Emily Lopez is a tough and determined public defender who practices holistic law. Now that she's working for the PD again, her methods will be interesting combined with Luke's.

Emily and Luke have had an on/off-again relationship and recently reunited in the mid-season finale.

Emily has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks when dealing with domestic abuse cases due to her past, and she's a huge advocate for getting help for mental health issues.

Emily Lopez Quotes

Mrs. Ellington: Do you have any kids?
Emily: No, I don’t
Mrs. Ellington: Well, when you do, you’ll understand. They shape your future and run your life.

We could win without your testimony but lose with it.

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All Rise Quotes

Sherri: Your honor?
Lola: This is a big moment for me. I just want to be present for it.

Mark: Your honor? Your Honor? Lola? I know you're up here. Why does it always have to be the top floor?
Lola: Because I don't want anyone to find me.
Mark: I told you to be sphinx-like.
Lola: I can't talk about my case.
Mark: It's okay. Lots of other people are.
Lola: Thanks a lot.
Mark: The sphinx has survived for 4500 years by silently staring down the enemy and then asking the right questions.
Lola: She wasn't dealing with LAPD and... I can't talk about it. It's just that... up on that bench, in this thing, everything is different. And that detective, I need to make a difference, but I can't tell if this is the battle, or this is the war.
Mark: What can I do?
Lola: Visit me at traffic court in Palmdale.
Mark: Never gonna happen.