Ten years after leaving SVU, Stabler now works for the Organized Crime Unit, often going undercover or otherwise driving his boss nuts with his refusal to follow orders.

Elliot Stabler Quotes

Stabler: You can't come with me. You're not supposed to be here.
Jet: We're all out of our jurisdiction, especially you.
Stabler: I'm already in hot water. If this goes sideways, Sarge isn't gonna have a team to come back to.

I'm gonna find her. Maybe you think you've gone too far, but you haven't. You can stop this.

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Law & Order: Organized Crime Quotes

Mob Boss: Why am I here?
Stabler: You know why I'm dressed like this? I just buried my wife.

Criminal: Say I was able to get a message to Mrs. Sinatra. What would I tell her?
Stabler: What happened in Puglisia didn't stay in Puglisia