Helen Decatur is a fierce attorney who has a heart of gold under her rough exterior. She would do anything to fight for her two best friends, Maddie and Dana Sue.

Besides that, Helen inspires the younger generation with her friends' kids and her intern, CeCe. Helen suffered a miscarriage in Sweet Magnolias Season 2, and she still wants children in her life more than anything.

Helen is also torn between the two men in her life, her first love Ryan Wingate, and the sexy chef Erik Whitley, who has stood by her through her pain.

Helen Decatur Quotes

Dana Sue: You have to make a decision at some point.
Maddie: Maybe this isn't that point yet.
Helen: Isn't it?

Helen: I need you to trust me.
Cal: I do. I just wish we were not having this conversation. I wish I didn't let him get to me.

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