Oscar: I want you to help me break out of prison.
Monica: Deal.

Someone is trying to kill me, and I need to know who.


Weak links get fixed, permanently. I'm not the one you need to be afraid of. I'm your best shot at getting out of this alive.

Nolan [to Blair]

Lucy: To be clear, I am still mad at you, okay? This doesn't change anything.
Tim: No, it doesn't.
Lucy: Are you okay?
Tim: I am now.

I'm standing beside him 1000%. He's family.


Grey: That wasn't awkward at all.
Bradford: Believe it or not, this is better than it has been.
Grey: Well, you need to fix it. Dysfunction kills team efficiency, and I'm not going out like that, so you need to work it out. Otherwise, I'm going to have to choose who stays or who transfers to North Hollywood, and trust me, it won't be Officer Chen who goes.

Grey: In the name of the Los Angeles Police Department, I hereby appoint you as acting training officer for the day.
Chen: Is that something you can do, sir?
Grey: I'm all-powerful.

Mad Dog: It wasn't supposed to go down like this?
Bradford: What do you mean? Did you compromise the op?

Angela: Quickie in the janitor's closet?
Wesley: Wait, do you have time?
Angela: A girl can fantasize.

Thorsen: Can I ask you why y'all split up?
Bradford: No.

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.


Lucy: I hope you know that you always have a home with me.
Tamara: I know. Thank you. Stealing your car is probably the best decision I ever made.

The Rookie Quotes

Tim: The Tim Tests, those don't make me like him.
Lucy: I know. You're nothing like him. Come here, you're nothing like him.

Becks handle things on their own.