Luke: Em, I love you.
Emily: I love you too, Watkins.

Lola: How did it go with your parents?
Sherri: Well, I wasn't allowed to see them.
Lola: Then try again. This can wait.
Sherri: No, you don't understand.
Lola: No, I don't understand, but you are worried, which makes me worried, so go and try again. I'll be fine here.

Andre: The real question, my dear, is why is my being in your courtroom a problem? I was under the impression you were a happily married woman.
Lola: I most certainly am.

Lola: You don’t get to rewrite history. Not today.
Andre: I just didn’t think I would be enough for you.
Lola: Don’t say that. I was the one that tried to make it work.
Andre: Think about it. If I would’ve been enough for you, you never would have left me in the first place!
Lola: You ended it! You did. You decided your path was the only path and you never looked back.

Maddy, I promise you, not only are we going to lock up Brandon Page, but you’re going to be able to be with your sister without protective detail.


Let’s just say the Brandon nation is very protective, and I don’t know how they’ll react to the uncool treatment of me.


Collier: Why haven’t you told him that divorce papers were signed? Been signed? Is there something I should know about? Are you having second thoughts?
Amy: No. I wanted to make sure you were okay first.

Mark: What reason could you possibly have for not wanting to start our life together? Or is that? Did you change your mind about us?
Amy: You are so way off base.
Mark: Then what is it? This whole time I thought Collier was the holdout and it’s you.

This conversation is far from over.


Mark: Did Lola tell you, or did you overhear us in chambers this morning?
Robin: I was just doing my job.
Mark: I didn’t take you for the type to take advantage of our friendship, let alone your marriage.

Emily: I promised Gloria I would keep Maddie safe, and believe me, I’ve tried, but this is beyond the scope of my practice.
Mark: As long as Maddie is roaming the streets, she is within Brandon Page’s reach. You can help protect her. She trusts you.

It wasn’t the first time Franklin drugged Eden. He sexually assaulted her not once, not twice, but three times at least. I don’t know what to do.


All Rise Quotes

Sherri: Your honor?
Lola: This is a big moment for me. I just want to be present for it.

Mark: Your honor? Your Honor? Lola? I know you're up here. Why does it always have to be the top floor?
Lola: Because I don't want anyone to find me.
Mark: I told you to be sphinx-like.
Lola: I can't talk about my case.
Mark: It's okay. Lots of other people are.
Lola: Thanks a lot.
Mark: The sphinx has survived for 4500 years by silently staring down the enemy and then asking the right questions.
Lola: She wasn't dealing with LAPD and... I can't talk about it. It's just that... up on that bench, in this thing, everything is different. And that detective, I need to make a difference, but I can't tell if this is the battle, or this is the war.
Mark: What can I do?
Lola: Visit me at traffic court in Palmdale.
Mark: Never gonna happen.