder many fans are waiting for a further twist despite Clyde's confession and flashbacks of the murder!

Christine: I'm giving it a 7. It was better than any of the other murder mysteries we've had in recent years. Although, I will admit that having Rafe arrest multiple people and then Chad trying to kill them all was silly.

But I thought Clyde was a reasonable choice and completely capable of the attacks on Abigail and Sonny. Plus, having him be the murderer and surviving leaves us with some credible drama.

You tell us, Days fans. How would you rate Abigail's murder storyline?

Out for Blood - Days of Our Lives

Clyde was shot but survived. Are you happy he didn't die, or would you prefer him gone for good?

Trey: Clyde is not a character that I would miss. The writers keep bringing him back. This time around, he was actually tolerable with Nancy, but I still don't care for the character.

Jack: I don't root for characters' deaths, even evil characters. Besides, even though Clyde is an awful character, James Read is a phenomenal actor. I'd rather Clyde be in prison until the next time he's needed. (Hopefully without Orpheus as a cellmate this time.)

Christine: I'm surprisingly happy about it. I think Clyde is despicable, but James Read makes him everything from creepy to charming, which can be very entertaining.

Plus, Clyde being alive leaves the possibility for plenty of drama in the future.

EJ's Intriguing Proposition - Days of Our Lives

When EJ and Chad were waiting for Clyde to die, did you find it horrifying or humorous?

Trey: I found EJ and Chad's bonding over Clyde's shooting to be hilarious. It's good to have a little humor with such dark content.

And it's nice to see EJ and Chad getting along. I hope they are brotherly connection continues.

Jack: That was cold, and I didn't like it. I'm not a fan of vigilante justice stories in the first place, and Chad and EJ's exchanges weren't helping.

Christine: I loved it! It was darkly funny and perfect for the characters, considering Clyde once had EJ shot, left for dead, and killed Abigail.

EJ and Chad making snarky comments while watching Clyde suffer and hoping he'd die was a good reminder that these two are Dimeras at heart.

Jennifer is Caught in The Act - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Jennifer ran down Gwen? And if so, and Jack figures it out, what do you think he'll do?

Trey: Yes, I think Jennifer did hit Gwen with her car. Days seems to be writing the good guys as bad guys and vice versa lately. I hope Jack stands by Jennifer to get her the help she needs. She is spiraling, and it's understandable with Abigail's death.

Jack: I'm 100% sure Jennifer ran down Gwen. It would be an awfully big coincidence if something else happened. I'm betting Jack will quietly send Jennifer off to rehab and hope no one learns the truth.

Conversely, if Gwen remembers that Jennifer hit her, Jack will likely pressure her not to press charges and point out that he's given Gwen a billion chances so she can give Jennifer one.

Jack Learns Jennifer is Using - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Yeah, I think Jennifer ran down Gwen, and Jack will figure it out. There's probably some sort of evidence on Jennifer's car, and if Jack finds it first, he'll likely cover for Jennifer and try to get her to leave town and get herself into rehab.

If Gwen remembers seeing Jennifer and tells Jack, he'll likely beg her to keep her mouth shut, and then Gwen can use it to be a part of their lives for years to come.

But you'd think there would be cameras right outside the police station. Even Rafe should be able to solve this case.

The Custody Battle Begins - Days of Our Lives

Chloe says Brady is "the love of her life." Do you buy that? And if not Brady, then whom?

Trey: Once upon a time, I used to think that Philip was Chloe's love.

However, after this last round of Philip and Chloe and how quickly she abandoned searching for Philip to be with Brady, I feel that Chloe and Brady deserve each other.

Jack: Chloe and Brady both have had a dozen loves of their lives.

I think Philip was the best match for Chloe before they ruined his character this time around. But I wish Chloe would meet someone new and stop repeatedly cycling through her exes.

Stefan Woos Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I've lost count of how many loves of their lives Chloe and Brady have had.

It obviously wasn't Philip. After chastizing Philip for being jealous over her feelings for Brady, she fell into Brady's arms pretty fast after Philip disappears.

There are moments I don't mind Chloe and Brady together, but I hate how possessive Brady sounds when he's around her. It's kind of grating.

Allie's Had Enough - Days of Our Lives

Was Allie right to kick Johnny out of her apartment? Did she do it because she's annoyed with Johnny or because she fears Chanel will fall back in love with him?

Trey: Allie is totally insecure. I don't know if it's because she loves Chanel or if she's afraid Johnny will take her toy away. I am getting more control vibes from her than love vibes.

I like that Johnny was annoying and hurt, as only a sibling can.

Jack: That was more bratty, insecure behavior from Sami, I mean Allie. She is jealous of any attention Chanel pays him at all.

Alex Thinks He's In Love - Days of Our Lives

That said, we had months of Chanel accidentally seeing a naked Eli when she was living with him and Lani, so do we need to do this again with her and Johnny?

It's not unreasonable for Allie to ask him to wear a bathrobe if he's in a public area of the house.

Christine: Allie was very insecure about her brother being too close to Chanel. Allie has an immaturity streak that shows through pretty often and probably doesn't bode well for her and Chanel's future.

Granted, Johnny could use some manners as their houseguest, but Allie could have told him he had to wear clothes and clean up after himself instead of kicking him out with nowhere to go.

Chad and Stephanie - Days of Our Lives

Was Stephanie right to be angry that her parents don't share information about their health and welfare with her? Do they treat her like a child?

Trey: She was absolutely right to be upset with her parents for keeping the illness away from her. If something were to happen to Kayla and she didn't know about it, it would have strained things with her dad even more.

Jack: Absolutely. They kept her in the dark about the kidnapping and this disease "so that she wouldn't worry." What if Kayla died or ended up in a coma before Stephanie knew she was sick?

Christine: Yeah, Steve and Kayla are being unfair to Stephanie. She's a grown woman who should know when her parents are in trouble or ill, even if it will make her worry.

That Stephanie had to learn her mother was in the hospital with a serious illness from Eric was maddening, and she had every right to be angry.

Clyde Proposes

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Trey: Clyde survived being shot. Jennifer's character being assassinated for Gwen. And my least favorite character, Bonnie, is back on the screen.

Jack: There was far too much violence in the climax of the Clyde killing Abigail story.

I also thought that Shawn should have more of a reaction to Belle and EJ being together when they called him, considering the past.

And I am saddened by what they've done to Jennifer's character. It's hard for me to buy this is drug-based behavior when we've barely seen any of her addiction story. I feel like we came in on the tail end of this.

Also, I wish JJ had stuck around for this story. He's never even mentioned, and given his history with addiction, there could have been some fantastic writing involving him trying to take care of his mother and battling guilt over how he acted when he was the one using.

Kristen Goads John - Days of Our Lives

Also, while it's par for the course, Kristen's tantrums bore me to tears. And I hope I'm wrong about what she's going to do next because I don't have any interest in her using the antidote as a bargaining chip to force Brady and Chloe apart.

Christine: That Chloe would have ditched her Mom's wedding. I know she had reason to hate Clyde, but it would have hurt Nancy horribly. Chloe can be a great friend, but she's not the best daughter.

And I wish I cared more about the poisoning story, but thus far, I don't.

Orpheus' Mysterious Package - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Trey: I loved EJ and Chad's bonding after an intense scene with Clyde. EJ's line that he didn't shoot Clyde for Chad but because he wanted to shoot Clyde was hilarious.

I also liked Chad being able to say goodbye to Abby.

Jack: I was glad that Nancy refused to forgive or reconcile with Clyde. He poured it on thick, but she didn't fall for it. I was so proud of her!

Christine: EJ and Chad were fantastic. Billy Flynn knocked it out of the park during this storyline and continued to do so when confronting Clyde.

And I loved everything about EJ and Chad bonding over Clyde's body and then their hug at the police station. EJ continues to be a fun character as he can be vulnerable one moment and then cynical and selfish the next.

Also, oddly enough, I liked that Xander was there for Gwen and that Sarah was okay with it. And that Sarah was completely professional when treating Gwen, despite all that's happened between them. 

Xander and Sarah's Wedding, Take 3 - Days of Our Lives

Okay, Days fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to leave your thoughts on this week's round table. Then check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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