Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Nicole to Blame?

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Jada ended her pregnancy. Eric blamed Nicole. EJ had visions of Ava and wondered if they were real, while Johnny and Wendy kept a secret this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kathy and LumiForeverAndAlways, from MyHourglass, A Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate if Jada made the right decision, whether Eric should be angry with Nicole, is Ava alive or dead, and more!

What do you think about Jada's decision not to continue her pregnancy? Should she have told Eric about it before she did it?

Kathy: Jada's decision seemed too fast to me. She should have talked to Eric to allow him to explain what he saw as his role. I wish she had talked to an impartial person before making an irreversible decision. It is too bad she has no real friends in Salem.

Jack: While I applaud DAYS for trying to stand up for a woman's right to choose, I don't like the way it was done. Jada had second thoughts and a quick off-screen abortion, which made it seem like she chose abortion without having to put much thought into it.

I wish we'd at least had a scene of her talking to Kayla or another doctor about it before deciding to go ahead.

As for the issue of telling Eric: while she absolutely had the RIGHT to make the decision without telling him, that doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. Eric was excited about fatherhood, had told everyone he knew he was going to be a father and was buying things for the baby.

Kate Supports Jada - Days of Our Lives

The way Jada handled this was cruel. And yes, the decision was hers, not his, but that doesn't mean that she HAD to handle it that way. The fact that she was afraid he could talk her out of it means she was more conflicted than she let on.

She should not have made this decision based on Nicole's or Eric's opinion. She should have focused on what she wanted and taken her time with it, and not been cruel just because she could.

LumiForeverAndAlways: I think that she and Eric should have absolutely had a conversation about how she felt because maybe they could have come up with a different option or at least talked about her reasons behind wanting to terminate her pregnancy.

Christine: I think that if Jada had been told about the pregnancy without Eric standing next to her, she likely would have terminated it right away without sharing the news with him and moved on with her life.

But as much as she had every right to end her pregnancy, it did feel cruel because she got Eric's hopes up only to dash them a day later. For that reason, I do wish she had talked to him about her feelings before going through with it.

Nicole Confides in Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Was Nicole wrong in telling Jada all the reasons why she shouldn't have the baby? Is Eric right to be angry with her?

Kathy: Nicole had no business talking to Jada. But Eric has no reason for being so angry at Nicole. The final decision is Jada's.

Jack: Nicole was both right and wrong.

Someone had to remind Jada of the other side of this decision. Jada had rose-colored glasses on. But it would have made more sense coming from someone like Kate, who seemed to have Jada's best interests at heart.

I don't think Nicole went there hoping that Jada would have an abortion. But she sure as hell did not think through the potential consequences of this conversation, and she did it more to assuage her own insecurities and lash out at her perceived rival for Eric's attention.

Eric is hurt and angry, but blaming Nicole is not really fair, either. Nicole acted impulsively... and Jada made a decision based on that one conversation. For all his pro-choice talk, Eric still appears to believe that Nicole got Jada to kill his baby, and that's not a stance I'm comfortable with.

Eric Struggles to Stay Sober - Days of Our Lives

LumiForeverAndAlways: Yes, 100% Nicole was wrong. I understand she and Eric just reconciled, but this isn't really her business. This was a matter between Eric and Jada; therefore, despite thinking Eric is overreacting just a bit, yes, he does have the right to be angry with Nicole.

Christine: Nicole as much as admitted to Chloe that her intention was to convince Jada not to have the baby, even if she didn't directly tell Jada to have an abortion.

In the end, it was Jada's decision, but I can see why Eric is angry with Nicole. Nicole didn't say, "I love you. I know you want to be a father, and I'll do what I can to make this work for all of us." Instead, Nicole was selfish and manipulative.

She inserted herself into the middle of this situation and confronted Jada with every reason why she shouldn't have this baby. It was Jada's decision to terminate the pregnancy, but Nicole actively played a role in leading her to the end result.

Ava Confronts EJ - Days of Our Lives

Was Ava in EJ's head, or do you think she was really taunting him at the crash site?

Kathy: I think Ava is alive, but not sure she was there taunting EJ. He had consumed a lot of alcohol and was grieving for his mother. He is also feeling a lot of guilt.

Jack: I think she was real, but we're supposed to think that she's not.

EJ taunted Ava about her supposed hallucinations of Jake. I would not be surprised if part of Ava's revenge to be sure to only appear when EJ is alone so that his family thinks he is losing his mind, just like he tried to convince the board that she was losing hers.

EJ Insists Ava is Alive - Days of Our Lives

LumiForeverAndAlways: I honestly could not give you a definitive answer. We all know Ava has faked her death before, so who says she couldn't do it again and just show up when she damn well pleases. Taunting EJ is something she'd be willing to reappear/show up to do.

Christine: I think Ava's alive, and that was likely her at the crash scene. Ava would very much enjoy messing with EJ to make him think he's losing his mind.

Wendy and Johnny Have a Moment - Days of Our Lives

Were you surprised that Johnny and Wendy decided to keep EJ and Li's secret? Who do you think will eventually spill the beans to Stefan and Gabi?

Kathy: I'm sure the truth will come out one way or another. Johnny and Wendy seemed to have no real purpose in looking for Rolf. They dropped their findings after having a little adventure.

Jack: I wasn't surprised, though I was disappointed. DAYS seems determined to drag this story out as long as possible. Gabi's memory of the truth was erased, and now the two people who know the truth have decided to keep quiet. For now, anyway.

They aren't comfortable with it, so either one could decide they have to come forward, probably at the wedding. The Devil is gone and can't influence anyone to do it as he did with Chanel at Paulina and Abe's first wedding, but I'm sure there will be a big "stop the wedding" moment.

I'm wondering if Stefan will get his memories back before he and Chloe take off for Miami and be the one to spill the beans.

Rafe Hosts Thanksgiving - Days of Our Lives

LumiForeverAndAlways: I was a little surprised about this, considering Johnny and EJ's relationship was complex in the past. As for Wendy, I am not surprised at all because I reckon when the time is right, she will use this information to her advantage and reveal the truth to Stefan and Gabi.

Christine: I was a little surprised, but it makes sense. Wendy loves her brother, and he was the most vulnerable we've seen him when he explained his reasons to his sister.

And Johnny may want to get back at his father, but he now carries the guilt of taking Ava's side over EJ, which indirectly led to Susan's death.

But at some point, the truth will come out. My guess is that someone will get their memory back instead of Johnny or Wendy coming clean.

Paulina Gets an Unwelcome Surprise - Days of Our Lives

Do you have any sympathy for Sloan Peterson?

Kathy: I do feel sorry for Sloan. She lost her mother. But she is letting emotions keep her from seeing the whole picture.

Jack: Short answer: no.

Longer answer: Allie was 100% correct that Sloan isn't doing this out of a desire for justice. She wanted money, and when that didn't materialize, she decided to punish Chanel and Paulina for it.

It also seems she's lashing out at Chanel because she doesn't want to accept that her parents were both scum. Her father groomed a student and used his power to manipulate her into sex.

Trask's Latest Trick - Days of Our Lives

Instead of confronting him, her mother confronted a young girl on a rooftop and lunged at her. Sloan is attacking the victim. She is also blaming Chanel for her father's alcoholism instead of accepting that he chose to drink over his own culpability in both his wife's death and the loss of his job.

Sorry, but my sympathy is with victims, not perpetrators. Sloan is following in her parent's footsteps and using the courts to harass their victims. She should be disbarred and in jail herself for her extortion attempt.

LumiForeverAndAlways: No, I don't have any at all. I am not a fan.

Christine: A little. Her parents were obviously not very nice people. Sloan lost her mother to what she thought was suicide, and then her father only gave her half the real story on his deathbed. So Sloan's view of what happened is warped, at best.

That said, Sloan is selfish and vengeful and unwilling to look at the facts and realize how much her parents caused their own demise.

So as much as I feel a little sympathetic for her, it only goes so far.

A Fake Website - Days of Our Lives

Why do you think Gwen helped Xander by building that website?

Kathy: Gwen still has feelings for Xander. She sees him as a partner in crime. Plus, it was probably fun for her.

Jack: Gwen obviously still has feelings for Xander. She thinks she's being a good friend and protecting him from losing Sarah, but if he and Sarah implode, this also leaves the door open for her and Xander to reconcile. So it's a win-win for her.

Gwen is Irritated - Days of Our Lives

LumiForeverAndAlways: I couldn't say for sure, but I have a couple of theories, one being she wants something in return.

The other being she wants to be in his good graces. After all, Xander is friends with Jack, and she is always wanting to please Jack no matter what it costs her or other people for that matter.

Christine: Xander and Gwen started as friends, and Gwen still has feelings for him. I also think she may feel guilty because if Jack hadn't given her this job and snubbed Xander, Xander wouldn't have been a part of this kidnapping debacle that's got him in this mess.

Brady is Annoyed With Kristen - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Kathy: I was disappointed that Brady seems to be buying Kristen's schemes. I'm sure they will make Rachel's dream come true and remarry.

Jack: All the victim-blaming! Eric blamed Nicole for Jada's choice, and Sloan blamed Chanel for her parents' horrible choices.

I also hate that Jada's abortion was a plot point and that the story is more about Eric's difficulty dealing with losing his baby than about her dealing with the decision to have an abortion.

Also, we don't need yet another round of Eric bashing Nicole, nor do we need Eric turning to alcohol.

Nicole is Insecure- Days of Our Livea - Days of Our Lives

And Nicole/EJ in the bar is no different than what Nicole and Xander did last time Nicole and Eric were having problems.

There was also little point in breaking Nicole and Rafe up if she and Eric were going to implode after two seconds. They should have left her with Rafe and given those two a more reasonable story.

If we had to have a triangle, it would have made more sense for Nicole to be helping EJ look into whether Ava and Susan are still alive while Rafe arrested EJ for kidnapping Tripp. That would have been a far more compelling conflict, and Nicole is at her best when investigating something.

LumiForeverAndAlways: What disappointed me the most this week was that we didn't get a big Brady or Horton, for that matter, gathering for Thanksgiving as we have had in the past. I always enjoy it when there is a big gathering for the holidays.

Christine: Maggie! How could she tell anyone that Sarah thought Xander was involved with the kidnapping? That was horrible and seemed out of character.

Xander continuing to lie to Sarah. He had the opportunity to come clean, and she may have forgiven him and kept his secret. But if she finds out now, their marriage will likely implode.

Abe Helps Nicole - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Kathy: My favorite scene was Sonny helping Leo find a job.

Jack:  I was glad Abe told Paulina that he couldn't fire Trask while Trask was prosecuting Chanel. Trask deserves to be fired for other reasons, but he can't make political decisions to protect his family.

I also liked Alex telling Eric that Eric had an anger problem.

LumiForeverAndAlways: I had a few standouts this week, and despite how much I hate EJ, they all include him.

The first was the one between EJ and Rafe at the crash site when he was drunk, and this is a standout because of the complicated history between the two of them and Sami and Lucas.

Tony And Chad Worry About EJ - Days of Our Lives

The next one is when he told Johnny that Susan died and what had happened, and the final one is the Ejole scenes at the bar as I was a fan of this pair back in the day and still am to a degree.

Christine: There were so many good scenes this week! I loved Sonny helping Leo look for a job. These two make a great pair, even if they are just friends. And this is the most I've enjoyed Sonny in a while. I'm not sure what that says about the future of Sonny and Will.

EJ and Nicole drowning their sorrows was another standout. I've always thought these two were well-suited together due to their shared moral ambiguity.

Finally, Alex calling out Eric on his rage issues made me cheer.

Alex Takes Eric's Drink - Days of Our Lives

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