Sebastian Stan stars as Jack Benjamin on NBC's drama, Kings.  Jack is the handsome, arrogant son of King Silas.  Stan ends up being caught as a prisoner of war and is rescued by David Shepard.

Jack Benjamin Quotes

Random Chick: I can't believe you came out tonight, you almost died
Jack Benjamin: But I didn't, that calls for more living

Ronny: You are partying with royalty tonight so things are different tonight. Physics don't apply, velvet ropes unhook like bra straps. Everything comes free. We don't pay for food, we don't pay for drinks, we don't approach girls
Jack: All things come to us

Kings Quotes

Soldier: Your mother makes the best brownies, what's in these man?
David: Guilt

David: I can't charge you for a piece of tape
Reverand Samuels: It's your time I owe you for