Angela Lopez works for the LAPD. She starts the series as a training officer before getting promoted to detective.

She's fierce, witty, and one of the first to charge headfirst into danger that comes her way.

She's currently partners with Nyla Harper.

Angela is married to Wesley and has two children.

Angela Lopez Quotes

Angela: I'm in.
Tim: You sure?
Angela: I got your back, boo.

Tim: What are you doing?
Angela: Being a friend. What are you doing? Talk.
Tim: I can't. For your own good.
Angela: Are you engaged in a criminal act?
Tim: Not at the moment.
Angela: Then tell me.
Tim: Angela... if this goes sideways and you're anywhere near it, you could be fired.
Angela: If Lucy gets fired, it's a problem. If I get fired, I start living off my husband's trust fund and call it wine o'clock, so spill.

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The Rookie Quotes

Tim: The Tim Tests, those don't make me like him.
Lucy: I know. You're nothing like him. Come here, you're nothing like him.

Becks handle things on their own.