Originally a detective, Benson is now the captain of the Special Victims Unit. She has long been a passionate voice for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

Olivia Benson Quotes

Fin: You're gonna ask me to drive you to the airport, aren't you?
Benson:At this point, I'm not asking for permission.

Benson: Guys, look closely. This could be Maddie.
Fin: Liv -
Benson: I have been staring at her face for over a month. I have been studying this child's face. Trust me.

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Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Benson: Thank you for coming forward.
Woman: What this company is doing, the way it treats women pilots, is despicable. But what you're doing... it's about damn time.

We have two options. One is bad. The other is worse. Either we missed one or... Yeats has a copycat.