Tommy Egan, portrayed by Joeph Sikora, is a main characte ron the crime drama Power and its spinoff series, Power Book IV: Force. 

Tommy grew up alongside his best friend James "Ghost" St. Patrick, and the two became majpr players in the New York drug scene. After Ghost's death and with Tommy presumed dead in New York City, Tommy relocated to Chicago, where he reunited with family and looked to make his mark on the Chicago drug game. 

Tommy Egan has also appeared on <a href="/shows/power-book-iv-force/">Power Book IV: Force</a> and <a href="/shows/power-book-ii-ghost/">Power Book II: Ghost</a>.

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Power Quotes

Tasha: You okay, Ghost?
Ghost: I'll be better as soon as I find Tommy.

Be right there, Ghost. You wait for me right there.