And Just Like That... Reunites Carrie and Aidan, but is the Spark Still There?

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Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan's (John Corbett) relationship was a pivotal part of the original Sex and the City.

For many fans, he was Carrie's one that got away.

While many people would balk at the idea of Carrie's person being the one that got away after her passionate relationship with Big (Chris Noth), Thursday's new episode of And Just Like That... leads me to believe Carrie and Aidan could be endgame.

Reunited... at Last - And Just Like That...

Who would have thought it?

Parker and Corbett's chemistry on-screen is undeniable, but how did their reunion play out?

Grinning About Her Date - And Just Like That...

In true AJLT fashion, Carrie and her friends Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) made a mountain out of a molehill over the fact Aidan was in town and asked Carrie to have dinner. The day he requested happened to fall on Valentine's Day.

Obviously, that would be romantic as hell, but it may not be entirely appropriate when you consider they've been out of each other's lives for so long.

"A girlfriend would be letting him know," Charlotte said of the day and date of the meet-up.

"So the way I see it is either a.) he knows, and he's asked you to dinner on Valentine's Day, or b.) he doesn't know, and he doesn't have a girlfriend."

Wrong Restaurant? - And Just Like That...

When the big day finally arrived, Carrie realized she had been waiting on Aidan at the wrong restaurant.

When it seemed like this reunion 13 years in the making wasn't going ahead on the Max hit, Carrie found Aidan, and it was evident they were still very interested in one another.

After one of the most romantic dates in franchise history, they got in a cab and found themselves outside Carrie's apartment.

That's where things almost went awry.

And Just Like That... They're on a Date

Aidan didn't have the best memories of the apartment after their relationship imploded all those years ago.

"At the restaurant, I thought how great… We're back where we started," he shared.

"But this is where we ended, with the f---ing wall I couldn't break through, the floors… I redid. That's all bad, and it's all in there."

"I'm never going in there again," he affirmed before slowly walking away.

Warm Embrace - And Just Like That...

Thankfully, he wasn't completely closing the door on a relationship with Carrie due to her apartment.

"F--- it … This is New York. They have hotels, right?"

Yes, they do indeed, Aidan. Then, he and Carrie indulged in a kiss!

Yes, they are soooo getting back together. Hopefully, this time, they can stand the test of time.

And Just Like That's Carrie and Aidan

If it falls apart, they'll know they tried to make it work. You don't always get to revisit an old relationship, with timing generally keeping people apart.

What are your thoughts on the reunion?

Hit the comments.

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