13 Bisexual TV Characters Who Deserve Your Attention

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When looking for LGBTQ+ representation on TV, sometimes, the B for bisexual seems so stuck in the middle that it gets overlooked.

But there are some stellar queer characters on a wide range of shows that are too good to miss.

Although some started out bi and proud, with others, the reveal took a little more time. And with some, we've gotten to go on their journey as they've figured it out for themselves along the way. 

Check out these 13 bisexual characters that deserve your attention now.


1. Nick Nelson - Heartstopper

Nick Nelson - Heartstopper
During Heartstopper Season 1, everyone in Nick Nelson’s life assumed he was straight, maybe even him, until he fell for fellow student Charlie Spring. Where Charlie was already gay and out, Nick took a little longer to realize he was bisexual.

When Nick finally felt comfortable enough to come out to his mum, we just wanted to reach through the screen and hug them both.

Alice Osemon, the creator of Heartstopper, warned us that Nick will face more obstacles in season 2 as he navigates being bi and out with his father, brother, and mates. But Nick is one of the nicest, strongest characters on TV, and we hope to see him and Charlie weather every storm that comes their way and find their joy wherever they can.

2. Chanel Dupree - Days of Our Lives

Chanel Dupree - Days of Our Lives
While Chanel’s sexual fluidity and disinterest in labels surprised some viewers, it was a breath of fresh air for others. Chanel showed up in Salem a bit of a mess. She took advantage of her new friends for free Champagne, married Xander for his money, then dumped him when it turned out he had none.

Over time, she’s become a self-assured young woman running her own business and finding love with Johnny and Allie. (The fact that Johnny and Allie are twins is a subject we’d need an entirely separate post for!)

Considering the show had never had two women in a relationship before Chanel showed up, her romance with Allie was new for some and about darn time for others! But now we couldn’t imagine Salem without Chanel, no matter who she chooses to give her heart to next.

3. Maya Bishop - Station 19

Maya Bishop - Station 19
Maya's sexuality is a vital part of who she is, but it isn't all that defines her making her one of the most compelling characters in the series.

The series strikes the right balance of not forgetting that label while also not making that her sole identity, and we've seen her through multiple relationships with men and women, including one of her best friends and colleagues, Jack, before marrying Carina.

As the couple embarks on the next stage of their relationship -- starting a family, the series explores all the joys and hurdles that women and queer people go through when planning a family.

4. Mika Yasuda - Grey's Anatomy

Mika Yasuda - Grey's Anatomy
Mika became an instant fan-favorite of the latest group of interns who have already won our hearts. In many ways, you can consider her the next generation Callie Torres, giving us a badass woman, doctor, and great bi rep too.

Bold, fierce, and willing to speak her mind, she's become a force to be reckoned with and one of the strongest of the herd, impressing her superiors as well as becoming a grounding force for many of her peers, especially her roommates.

One of the highlights of the season is the budding romance she's formed with Helm. She serves as one of the only interns who finds a healthy romance by the season's end.

5. Raffaela Musiker - Star Trek: Picard

Raffaela Musiker - Star Trek: Picard
The brilliant and outspoken Raffi has been a controversial figure since her introduction on Star Trek: Picard Season 1 as Picard's Gal Friday with equal parts genius and mad skills.

Fans of the squeaky-clean Trek vision of the future were troubled by her challenges with addiction and obsessive conspiracy theorizing. Her pursuit of the truth of the Mars Shipyards attack and the subsequent abandoning of the Romulan evacuation cost her her relationships with her husband and son.

Signing on board with Picard for one last desperate mission, she found new passion and purpose at the side of Fenris Ranger X-B, Seven, aka Seven of Nine.

Raffi approaches everything -- life, love, mission, friendships -- with fiery emotion and intensity, and her approach is always fascinating.

6. Jeremiah Fisher- The Summer I Turned Pretty

Jeremiah Fisher- The Summer I Turned Pretty
While Jeremiah doesn't outright say the word "bisexual," he does mention that he's "equal opportunity," which is his response when a guy who is interested in him accuses him of being a tease.

He subsequently makes out with the guy, thus creating a new canon for Jeremiah's sexuality in the show that's different from the book.

The series manages to capture the shift in perception of sexuality, particularly in younger generations, as Jeremiah is happily comfortable with sexual fluidity and exploring to whom he feels an attraction.

7. Kitty - XO, Kitty

Kitty - XO, Kitty
In XO, Kitty, the series does a fantastic job of allowing Kitty to slowly have her bisexual awakening without it being that big of a deal.

What started as her relocating to South Korea to be near her boyfriend, Dae, becomes a perfect coming-of-age experience on many levels as she explores a crush on Yuri, too, and discovers various aspects of cultural, sexual, and other forms of her identity.

8. Toni Topaz - Riverdale

Toni Topaz - Riverdale
Toni was a canon bisexual presence within the comics and that opened the door for representation right off the bat. She was an engaging character all on her own, and then she and Cheryl crossed paths.

Cheryl learning more about her sexuality took from the strength that Toni radiated herself. These two have been through a lot and yet they continue to make us wish they had more scenes of them together. We hope to see more of Toni's story throughout the series.

9. Carina DeLuca - Station 19

Carina DeLuca - Station 19
Initially, Carina's fluid, unapologetic sexual prowess was controversial to some for fear that it was a common stereotype of bisexuality. However, viewers quickly realized that she was a layered, strong, confident woman who owned who and what she was and prompted others to do the same.

We've gotten to follow Carina through multiple casual relationships from Owen to Arizona, but she finally settled down and married Maya. Since then, the couple has become one of the most endearing relationships in the Grey's universe.

10. Samantha Jones - Sex and the City / And Just Like That

Samantha Jones - Sex and the City / And Just Like That
Sex and the City seemed to have some real bi-phobia back in the day. Heck, Carrie probably validated an entire generation’s ignorance about bisexuality when she said, “I’m not even sure bisexuality exists. I think it’s just a layover on the way to Gaytown.”

But as much as they downplayed it or played it for bad jokes, Samantha had real feelings for Maria.

With Samantha returning for season 2 of And Just Like That and the hope that the writers are more evolved than they were in 2001, perhaps Samantha being attracted to the person, and not just a specific gender, is something they’ll explore with her return.

11. Kat Edison - The Bold Type

Kat Edison - The Bold Type
Kat had no idea that pushing to interview Adena for Scarlet magazine in the pilot of The Bold Type would make her realize this part of herself that she never knew existed. Through her interactions with Adena, Kat Edison navigated her sexuality and came to realize that she wasn’t just into men.

Her interest in those two genders was acknowledged throughout the first season, and even though she is very committed to Adena, Kat continues to have one of the best portrayals of trying to figure out your sexuality, and that was only the beginning of the show.

The Bold Type has recently been renewed for two more seasons, with the second season promising more Kat and Adena as they explore their relationship. The first two episodes set a tone for the stories that queer women deserve to see on screen.

12. Clarke Griffin - The 100

Clarke Griffin - The 100
Clarke Griffin is the first bisexual female lead on network television, that alone holds quite a weight on the importance she manages to bring to the show and her fans.

Clarke was shown to be interested in men and women throughout the four seasons of the show, and she continues to pave the way for a new kind of LGBTQ+ character storytelling.

Clarke’s sexuality isn’t her entire arc, in fact Clarke was the incredibly rare exception of a lead character that was established to be queer before the audience even knew. Clarke is a wonderful portrayal of a bisexual character just existing and being this positive representation because of who she is. Her bravery, her intelligence, the way she is now connecting to her emotions, her need to keep her loved ones safe are just a few small examples of what makes Clarke so amazing. And to have her also be bisexual, this reminds fans that they are out there on TV, with characters like Clarke showing that you can exist in this way.

Clarke was just this remarkable lead on The 100 who happens to like multiple genders, it builds an interesting portrayal that will continue as the fifth season keeps pulling us forward.

13. Sara Lance - DC Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance - DC Legends of Tomorrow
Sara Lance was the perfect example of effortless representation, offering the idea of a strong female character that just happened to be bisexual.

The relationships she has inbetween being a cool superhero are constant reminders that Sara is just living life and finds herself interested in multiple genders.

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