Sam Tyler is a detective that gets hit by a car... and instantly transported back to 1973.

He wakes up during the age of the Vietnam War, Watergate, women's liberation and the civil and gay rights movements. He has no idea how he got there and no one really believes his tale.

As a result, Tyler is thrown right back into the investigative scene, without the help of modern day devices that he had grown so accustomed to. He ends up on the case of a serial killer, who may actually play a role in his girlfriend's kidnapping from the present day.

Sam Tyler Quotes

Do you know what this is, Annie? It's the end of the yellow brick road.


Annie: No broken bones, no bruises. Do you feel like you're gonna vomit?
Sam: I am a little nauseous, to tell you the truth. But you would be, too, if you took the last flight in from 2008.

Life on Mars Quotes

If I'd wanted to be this bored, I'd go to Mass with the missus and her miserable mother.


I have an ass that can fart every Peter, Paul & Mary song ever recorded.

Ray Carling