Lana Lang (Krisitn Kreuk) was introduced since the pilot of Smallville as a potential love interest for Clark Kent.  During the first season she's dating Whitney Fordman, but by season two she and Clark grow closer.  He eventually pushes her into the arms of Lex Luthor by hiding secrets about his true identity.  However, the soon rekindle things just before Lana is set to marry Lex.  Eventually, Lana realizes the only way for Clark to be the best superhero would be if she left Smallville.  She left the show as a series regular.

Lana Lang Quotes

Young Lana: Do you want to make a wish?
Martha: I would love to make a wish.
Young Lana: Okay. Abracadabra.

(to Clark) Sometimes I dream I'm at school, waiting for Nell to pick me up. But she doesn't come, so my parents drive up. They're not dead, they're just really late. Then I get in their car and we drive back to my real life in Metropolis. That's usually when I wake up. But for a minute, I'm totally happy, until I realize I'm still alone.


Smallville Quotes

Zod: Unlike you, I will lead from a throne, not from the shadows. Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod!
Clark: You already destroyed my first home. I won't let you take this one.

Nixon: It seems you've given out gifts to the competition. Now, we had an arrangement. You give me stories, I give you information. Now, what did Carrie Castle do for you that I couldn't?
Lex: She gave me a pretty mean shiatsu massage.