Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Bradys Come Together For Bo

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Bo was stuck in a coma while Hope and the Brady clan rallied at his beside.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by PhloeForEver from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Bo's return so far, if Harris should stay or go, if Eric and Sloan will last, and more!

And are Chloe and Xander becoming roommates a good idea? See what our round table has to say...

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Bo is in a coma. So far, have you had a favorite part of his return saga?

PhloeForEver: My favorite part was when the Brady family reunited, and everyone was comforting each other over Bo being in a coma, saying he's a fighter and he's going to make it.

Bo and Hope's Reunion Gets Violent - Days of Our Lives

These scenes were so well done with that warm, close Brady family spirit. It dawned on me that the last time any Brady family scene mostly touched me was in 2008 when the entire family was on a plane and went to Ireland together.

I especially loved Ciara and Shawn interacting and the clan seeing that Kate wasn't dead.

Jack: I've enjoyed Bo and Hope's scenes. I loved the flashbacks as Hope talked to him on the cliff and Bo's growing realization of who he really was.

I know a lot of fans are unhappy about Shawn shooting Bo, but I think it's strong, soapy drama, and I'm enjoying Shawn's struggle with guilt over it.

I also am glad that my belief that Kate is alive has been confirmed.

Bo and Hope Come Face to Face - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I loved everyone coming together at the hospital. They felt like a real family, and that's not something we see enough of on Days.

And I love the twist of Shawn shooting Bo. It's great soapy drama and something that Shawn should struggle with for a while.

Harris Michaels said goodbye. Do you hope he leaves for good, or would you prefer he sticks around?

PhloeForEver: I really don't want Harris Michaels in Salem, and hope he leaves for good because he would just be another unwanted, unnecessary character to an already bloated cast of newcomers, such as Leo, Gwen, Sloan, Talia, and Colin.

I honestly don't enjoy his acting, as he's too wooden, dull, and unemotive. I'm honestly not interested in seeing Harris after Bope is gone. I'm much more intrigued with newcomers like Talia and Colin and this storyline with the drugged biscuits.

A Guilt-Filled Harris - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I don't mind Harris, but now that Hope's gone back to Bo, what is there for him to do? Unless Eve returns to rekindle her high school romance with Harris, he'll be hanging around Salem doing nothing, so he might as well move on.

Christine: Ugh, please tell me Harris is leaving soon. He's so dull, robotic, and uninteresting. He was put here to be a lame obstacle between Bo and Hope.

Now that they are together, I'm begging the writers let him go somewhere far, far away from Salem.

What do you think of Xander and Chloe becoming roommates? Does this have potential, or is it a horrible idea?

PhloeForEver: Xander and Chloe playing darts at the pub was the most fun and animated I've seen Chloe in a while. Contrast that to when she has to deal with rude Rachel, who doesn't like her.

Chloe and Xander's Next Step - Days of Our Lives

But having them as roommates is a bad idea, as I expect the platonic vibe will turn sexual, and attraction may grow.

Brady and Chloe don't seem to be in a relationship due to Rachel, and Xander appears to be single. The atmosphere already seemed sexual when they had Xander answer the door in his boxers when Chloe came over unannounced.

Even the house plant Chloe brought over symbolized that they could grow and blossom.

Jack: If I believed they would just stay platonic, I'd be behind this. Chloe has fun with Xander, and it's nice to see her smile.

But DAYS is stuck on this idea of men and women never being just friends. So moving in together is going to lead to romance sooner or later, and I'd rather not see that.

Chloe's New Friendship - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Chloe and Xander have the potential to be really entertaining roommates in the vein of the Odd Couple. But I really do want to see them remain platonic. That would be a lot more fun than having them become a couple or even a one-time hookup.

Eric and Sloan are officially a couple. Do you think they will last?

PhloeForEver: I don't think Eric and Sloan will last. Eric is constantly attracted to Nicole, who is his first love, even while being with Sloan, which causes some resentment on Sloan's part.

Even though they were drugged, I believe the subconscious side of Eric and Nicole freely came out, with them telling each other exactly how they felt about each other, which was most likely the truth.

Like Nicole telling him, he was more exciting to her, and EJ was boring, and the uninhabited fun of silly laughing they had with each other.

Back on Track - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I doubt it. The writers are convinced that Eric and Nicole are soulmates even though they've proven over and over that they're horrible for each other.

Christine: I actually like Eric when he's with Sloan. He's more fun and less judgmental.

Eric and Nicole have made one another miserable over and over again, but the writers keep pushing them together. I'm so tired of it that it. Eric and Sloan are far more interesting as a couple to me.

Talia not only drugged the biscuits, but she did it for Colin, Sloan's brother. Do you think Colin and Talia are really in love, or is she being manipulated?

PhloeForEver: Talia is being manipulated by Colin. I hated when she said that she gave up her medical career to help out Colin with this plan.

Talia's Secret Meeting - Days of Our Lives

She seems like she still has a longing for medicine and would have been good at it because of her sharp memory.

Colin seems to have a temper if she dares to defy him, and it looks like she always has to try to please him by being on his side in the matter.

He doesn't seem to care that she gave up her medical career for him or that her drugging the biscuits could get her arrested. It should have been Colin drugging the biscuits if he wanted to get back at Chanel.

Talia was a fool to this for her boyfriend when he could turn ungrateful on her very easily.

Jack: I didn't see anything about Colin's behavior that would make Talia feel she was in love with him and willing to risk everything for him.

Leo Has Questions - Days of Our Lives

This story would make more sense if he was blackmailing her. His abusive behavior, followed by apologies and declarations of how hard his mother's death has been for him, seemed like pure manipulation.

Christine: Colin seems like a master manipulator, but what intrigues me is why Talia has gotten sucked in by him. Why does she need his approval so much that she walked away from her medical career to help him?

But this can happen in real life too, and I hope Days does this kind of psychological drama some justice. Jada seems independent and strong, but her sister has succumbed to this type of manipulation. Uncovering the reasons for that is something I'd find interesting.

Will the biscuit fiasco be the end of Sweet Bits? How should Chanel handle this debacle?

PhloeForEver: The biscuit fiasco will be the end of Sweet Bits because of the struggle of Chanel and Talia couldn't even give away the baked goods for free. The longer this case goes on with no arrest being made, the more likely Chanel's business will be ruined.

Hot, Heavy, and Drugged - Days of Our Lives

Chanel keeps hearing that Sloan can't be arrested because there is no evidence, despite how she feels. She should come to realize that she doesn't know much about Talia.

She should look at Talia more objectively and see that she could have knowledge of different types of drugs and their effects and have maliciously used them since she had access to her bakery.

Jack: Chanel needs PR help! I know Stephanie's in Greece, but since she works for Paulina, why not reach out and see what spin can be put on this?

Christine: I was surprised that Pauline hadn't mentioned hiring Stephanie to help save Sweet Bits from this public relations fallout, especially since yelling at people in the Square didn't work. (insert eye-roll here)

Tripp and Wendy's First Date - Days of Our Lives

Wendy was making out with Tripp when she learned that Johnny was drugged and wanted her back. Who should Wendy choose?

PhloeForEver: Wendy seemed more interested in Tripp. She could have sulked around a little in Salem, depressed over how her relationship with Johnny went, but instead, she took a plane to fly out to see Tripp.

She could have waited for Tripp to return to Salem but didn't. I have always felt more of a spark with Johnny and Chanel more than with Johnny and Wendy, and I get the feeling Johnny may not be over Chanel completely.

Plus, I honestly would like to see Johnny and Chanel get another chance since Allie is no longer in town. So I think Wendy should keep spending time with Tripp and see how far this relationship goes.

Jack: Ugh, I hate this triangle with a passion. Wendy is clearly more into Tripp, and she needs to stop flip-flopping and admit it. She's probably going to run back to Johnny now, leaving Tripp out in the cold. I'm at the point where I don't care. Just pick one of these guys and stick with him.

Wendy Visits Tripp - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Wendy and Johnny are cute but there's no real chemistry there. And whether they were drugged or not, Johnny likely has real feelings for Chanel.

I'm not completely sold on the Wendy and Tripp pairing, but at this point it makes more sense to explore that than trying to keep her with Johnny.

What, if anything, disappointed you on this week's Days of Our Lives?

PhloeForEver: Abe's behavior, demanding without proper evidence that it should be Sloan who is arrested for the drugged biscuits, all because Paulina thinks it is her. Being employed in the legal system, he should be aware that all suspects should be treated fairly in the eyes of the law

I remember Abe trying to be a fair and honest cop. I was glad when Rafe told him he thought he was too close to this case.

Paulina Confronts Sloan - Days of Our Lives

Jack: As I said, I hate the Wendy triangle. It's a waste of airtime and makes her seem flighty.

I also wish that Talia wasn't involved in the drugging of the biscuits. If she has to be, as I mentioned, I'd much rather it be because Colin is blackmailing her. That would give her a chance at redemption and would make more sense.

I like Chanel, but her idea that Alex should seduce Sloan to get to the truth was ridiculous.

Eric and Brady's conversation was equally so. Brady needs to stop trying to control Chloe!

I also was waiting for Eric to point out that Kristen drugged him in the past when Brady went on and on about how Sloan probably drugged the biscuits.

Alex is Thrown Off - Days of Our Lives

Christine: Abe also annoyed me this week. He was a cop. He knows Sloan can't be arrested without evidence, so why is he yelling at Rafe and Jada about it?

And enough of Chanel and Paulina ranting about Sloan. They've become more annoying than Ms. Peterson.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week in Salem?

PhloeForEver: Even though it was just a fantasy, I liked when Hope imagined Bo coming out of his coma and calling her fancy face, and the joyful feelings and looks all around.

It showed the urgency, desperation, and realism of how she wouldn't take this moment for granted if he would just wake up after so much time lost and wasted.

Ciara Tries to Comfort Shawn - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I loved all the family scenes at Bo's bedside! I'm especially excited that Chelsea is pregnant and hope she visits Salem with her baby one day!

Christine: I loved Shawn and Ciara asking about one another's families and reaching out to Chelsea. And Kayla and Roman really felt like their aunt and uncle in the hospital scenes. I hope Days does more of these types of family scenes in the future.

Now it's your turn, Days fans. Were you happy with the hospital scenes while Bo's in a coma? Do you want Harris to stay or go? And should Eric stay with Sloan or are you still rooting for Ericole?

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