Power Season 2 Finale Preview: You Want Out?

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Who can you trust?

That seems to be the central question facing virtually everyone on Power Season 2 Episode 10, as relationships and friendships are put the test yet again. While Ghost struggles with whether or not to get out of the game, it looks like he and Angela still have some unfinished business.

What will Tommy do now that he's a free man? The trailer shows Tommy vouching for Ghost, yet also trying to convince him he can be trusted. We know he's going to pay Kanan a visit, but will he be there as part of Ghost's plan? Or will Tommy come up with a plan of his own?

Lobos was noticeably absent in Power Season 2 Episode 9, but it looks like he will pay a central role in the finale, as Ghost frets about being eliminated by his former jefe. He'll bring Ruiz into the fold, possibly unaware that Ruiz and the others have been working behind his back.

And what will become of Ghost and Angela? It's hard to imagine this polarizing couple will ride off into the sunset right now, but it's safe to say the love between them is still there.

We all know things are never as they seem on Power Season 2 and we should definitely prepare ourselves for more twists and turns. Watch the trailer now and come back here Saturday night so we can all catch our breath and discuss the finale together.

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Power Season 2 Episode 10: "Ghost is Dead"
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Power Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Tasha: You know Ghost said he had a plan, but for a minute I wasn't so sure.
Tommy: Yeah, me either. I mean, I get arrested and he don't? It's hard not to think that that's fucked up, but you should have seen the look on Angela's face when my lawyer pulled out that sketch. Oh yeah, Ghost played her like checkers. She never saw it coming. Ghost put our family first, T. He and Angela are over. Maybe things can go back to the way they were, you know? Before all this shit.

You're right, you are good. But you don't have eyes in the back of your head. You want out, you want to walk away clean. You've gotta cut ties with everyone that knows who you are.

Proctor [to Ghost]