Dana Sue Sullivan is the owner and chef at Sullivan's. She also co-owns the Corner Spa with Maddie Townsend and Helen Decatur. In Season 1, Dana Sue fainted and was diagnosed with diabetes.

Her estranged husband Ronnie returned at the end of Season 1. Instead of signing divorce papers, Ronnie stayed and fought for their marriage. They spent lots of time discussing what they both did wrong in marriage counseling.

Dana Sue appears tough sometimes, but she loves hard. This is often apparent with her teenage daughter, Annie.

Dana Sue Sullivan Quotes

Dana Sue: How do we fix this?
Erik: I don't think we can, especially in a place where everyone is holding their breath and watching my every move.

Dana Sue: You have to make a decision at some point.
Maddie: Maybe this isn't that point yet.
Helen: Isn't it?

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