13 Bisexual TV Characters Who Deserve Your Attention

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LGBTQ+ representation is scarce and bisexuality is just one of many groups where it can be hard to find a TV character that identifies as such.

But there are still wonderful queer characters being written on a wide range of shows, and some even get to be revealed or introduced as bisexual down the line. 

Now bisexual characters aren't always labeled as such, sometimes we have to figure out the small hints that are slipped into the show or we need to go outside of the show, checking to see what the cast/crew are saying.

Below is a slideshow that combines cofirmed bisexual characters with a selection of TV characters that may be or should be labeled as such.


1. Clarke Griffin - The 100

Clarke Griffin - The 100
Clarke Griffin is the first bisexual female lead on network television, that alone holds quite a weight on the importance she manages to bring to the show and her fans.

Clarke was shown to be interested in men and women throughout the four seasons of the show, and she continues to pave the way for a new kind of LGBTQ+ character storytelling.

Clarke’s sexuality isn’t her entire arc, in fact Clarke was the incredibly rare exception of a lead character that was established to be queer before the audience even knew. Clarke is a wonderful portrayal of a bisexual character just existing and being this positive representation because of who she is. Her bravery, her intelligence, the way she is now connecting to her emotions, her need to keep her loved ones safe are just a few small examples of what makes Clarke so amazing. And to have her also be bisexual, this reminds fans that they are out there on TV, with characters like Clarke showing that you can exist in this way.

Clarke was just this remarkable lead on The 100 who happens to like multiple genders, it builds an interesting portrayal that will continue as the fifth season keeps pulling us forward.

2. Rosa Diaz - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa Diaz - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Rosa was already this badass presence on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but she offered a new kind of bravery not only for herself but also to her fans when she came out as bisexual. Through her parents not accepting the fact that she wasn't straight and her friends being pure and supportive of her, Rosa redefined what it means to be a bisexual hero.

Rosa saying the word bisexual multiple times within the show also allowed it to be acknowledged in a way that it isn't always. Labels can be important for people and Rosa offered fans that. Now she is also becoming meet cute goals, with her and Alicia giving us the cutest potential couple.

3. Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles

Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles
There can never be enough badass ladies fighting the world and coming out on top, which is why Eretria is so freaking fantastic. She has been linked to both guys and girls, but outside of that she has her own journey that she is focused on.

The Shannara Chronicles ended its first season with Eretria in potential danger when she stumbles upon an unknown to the audience person.

In its second season that returned on the now retired Spike Channel, Eretria offered representation in the form of a F/F relationship with a woman named Lyria. It was this healthy relationship that offered even more options for fans looking to find themselves on TV.

4. Kat Edison - The Bold Type

Kat Edison - The Bold Type
Kat had no idea that pushing to interview Adena for Scarlet magazine in the pilot of The Bold Type would make her realize this part of herself that she never knew existed. Through her interactions with Adena, Kat Edison navigated her sexuality and came to realize that she wasn’t just into men.

Her interest in those two genders was acknowledged throughout the first season, and even though she is very committed to Adena, Kat continues to have one of the best portrayals of trying to figure out your sexuality, and that was only the beginning of the show.

The Bold Type has recently been renewed for two more seasons, with the second season promising more Kat and Adena as they explore their relationship. The first two episodes set a tone for the stories that queer women deserve to see on screen.

5. Camille Engelson - Stitchers

Camille Engelson - Stitchers
There’s nothing like slipping into a conversation that you are not only interested in men, which is exactly what Camille did on Stitchers.

At first it seemed like that would be it, Camille would be an amazing member of the team who happened to like men and women, until the writers took it further by also giving us some necessary F/F representation.

Camille met Amanda and their chemistry was off the charts, even though they hit a few rough patches before they finally figured out how to make the relationship work.

Sadly Stitchers will not be returning, but it definitely needs to be, not only for Camille and Amanda even though they were a big part of why the show stood out so well.

6. Magnus Bane - Shadowhunters

Magnus Bane - Shadowhunters
Magnus Bane was an intriguing force from the moment he appeared on Shadowhunters. It was through his relationship with Alec though that we not only felt for him but also managed to pull inspiration from the confidance that Magnus offered.

He is a talented warlock and he is never ashamed of who he is, that never fails to be exciting to experience.

7. Audrey Jensen - Scream

Audrey Jensen - Scream
Audrey Jensen is not one for labels, considering herself bicurious as her interest for women was revealed to the whole school before she was ready to really tell anyone. But she took it in stride, not letting this horrible invasion of privacy take away from who she knows she is.

Audrey doesn’t have huge amounts of time to explore relationships with women or men in the show, at least in the beginning when she is just figuring out that there is a serial killer trying to harm her.

But she never lets anyone forget who she is, even mentioning that she had a crush on Emma when they were younger, solidifying that her story was a lot like other LGBTQ+ kids.

It is during the Halloween special for Scream that we learn about Audrey’s new girlfriend Gina. We don’t know too much about them yet but Gina is jealous of Audrey’s relationship with Emma and I am here for it.

Sadly MTV decided to reboot Scream completely, losing Audrey and the importance she had for many fans of the show. Hopefully the new characters continue to offer diverse journeys for the audience to connect with.

8. Amanita - Sense8

Amanita - Sense8
Amanita stole our hearts when she appeared as Nomi's supportive and outspoken girlfriend, but she quickly reminded us that she was much more than that.

Amanita continues to be an incredible ally to the entire sensates group, while reminding us that she is the literal defintion of girlfriend goals.

9. Eleanor Shellstrop - The Good Place

Eleanor Shellstrop - The Good Place
Eleanor is very relatable when she appears in The Good Place after her death, only to realize she doesn't belong there. Her attempts to figure out a way to stay are highly entertaining, but so are her scenes with Tahani.

Now Tahani is freaking great but Eleanor spends too much time saying she dislikes her while complimenting her entire existence.

Who else would kill to see the longer scenario where Michael had Tahani as Eleanor's soulmate?

10. Ilana Wexler - Broad City

Ilana Wexler - Broad City
Ilana could probably teach all of us a thing or two, but I doubt any of us would be as fabulous as her. That is why it is so fun to watch Ilana get herself into some pretty shocking situations, with Abbi always by her side.

Broad City is the story of Ilana and Abbi, and I could definitely get behind Ilana's brilliant idea that they should get married. And if not, Alia Shawkat's character on Broad City was my greatest dream realized.

11. Sara Lance - DC Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance - DC Legends of Tomorrow
Sara Lance was the perfect example of effortless representation, offering the idea of a strong female character that just happened to be bisexual.

The relationships she has inbetween being a cool superhero are constant reminders that Sara is just living life and finds herself interested in multiple genders.

12. Darryl Whitefeather - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Darryl Whitefeather - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Darryl Whitefeather deserves an extra round of applause for creating an epic music video about being bisexual, both calling out biphobia, and creating bi pride for all the fans that see themselves in Darryl.

It is even harder sometimes to find a guy who feels like he can identify as bisexual which is why having Darryl as one of those examples is that great. He is a scene stealing character, and him and White Josh are pretty much the most healthy couple on the show right now so they have to make it work during the last season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

13. Toni Topaz - Riverdale

Toni Topaz - Riverdale
Toni is a newcomer to the Riverdale world, but she was a canon bisexual presence within the comics and that opened the door for representation right off the bat. She was an engaging character all on her own, and then she and Cheryl crossed paths.

Cheryl learning more about her sexuality took from the strength that Toni radiated herself. These two have been through a lot already and yet they continue to make us wish we had more scenes of them together. Luckily, Toni will be back for Season 3 and hopefully this is only the beginning of her story.

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