Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Allie the New Sami?

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The devil had another go at Marlena. Chanel and Johnny's attraction led Allie to through a tantrum. EJ pulled back from Nicole, and Sloan dissed the Brady chowder!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Monica from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate the devil's return, if Allie is Sami's mini-me, Sloan's lawsuit, and much more!

It appears that the devil has Marlena in the afterlife. What was your reaction, and where do you think this storyline is headed?

Monica: Ugh, ugh, ugh. I didn't like the devil storyline in the 1990s. I didn't like it in 2021/22, and I'm not a fan now. When I heard the murmurings about an afterlife storyline, I was turned off.

Who knows where this is headed, but I'm assuming Kayla and Kate will have to be involved.

Jack: Ugh. I was hoping it would be at least another 25 years before the devil reappeared. Technically last time Marlena "died," the same thing happened, with André and Tony vying for her soul until she came back to life. But still.

Is That Susan in the World to Come? - Days of Our Lives

I've read rumors that the ladies make a deal with the devil to go back to their Earthly lives. I really hope that's not the case. If we have to have the devil, I'd like this to be the final showdown, and Marlena defeats him on his turf and then is resurrected on Earth.

Christine: I laughed! I love it because I'd avoided the spoilers and never saw this coming. I enjoy the outrageousness of the devil storylines, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they have for us this time.

Marlena Goes to Heaven - Days of Our Lives

Were there any surprises in how people reacted to Marlena, Kayla, and Kate dying?

Monica: I was disappointed in Eric's reaction. Don't get me wrong, everyone grieves differently. If he wants to drink himself into oblivion or jump into Sloan's bed, I won't begrudge him that.

But for the former priest to whine, "God doesn't listen to me anymore" because his mother died from a rare virus instead of miraculously recovering is just silly.

Even this atheist knows that's not how prayer is supposed to work.

Jack: I am annoyed that Kayla and Kate were treated like afterthoughts. I'm also annoyed that Sami didn't bother to show up for Marlena's death.

Kate Encounters an Old Enemy - Days of Our Lives

Also, Ben was close to both Jake and Marlena, yet there is no mention of him even sending condolences from afar for either one.

And is Kate cremated or not? Roman had an urn weeks ago, but Eric asked about her funeral this week.

Christine: That instead of being there for his family and relying on his faith, Eric ran off, got drunk, and blamed God for not answering his prayers they way he had hoped. You'd think a former priest, who has probably counseled quite a few grief-stricken people, wouldn't abandon his faith so quickly.

And almost no one has mourned Kate. This woman has kids and grandkids who haven't even been mentioned. What the heck is up with that?

Annoyed With Allie's Antics - Days of Our Lives

Chanel admitted to still being attracted to Johnny. Is there anything wrong with that? Do you think they will reunite as a couple?

Monica: There's nothing wrong with still being attracted to an ex. The near kiss complicated things, though. If Allie keeps acting like such an unreasonable brat, I think Johnny and Chanel will reunite sooner rather than later!

Jack: Now that DAYS has finally joined the 21st century and learned that drugged people can't give consent, next, we need to work on the idea that it's possible not to act on your attraction for someone.

I think many people are still attracted to an ex, especially when the relationship ended abruptly, but don't act on it. Not everyone has to be Nicole/Eric, and even then, I thought the idea that attraction = cheating was stupid.

Does anyone really think that no one who is married/in a committed relationship ever feels attracted to anyone other than their partner? (Other than demisexual people like me, who do not feel attraction outside that emotional connection, but even then, it's possible to have an emotional connection with a friend so...)

Allie Loses Out - Days of Our Lives

They admitted their feelings. They agreed they both want to move on. That SHOULD be the end of it, but Allie's obnoxious behavior may eventually make Chanel feel like this relationship is no longer worth it.

Christine: You can't help who you are attracted to, only how you choose to react to those feelings.

Despite that one weak, vulnerable moment at the hospital, Johnny and Chanel have admitted to the attraction but decided to move on with other partners.

But it always bothered me how Johnny and Chanel never got a real chance because of the possession storyline. But with Allie acting like such an obnoxious brat, they may get that chance to reconnect after all.

Alex Comforts Allie - Days of Our Lives

Is Johnny right? Is Allie acting just like their mother? Is she the new Sami?

Monica: For sure, Allie is jumping to conclusions and acting hypocritically, just like her mom. Salem could do with a new Sami-like character. Unfortunately, I don't think Lindsay Arnold has the spunk and charisma of Alison Sweeney.

Jack: Allie is acting like Sami at her worst, being insecure, paranoid, nasty, and demanding. If she's offended that Johnny said so, maybe she should stop behaving that way.

I wouldn't say she's the new Sami. The obnoxious behavior is only one part of Sami's personality. So far, it's all we've seen of Allie. Allie doesn't even have any concern for her family or what Chanel is going through.

If Sloan had messed with Sami's man, Sami would have made mincemeat out of Sloan, especially since Sloan has her claws in Eric.

Christine: Allie is the worst parts of Sami, and she's been that way, off and on, since she returned to Salem, and it is exhausting!

I can take only so much insecurity and unreasonable, over-the-top behavior. And oddly enough, I like Sami more than I like her mini-me.

Sloan Makes a Bad Impression - Days of Our Lives

Is there any merit to Sloan's lawsuit against Chanel and Paulina? Do you have any sympathy for Sloan Peterson?

Monica: I'm no lawyer, but I do know that suing for wrongful death requires a lighter burden of proof. Were Sloan's parents American citizens, though? I think that's the only way Sloan could take her mother's death to court in the US.

Sloan's growing on me a bit -- did you see her in that green dress?? (The brown one, not so much).

Jack: The more I see of Sloan, the less sympathy I have for her. She refuses to accept that her parents were in the wrong. She's going after a sexual assault survivor and trying to make the survivor's life a living hell.

Eric Takes Sloan's Side - Days of Our Lives

Sloan has lied to Eric -- who is also a survivor -- and roped him into her scheme to degrade and humiliate her parents' victim. And on top of that, she was rude about the clam chowder.

And no, there are zero merits to her lawsuit, and if this were anywhere but Salem, she'd lose and be slapped with hefty sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Christine: As a wrongful death suit, maybe. It all depends on which version of the story the jury believes. And being a lawyer, this is the way Sloan knows to exact her vengeance.

I do feel a little sympathy for Sloan. Being that Paulina pulled some strings to protect Chanel, what happened on that roof was never properly investigated. So, of course, Sloan will believe whatever her father told her.

Nicole Comes Onto EJ - Days of Our Lives

Were you surprised EJ put the brakes on him and Nicole? Do you think Nicole is ready to start a new relationship?

Monica: Good for EJ. Nicole wasn't in any shape to consent, even if she was the one making the moves. I wonder what it was that Stefan put in the mimosa. Will it have lasting effects?

I think Nicole should move on from Eric, but I'm not convinced that EJ is the right choice. Let's see... who in Salem hasn't been her husband yet??

Jack: That was a very pleasant surprise. DAYS usually writes sex where one person is drunk or drugged as 100% consensual, so EJ realizing that he would be taking advantage of Nicole if he gave in to her desires made me respect him for the first time in forever.

EJ and Nicole Kiss - Days of Our Lives

Nicole needs to stick to her New Year's Resolution. She left Rafe for Eric, and five minutes later, Eric dumped her. She should stay single and focus on rebuilding her life now.

Christine: I was happy EJ stopped things with Nicole, but not surprised. He's come a long way over the last couple of years.

I'm all for Nicole and EJ finally having a real relationship, but I do think Nicole should be on her own for a while. She jumps from guy to guy, and she needs to be happy on her own before pairing up with someone else.

Gabi Seduces Li - Days of Our Lives

What surprised or disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Monica: I actually was surprised that Marlena wasn't really in heaven after all and that Susan was the devil. On the positive side: Susan was wearing all white, so I wasn't blinded by her outfit.

I'm disappointed that what might come between Allie and Chanel is men. Why can't the women who sleep with women on this show just be lesbians the way the men are gay in Salem? I've had enough of the straight-male-fantasy approach.

Jack: As I said above, EJ respecting Nicole's inebriated state was a nice surprise. However, I dislike that we have yet another drugging storyline. This is how we ended up with three women in the afterlife, and I have no desire for a drugged Nicole to fall ill with a mystery illness so soon afterward.

I also don't like the Gabi kidnapping Stefan story, which is stupid, and I don't see any reason Rolf should obey her orders.

Finally, we don't need any more of the devil. Get the women back to life and be done with this already.

Christine: Eric calling Belle an ambulance chaser for taking Paulina's case was uncalled for, especially at a time when they're both grieving their mom.

Wendy Asks For Gabi's Forgiveness - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Monica: Despite all my complaints, I have lots of favorites! The John & Marlena photo montage before Marlena died was beautiful.

I was amused by all the characters who were punched and sported facial injuries (Li, Tripp, Stefan... am I forgetting anyone?). I'm not a Paulina fan, but her advice to Stephanie about not focusing on the circumstances around Kayla's death was convincingly sincere and lovely.

Jack: I liked Johnny calling Allie out. I also liked that he and Wendy had an honest conversation, and she had enough self-respect to take a step back until Johnny gets his life together and decides what he wants.

Similarly, I liked Roman pointing out that Eric always says he is "done forever" with Nicole when he's not in this Days of Our Lives quote...

Roman: Is this relationship starting to be serious? What about Nicole?
Eric: Nicole and I are done.
Roman: I've heard that before. Are you sure this time?

Christine: I loved that Sloan hated the Brady chowder. As much as I love New England Clam Chowder, not everyone does, and it was great to see someone not enamored with the Brady family's beloved dish.

And I was proud of Johnny for apologizing to Tripp and Tripp for admitting that emotions

Roman Visits Tripp - Days of Our Lives
had run high and they were both to blame. Johnny and Tripp acted like adults. Many in Salem could benefit from their example.

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