I'm telling you Sam, you find their killers, you save Mama Rose.


Annie: Come on, Sam. We're here to have fun.
Sam: (sarcastically) Right, that must be why I'm here.

I got a pair of pliers and hammer in my desk. I play the handyman. You play the busted radiator.


Ray: You OK with this, Loot?
Gene: Give him what he needs.
Ray: All right, I'll get the damn bus. I'll get the damn plane ... just in time to fly his cold corpse right to the morgue.
Gene: My thoughts exactly.

Sam: I was feeling everything coming down around me (exhales deeply) so I came in here looking for answers but ... I-I ... I don't know what's real anymore.
Annie: In my clinic work, I met a paranoid schizophrenic who had learned to live without his meds and his treatment. And he said whenever he felt the walls really starting to cave in, he would remember his happiest memory, because at least that was real.

Just for tonight, if you be a hooker, I'll be a tool.


You know something, Tyler? You're not so special. We all go crazy at some point. Happens to every cop who gives a crap about what he does. That's why we're alcoholics. That's why our women leave us. We're broken toys. What makes us different from those folks in the psych ward ... We keep each other sane. That's what it's about. Any decent precinct house ... We keep each other sane.


Sam: You're missing the point. Maybe this is the reason why I'm here. To figure out what happened to my family ... and to prevent my father from leaving.
Annie: Are you saying that that filthy kidnapper is your father?
Sam: That's exactly what I'm saying ... Happy Birthday to me.

Sam: Wait, he's missing eyes, ears and a nose.
Chris: And hands and tongue. You can't see it in that photo.
Sam: Ugh-h-h.
Lee: Word on the street - The Pignatos wanted it known if you cross them you have violated one of their five senses. They retaliate symbolically.

(typing on an old manual typewriter) Stupid analog piece of crap machine.


(after falling off the desk dancing) Who's bad?


And this is my kingdom. Huntlandia. Home of the blueberry crepe. Where little girls are off-limits.


Life on Mars Quotes

If I'd wanted to be this bored, I'd go to Mass with the missus and her miserable mother.


I have an ass that can fart every Peter, Paul & Mary song ever recorded.

Ray Carling