A Million Little Things Round Table: Do You Feel Sympathy For Delilah?

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Jon returned via flashbacks as Delilah sold their home on A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack, Jasmine, and Christine, are here to debate Delilah's invitation, Sophie's reservations about dating Tyrell, Maggie and Gary's full circle hookup, and more.

And did our round table feel more sympathy towards Delilah after those flashbacks? Read on to find out...

A Million Little Things Round Table

Do you think any differently about Jon after seeing these flashbacks?

Jack: Not really. We already knew that Jon got overly wrapped up in business and his guilt over his friend's death during the 9-11 attack. And we knew Delilah had an affair because she felt alone in her marriage. None of this was anything new.

Jon's Back  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

It also was all from her perspective and meant to make us feel sympathy for poor Delilah, stuck in a marriage with a man who wasn't there enough, but I didn't buy it.

If Delilah wanted a man who would move to her with France, she should have made it clear to Jon before their marriage that this was a dealbreaker. She didn't do that.

Maybe it's because I'm already predisposed not to like her, but her constant bothering him about how she thought that's where they should live made me even more irritated with her than before.

Jasmine: I agree Jack. It wasn't anything we didn't already know, but they laid it on thick, trying to get us to sympathize with Delilah for the umpteenth time, and all it did was elicit the opposite reaction from me.

I wish they didn't try so hard to justify Delilah's actions or make her more sympathetic. I don't care at this point. It's never going to work.

One Last Twirl -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

It sounds like Delilah always wanted to return to France, and she should have made that abundantly clear before their relationship progressed.

There was no indication that she made him aware that it was a dealbreaker for her, so her constantly trying to force it was irritating. It's like they went out of their way to justify why Delilah bailed on the group and took Charlie to France and away from her family, and it did not change how I felt about that situation at all; it made me angrier.

Christine: The flashbacks didn't change how I saw Jon. He was complicated and dealing with a lot of emotional and mental health challenges. But it did make me feel a bit of sympathy toward Delilah.

Although it's clear they didn't have an actual plan to move to France, Delilah expected that and likely thought Jon understood that it was important to her. But, at some point, Jon's work became his priority.

They could have worked towards a compromise, perhaps summers in France for Delilah and the kids and then Jon coming when he could, but neither of them considered that, and the resentment between them grew.

A Stressed Dad -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9

Sophie told Eddie she understood more about his and Delilah's affair because you can't control who you love. Do you now, or have you ever viewed Delilah and Eddie as two people in love?

Jack: Nope. These two people were unhappy in their marriage and sought a solution elsewhere. Nothing more, nothing less. And I haven't forgotten the way Eddie was just a fling to Delilah even though he seemed to have deep feelings for her.

Jasmine: No! And exactly, Jack! Delilah literally admitted that she wasn't into Eddie like that. He definitely cared about her more than she did him, so I'm not ever going to buy into their "love story."

I was annoyed that they made Sophie say that as if it was some profound conclusion, she came to after maturity and distance because it implied that there was any nuance to the situation or that somehow her feelings about the matter were childish and invalid at the time.

Returning to Boston -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 9

Christine: Talk about rewriting history! Eddie and Delilah used one another to soothe their loneliness and wounded egos. And as said above, Delilah only thought of Eddie as a fling.

To even attempt to say they were some sort of love story is ridiculous.

Theo stole Delilah's wedding invitation. Do you blame him? Was his anger towards Delilah surprising after all of this time?

Jack: It really wasn't Theo's place to do that. If Katherine wanted Delilah at her wedding, it wasn't right for her child to try to undo it.

I understand how he feels, especially since he didn't get to spend time with his half-sister because of Delilah's selfish choices. I was more surprised at his behavior than his feelings since Theo doesn't usually do things like that.

Huggin the Dixon Kids -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

Jasmine: I was rooting for him. I probably would've done the same as a grown adult. Seriously, why would she be at Katherine and Greta's wedding? Even excluding the sordid history, she hasn't been around in forever, and she just happens to be in town for the closing of the house.

I feel like Theo never fully got to process everything that happened, Delilah's role in all of it, or that she took his sister away from him for what amounts to two years. Neither his feelings nor his actions surprised me.

Christine: What he did was wrong, but it's hard to blame him. Delilah played a role in the end of his parent's marriage and then took his little sister away. It would be odd if Theo didn't have some reaction to that.

Were Sophie's concerns over losing Regina and Rome if she and Tyrell break up valid?

Jack: They were, to an extent. Jon's group of friends has become a surrogate family, which won't change, but if she and Tyrell break up, it will put Rome and Gina in the middle.

Sophell in Bed -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

In any case, the thing to do was discuss that with Tyrell, not act like they're having an illicit affair. I was glad Tyrell didn't want to put up with any more of that.

Jasmine: Her feelings were going to be valid, albeit a bit irrational but feelings are often like that. Rome and especially Gina have become incredibly close to her over the past couple of years, so she doesn't want to risk losing that or jeopardizing those relationships.

But there's no way they'd let anything get in the way of their bond with this girl they've known for half of her life. Sophie is always going to be okay in all of this, whereas I could understand Tyrell having more to fear as the newer person in the mix.

She totally should have talked to Tyrell about all of this, though. It was so unfair to him that she made him feel cheap and unwanted because of her hiding him away.

Catering Buddies -tall  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 2

Christine: I can't imagine Regina or Rome ever turning their backs on Sophie, considering all they've been through. But Sophie's fears are valid. Her father's gone. Her mother moved to another continent. She can't bear to risk losing more family.

And this is Sophie's first serious relationship, so I'm willing to cut her some slack for having trouble communicating her feelings with Tyrell.

Is running for city council the right step for Regina? Do you think she'll win?

Jack: I'm always for people who are passionate about making a difference running for office. We need more people who are committed to making things better. However, I think Gina may be a little naive about this.

Idealists often seem to get crushed by the realities of politics in America, and I hope she's ready for that and for the nastiness of campaigns nowadays.

Judgemnt  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 2

Unfortunately, she's inviting a lot of personal attacks and hate-based attacks too, and she and Rome need to be prepared for how this race will change their lives. I do think she'll win because it's the last season, and a win would be a new chapter in her and Rome's lives.

Jasmine: I guess so. I'm still disappointed in how they executed this story. They didn't properly build it up as the issue came out of nowhere, and now they just tossed this at us toward the end of the season and series.

I don't know if she'll win. I don't think we have gotten to explore any of this in a way that gets me invested enough to care either way. I'm not even sure if this is the right path for Gina if she's the best person for all of this, if she's prepared, because she is naive, or any of it. I don't know. For the sake of wrapping things up nicely, she probably will win.

Christine: This storyline came out of nowhere, so I'm not sure this is the right path for Regina. I wish there had been more buildup because, unfortunately, simply caring may not be enough to get anything done in politics.

I also wish I cared more about whether she wins or loses. Perhaps they'll show us more of her campaign, and that will change. Realistically, a first-time candidate with zero political connections would likely lose, but this is TV, so we'll have to wait and see.

Blissful Couple -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 6

Were Greta and Katherine right to accept Katherine's mother's money as a wedding gift? Was Mrs. Kim's journey to supporting Katherine and Greta completed too quickly?

Jack: I don't think they could really turn it down. She wasn't going to accept it if they did, and when she expressed her reasons, it was clear that if they didn't accept, she'd be insulted.

I was surprised that she came around so quickly, but I'm not sure it was entirely unrealistic. Sometimes parents are skeptical until they see their kids are happy.

That's how it worked for my family and me when I first began transitioning, so Mrs. Kim's feelings about Katherine being attracted to women could have changed similarly.

Birthday Girl -tall  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 6

Jasmine: After Mrs. Kim's explanation specifically, they couldn't decline the offer. It would've been offensive not to take it by then.

It's not even so much that it came too quickly, but it's disappointing that we didn't get to see when that change happened. It was a pretty significant point for Katherine. It was so heavily tied to things like her experience in childhood, her anxiety, and her culture as a Korean-American woman with more conservative immigrant parents.

I just feel like there was a great story right there for the taking to check in on more, but we didn't get to see any of that, and that's just disappointing. When you consider how underused Katherine has been this final season, it's even more frustrating.

Christine: After her mother explained why she wanted to help with the wedding, I don't think they could turn the money down. But it is disappointing that this storyline wasn't more fleshed out. We needed to see more of these three characters together to really care.

Loving Moment - Horizontal  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20

Have Gary and Maggie come full circle since they hooked up in the bathroom at their cancer group at the start of the series? Are you surprised they haven't spoken about getting married yet?

Jack: I could have done without that particular bookend. I didn't think that was what they should honor about their relationship. I preferred the idea of them now being able to support other people in the group who were where they were when the series began.

I forgot they weren't married. They probably should be, if for no other reason than they need to have legal protection, especially now that they have a baby together, but I can't say I'm rooting for a Gary/Maggie wedding or care one way or the other.

Jasmine: I mentioned in the review that seeing them at the meeting made me wish they were tied to it more. I would've given anything to see Gary have a heavy presence at the support group so that other men with Breast Cancer got to see they weren't alone in this journey.

Mommy Maybe?  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20

I thought things like that were more interesting than them hooking up and taking a trip down memory lane. But it also wasn't their worst storyline, so I appreciated that they both felt likable and normal in this versus other instances this season.

I would've expected a Gary and Maggie wedding before a Katherine and Greta one, especially since Katherine had already renewed her vows. But I'm indifferent to it. They seem like a couple that won't ever actually get married, so I haven't given any thought to it beyond that.

Christine: Hooking up again in a public bathroom was a weird way to come full circle, but I had all but forgotten about their first meeting.

And it is odd that Gary and Maggie haven't really talked about getting married since they have a child together, even if they decide not to. Sadly, I can't say I care if they get married or not. I'm more looking forward to Katherine and Greta's wedding.

Dixon Love - wide  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

What, if anything, disappointed you about this episode?

Jack: I didn't like the whole story about whether Delilah should be invited to the wedding. I felt that she was right when she said she'd been gone forever and couldn't expect an invitation, and I could have also done without Theo having hidden hers instead of sending it.

The Jon flashbacks were, as I said earlier, meant to make us feel bad for Delilah, but that didn't work either. I found the flashback where she thought that now that Sophie is starting kindergarten, they should all move to France, especially weird.

I get that's where she's from, but who decides that moving with their five-year-old to a foreign-to-them country is a great idea? It felt like more selfishness on Delilah's part.

I guess her yearning to go back to France is supposed to explain why she up and left with Charley, but it still didn't make me feel anything toward her but annoyed.

Side Hugs -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

I also don't like how they seem to be moving toward Eddie and Delilah deciding they're each other's true loves. Blech! It says a lot that I'd rather Eddie be with the woman who ran him over than with Delilah, but here we are.

Jasmine: I'm so over this show bending over backward to always make us sympathize with Delilah when I don't. Sorry. The whole wedding invitation debacle was stupid. It didn't make sense for her to be there.

I could've done without the heavy-handed attempts to remind us how unhappy Delilah was with Jon and how neglected she felt. And this Delilah/Eddie endgame nonsense is the worst.

Christine: Greta thinking that making guests sit with total strangers at their wedding was a good idea. Ugh. That would be hours of hell for me.

Greta Returns Home -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8

Gary and Maggie arriving at the cancer support group late, loud, and overtly happy. That could have been extremely jarring to the other people in the group who haven't made it to a happy outcome.

And Sophie thinking that Delilah and Eddie were cheating on their spouses because they were in love with one another. Talk about revisionist history!

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on "The Salesman"?

Jack: Even though I didn't like the pro-Delilah agenda, I always loving seeing Jon again. I also liked Gary and Maggie offering support to other members of the cancer group.

Jasmine: It really was good to see Ron Livingston reprise his role again. I loved how nostalgic this whole episode felt, the pizza dinner, seeing Jon again, some of the callbacks and references, all of it.

Jon and Delilah Dance -tall  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10

It was one of those episodes that actually felt like we were headed to the series finale, and I appreciated that because most of the season has meandered and hasn't had that tone consistently.

Christine: Overall, this had the feel of a classic episode, and like they were trying to wrap up storylines. I haven't felt that most of this season.

Okay, TV Fanatics, now it's your turn. Did you appreciate Gary and Maggie having another bathroom hookup? Should Delilah go to Katherine and Greta's wedding? And are Eddie and Delilah the end game?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts on "The Salesman," and then check out Jasmine's A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 10 review.

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