A Million Little Things Round Table: Has Maggie Become a Karen?

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Maggie went off on Dr. Jessica...again!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack, Jasmine, and Christine, debate Maggie's behavior, Rome and Omar's rivalry, Katherine's journey, and Eddie's evil professor on A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8.

And has Maggie become the series version of a Karen? Read on to find out what our round table team thinks...

A Million Little Things Round Table

Has Maggie become the proverbial "Karen" of the series? Do you think Maggie is done lashing out at people and will learn to communicate better moving forward?

Jack: I hope so. Maggie has become insufferable. She's always angry at someone, and it seems to be anyone except Colton, who is the source of a lot of her frustrations.

An Offering  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 5

I get she's a new mom and probably hasn't had a lot of sleep, but there was no reason for her outburst at Inez. She could have handled Inez's disrespect of her desire to be pacifier free in a more mature way.

And don't get me started on how she treats Jessica. If I were Jessica, I would not want to co-host with Maggie after the way she's behaved.

Jasmine: She totally has. I got into it a bit during my review and onTwitter as well, but Maggie's behavior has been irritating the crap out of me. The wild thing about it is that I'm not entirely sure it's a conscious decision by the writers.

She's textbook "Karen" these days, her treatment of Dr. Jessica specifically. It could flat-out be used in a seminar about microaggressions.

For Maggie to be a licensed therapist, her conflict resolution and communications skills have devolved beyond comprehension. I hope she's done. At this point, I won't be able to deal with Delilah and Maggie in the same episode.

Dr. Jessica has the mic -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8

Christine: Maggie has been horrible. She was angry at Colton but took it out on Jessica and Inez. At least Inez was actually doing that annoying baby voice, but Jessica has done nothing but be supportive of Maggie, and Maggie insists on making her the bad guy.

Yes, Maggie has become the "Karen" of the show. She can't see how inappropriate her own behavior is but takes out her unhappiness on everyone else, and in this case, two women of color who are trying to support her. It's maddening.

Did Inez overstep by giving Javier the pacifier? Was Maggie right to get angry?

Jack: She did overstep, but Maggie's reaction was way out of proportion.

Relatives sometimes want to "spoil" the baby or do things their way, and there are going to be many such instances, so Maggie has to find a way to deal with it other than having a tantrum.

Inez  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 7

Jasmine: Inez definitely overstepped, not unlike what you'd expect from an elder relative in this scenario. But Maggie's reaction was so disproportionate to what transpired, and it didn't help that she had been snipping and complaining about Inez before the pacifier incident.

I understood why Maggie was upset about Inez not respecting her wishes, especially when she's already insecure as a new mother, but her way of handling it was just abysmal, and I was disappointed in her.

Christine: Has anyone checked Maggie's credentials for being a therapist because her conflict resolution skills are the worst!

Inez was wrong about the pacifier (although I'll admit I broke down and gave my child one in less than a day), and her baby voice was annoying, but those are things you'd have to deal with in almost any relative and should have been easy enough for a trained therapist to address.

Maggie gave no recognition that Gary and Inez were working to rebuild their relationship or how much Inez was helping them with childcare. I know she's stressed and sleep deprived, but I still expected better from her.

Navigating Watler -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 7

Was Omar pushing the responsibility for Walter's care onto Rome and then resenting him for making decisions, or was Rome keeping too much information from Omar so he could be the savior?

Jack: I think Omar had the right to be upset that he wasn't in the loop, but by the same token, how often has he called Rome or Walter? Both men needed to make more of an effort to communicate.

Jasmine: I think it was a bit of both. Omar knew enough to know that Walter was having some health issues, but work kept him away, so it was not just the health thing. Omar just hasn't been around that much since his mother died.

However, Omar was right about Rome leaving him out of the loop and doing whatever he wanted with no regard for Omar's input. And Gina hit the nail on the head about Rome making himself the hero so he could be the martyr.

Walter Sips Tea-tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 7

Rome is still stuck on his brother being the irresponsible, spoiled little brother no matter what Omar does, and that's not fair.

Christine: Regina was spot on. Yes, Omar hasn't made as much of an effort as he should have to keep in touch since their mother died. But Rome should have kept his brother informed about how bad things were with their father. There's plenty of blame to go around here.

Do you find Omar and Rome's sibling rivalry hilarious, tedious, or just plain silly?

Jack: The scene where they were physically fighting/wrestling/whatever the heck that was was silly. I didn't like that at all. The rest of it was okay and felt realistic.

Jasmine: I expected to hate the silliness of them fighting like little kids more than I did. But I've honestly seen grown siblings act like that, so I couldn't even get mad at the scene.

Omar Returns -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8

It is a bit redundant, though, revisiting their sibling rivalry issues. I legitimately forgot about Rome having a brother, even though said brother is played by freaking Jay Pharoah, so that's a good picture of where I stand on the Howard brothers.

Christine: I wasn't a fan of the physical fight, and breaking the cookie jar was annoyingly silly. But otherwise, I appreciated how grown adults can easily fall into old patterns when it comes to siblings and parents.

Should Eddie have handled Professor Kraft differently? Were you surprised he would drop the class to save Nicole's job?

Jack: I loathe Professor Kraft with every fiber of my being. Her advisor was right that she has no empathy, and she's sought to humiliate Eddie at every turn.

Eddie should have lodged a complaint against her a long time ago. I don't know if it's his age or his disability that she doesn't like, but her treatment of him is cruel and unfair, and he shouldn't have to drop the class or tolerate any of it.

Catching Up -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 6

Jasmine: This woman should be fired. I was fuming every time she was onscreen. The exact same reason she couldn't be a therapist is why she also shouldn't be a teacher.

But I'm with Jack 100%. The irony of this woman threatening to go to the Dean is that he really should've filed a complaint and threatened to file a lawsuit against her for discrimination because that's exactly what she was doing.

Everyone in that class noticed it, and it made them uncomfortable as well. It bothers me that Eddie is still this guy who doesn't recognize his self-worth and thinks he's supposed to accept all the bad things or awful treatment directed at him.

I also wish he'd have consulted Katherine because she would have went for blood over that situation. I'm not surprised that he would put Nicole's interest ahead of his own, and I hate that too.

Psych Professor -tall  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 5

It also genuinely bothered me that Kraft didn't even approach Nicole to have a conversation before assuming the worst of her as well or having zero consideration for potentially costing this woman her job on hunches and speculation. Yeah, no. Kraft is on my poop list. She sucks.

Christine: Ugh. I've run into teachers like this. It's as though they treat their classroom as their own little empire, and sometimes they target one particular student. It's uncomfortable to watch, but the rest of the class knows their grades are on the line, too, so they mostly keep their mouths shut.

I wish Eddie would have confronted her in class when she accused him and Nicole of doing something inappropriate and then, while still shaken by the accusation, forced him to give his presentation.

But I can understand him wanting to give in. Sometimes it feels like the fight against power is pointless, and he didn't want Nicole to pay too.

Finding a Home  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8

Was Greta's mother correct? Is Katherine right where she needs to be right now?

Jack: I think so. Katherine has come a long way in her self-acceptance, and I'm thrilled she is also finding acceptance from Greta's parents.

Jasmine: While I'm still the most indifferent to the Katherine/Greta pairing, sure. Katherine seems happy right now.

More than anything, I'm glad that Katherine felt embraced by Greta's parents because she has difficulties with her mother, and we don't know anything about Eddie's parents, from who he must be estranged.

Greta Returns Home -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8

Katherine having that sense of family was beautiful to see, and them reassuring her that they could never hold a grudge against her being a teenager who hadn't figured things out for herself against her.

Christine: The more I see of Greta and Katherine, the more I like them. And yes, I think after everything Katherine has been through and how hard she's fought to feel comfortable in her own skin, this is right where she needs to be right now.

It appears a health scare with Charlie will have Delilah headed back to Boston. Do you want her back? Should she stick around?

Jack: I'm more interested in what's wrong with Charlie than in Delilah. But for Charlie's sake, if she's ill, her mother should be there.

Delilah's Future Plans - tall - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 1

However, I dislike Delilah more every time she shows up acting selfish, so I would prefer she comfort Charlie off-screen.

Jasmine: Should she, though? Can't she just delegate her parental responsibilities to her friends and Eddie the way she always has? I'm 90% sure that Danny and a nanny of some sort have been the ones raising Charlie this whole time, anyway.

I'm more interested in what could be wrong with Charlie than this being the thing that brings Delilah back (or is she only coming back to close on the house, and being there for Charlie is just a coincidence?}

I'm just not ready for her to be a pain in the ass, blaming Eddie for Charlie being ill or something like that. If it wasn't clear, facetime cameos were sufficient. I didn't need her to come back.

Christine: Ugh. Does anyone really want Delilah back? If poor Charlie is truly sick, then she deserves to have her mother there for her. But I have no desire to watch Delilah swoop in to take over or make Eddie feel guilty. She'd stay in France forever if I had my way.

Dr. Jessica - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8

What, if anything, disappointed you during this installment?

Jack: The last scene where Jessica and Maggie teamed up to force Colton to let them co-host grated on my nerves. Maggie has been so awful to Jessica that I don't want them working together. I'd rather Jessica work at a different station and crush Maggie in the ratings.

And the scene felt too light-hearted too. It made me feel like the message was that Maggie could treat Jessica however she wanted as long as she apologized when she found out she was wrong.

And the fact that the white character constantly bullies the Black woman and the Black woman forgives her without a second thought doesn't sit well with me.

Jasmine: Exactly what Jack said. All of it. That.

Birthing Plans -tall - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 4

Christine: Okay, Jack nailed that one. After how poorly Maggie treated Jessica, it was annoying to see her swoop in like some savior with a plan so they could both keep their jobs.

If we had seen Jessica and Maggie working on getting to that point together, it would have been satisfying, but as it was, disappointing isn't a strong enough word.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from "No Place Like Home"?

Jack: I loved all things Greta's parents!

Lon and Lonna -tall  - A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 8

Jasmine: Greta's parents really were the best and made me smile. They were so fun, and it hit me that they may be the first parents we've seen from this group who were genuinely great people, healthy and loving, who didn't have any hangups or issues with Greta.

It was a breath of fresh air. I especially appreciate that depiction because it's clear that as a gay woman, Greta grew up in a warm, loving, accepting household with a normal family. And it's important to see that, too.

Christine: Greta's parents were the best. It appears they've always loved and accepted their daughter for exactly who she is. Add in the Hanukkah sweaters and that her Dad is such a huge Star Wars fan that he can insert dialogue into real-life situations effortlessly, and I'm a big fan.

I also liked that Omar and Rome came up with the idea of renting Walter's house instead of selling it. If they can make enough in rent, that's a great alternative that allows Walter to get the help he needs without feeling like he's giving away his family home or his kids' inheritance. 

Meeting the Parents - A Million Little Things

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