Violet Mikami is Ambulance 61's partner to Sylvie Brett for Firehouse 51. She recently suffered an enormous loss when her fellow paramedic boyfriend was killed during a rescue.

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Sylvie: As soon as I made eye contact, she mouthed the word "help me," and then the guy looked up, and it was like the light went out of her.
Violet: And the way he shoved her into that car; that's when we really started to worry.

We lost him, Chief. It's over.

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Kidd: I just got to keep busy. Working the bar’s good for that. Um, you know I’m gonna need some major distraction when I get home, right?
Severide: I think I can provide.
Kidd: You are so selfless.

Casey: Well, you gotta admit, he's happy.
Dawson: She's a graphic artist he met at the craps table. Her name is Brittany and she's from Florida? You know what that adds up to? Stripper!
Casey: What do you have against Florida?