Jordan Baker is the older Baker twin. He's always butted heads with Billy, feeling like Billy preferred Spencer and his football skills.

Jordan started dating Layla in Season 4, and they got engaged in the Season 5 finale.

Jordan Baker Quotes

Look, Spence, contrary to what the media and the Boosters are saying, this is not all on your head. The whole team is going to lead us to the chip.


Spence, the football pressure is what it is. This is a critical year, but for the Liv part, I suggest you figure out those answers before she gets home tomorrow. The rest will fall into place.

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All American Quotes

How about you take care of your own damn problems and stop making them mine?

Preach [to Coop]

In this family, we don't hide from conflict. We face it, own our part, and make it better.

Grace [to Spencer]